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Publication Order of Seasons of Grace Books

Beverly Lewis is a writer An American author, she grew up in Pennsylvania and was raised from the age of a child in Amish country. She has featured the Amish and their traditions as well as the state in a few of her novels. Three of her books have been made into t.v. movies (The Shunning, The Confession and lastly The Reckoning).

She is a well known published author now, but Beverly used to work as a teacher and was also a musician. She has adapted to her life as a writer and has even been given several honorary awards for her work and was nominated for a Quill Book Award for her romance writing.

She enjoys writing inspiring romantic stories where the characters are up against some hardships that they work to overcome and enjoy a happily ever after type of ending. Her romance stories have made her some money and gained her respect and recognition in the literary community. Lewis’s novels have consistently been on the top of bestselling novel lists.

This author lives in Colorado, the rocky mountain state, with her husband. By now she has created many stand alone novels of fiction as well as exciting romantic fiction series that continue to be read to this day.

Lewis is the creator and author of the Seasons of Grace series. The fictional series kicked off in 2007 with the release of the debut novel The Secret. That was followed up by the sequel, The Missing. The third book The Telling makes it a trilogy.

The Secret is the first novel in the Seasons of Grace series. The main character of Grace Byler is a young woman that lives a simple life. She is Amish and even though their home may look ordinary from the outside, there is a lot that sets it apart from the average house.

Grace is confused by all the secrets that the household seems to keep. She doesn’t know why her mother stays up at night crying. She has no idea why her father will not admit that something is really off. Everything in their home seems strange and while it is normalized to her, Grace has no idea that in the course of an instant everything that she knows may have changed.

Grace’s world quickly shatters and it shatters to pieces with a rapid speed that terrifies her. Nothing is the same anymore. Her mother has gone missing and once she disappears, she will find herself totally reeling from the change of events. She also will feel that she is not able to keep her promise to get married to her boyfriend of so long. In just a matter of days, everything has shifted and it might not ever come back.

Now it is just Grace who is left to put it all back together– if she even can. Now she is starting to question everything that she was ever taught growing up, including about love and commitment. Then the reader goes to the main character of Heather Nelson. She is a grad student that is stunned one day when a doctor gives her a diagnosis.

Her father lost his wife and her mother just a few years ago, and now this young woman is terrified that he is going to lose her too. Heather is not able to accept the fact that she has been told that she is terminally ill. So she goes to Lancaster County, which was the last place that she and her mother went.

She is determined to find the healing that she needs. But can she overcome what has happened? Can any of the characters in this book? With healing of the spirit and body necessary, four different souls are being put together like the cloth of a patchwork quilt. Now they will find different parts of their life puzzles and find that maybe things have turned out like this for a reason.

Is God playing a part in the way that their destinies are unraveling? The characters in this novel are about to find out. Pick up The Secret by Beverly Lewis to find out what happens for yourself in the end!

The Missing is the second novel of this series. Readers are able to link up with Grace once more in this second installment of this fictional series. She’s fallen in love with her beau but has broken it off and is committed to being single and avoiding relationships.

She’s just 21 years of age, but Grace is desperate to find out the secrets that may have caused her mother to depart. She thinks that it may have something to do with her quiet father and his quiet ways. But when she breaks off her relationship, she is surprised to find that along the way it seems that a young man in the Amish community is suddenly interested.

Grace thought that this guy was dating her friend, but he has a different story. Still, she is left doubting whether she can rely on anything this guy says or does. At the same time, a young British woman has just arrived to their part of the country– Amish country, that is.

She is seeking to recall fond memories regarding her mother and find comfort in a time of need. She’s trying to get over the medical diagnosis that she was given, but the gravity of it is just so much. But Grace Byler and Heather’s worlds are about to come together and collide, neither of them ready for the result.

The two young women quickly become friends and they find relief in the other’s presence. The two click together well and have a natural bond and connection. Grace and Heather are on a mission to track down recollections of Grace’s mother and Heather’s memories and finding peace for both of them.

Will the two girls discover their hearts’ desires, or will they be let down? You have got to read the second novel in this series by Beverly Lewis to find out! Check out The Missing to find out for sure!

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