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Seasons of the Heart Books In Order

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Publication Order of Seasons Of The Heart Books

Once Upon a Summer (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winds of Autumn (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winter Is Not Forever (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spring's Gentle Promise (1989)Description / Buy at Amazon

Janette Oke is a Canadian author of fiction. She is a bestselling novelist and has sold millions of books in the process of her long and distinguished career. Born in Champion in Alberta, Canada in 1935, Janette has sold over 23 million novels and is known throughout the world. A lot of her books have been adapted into movies for television, including When Calls the Heart.

She enjoys writing in a simple manner on topics that she knows about best. These include lasting values, real life, and of course honest love from a true heart. Her romance and historical novels are intriguing and her historical stories in general show the lives of settlers in early North America from all types of geographical settings and walks of life.

Janette also writes stories for children as well as gift books meant to inspire, to uplift, and to warm one’s heart. She was born during the years of the depression to her father and mother, and her father was a prairie farmer in Canada. Even though they grew up during some lean years, she remembers her childhood as being full of laughter and love among her family.

She attended a Canadian school later, the Mountain View Bible College. There she would go on to meet her future husband, named Edward. Together they grew up and served as pastors for churches both in native Canada as well as the states. They would have four children together and they brought their family to America and Canada and essentially raise them in two states. Edward would go on to be president of that Bible College and would establish a college coalition called the Rocky Mountain Bible College.

Janette has always wanted to be an author or to write in some way ever since she was young. Even though she wants to be a published writer and novelist and has achieved that goal now, she made the choice back then to be a wife and a mother because that was what she wanted to do.

In her mind, she recounts that was her top priority to become a wife and a mother. She has stated that she felt that there was no higher honor in the world. She began getting a little more serious about writing once her children were a little older and coming into their teenage years. She first became a published author with the official publication of a love story set on the prairie called Love Comes Softly.

This book was published in 1979 by Bethany House. The novel did fairly well and well enough to warrant more books fro, the author, which she wrote by the dozens. Her stories now reach all readers as well as religious markets with stories that are as classic as they are rooted in values.

However, Janette hopes that her novels will be able to reach individuals from all walks of life and hopefully they can find something that they identify with out of the events there. She says that she believes that we all go through tough times, and when we are prepared and fortified with a really strong faith as part of our foundation, then we can face difficult and positive experiences alike. She hopes that this view comes through in her novels.

Once her first book came onto the shelves, the author was surprised to find that readers actually did want more. When it comes to that, she answered the call. She also wrote more novels in the Love Comes Softly series and has since created and written several more fictional series. These include the Women of the West, Seasons of the Heart series, and the Canadian West series.

In addition to all of this fiction writing, Oke has also written children’s books with pictures that include the Song of Acadia series with fellow author T. Davis Bunn or the picture book all about Jesus. Her style of writing has led to millions of readers loving her books and buying ore, and she has also received several awards for her writing. these include the President’s award for contributing to Christian fiction, the Life Impact Award, and the Gold Medallion Award.

More recently she has worked to restore the prairie farm house of her parents with her siblings. Now it stands as a museum of prairie life and a gift shop. She lives along with her husband locally nearby in Alberta. They are both active in the church in that area. They enjoy visits from their family members and their grandchildren whenever they can.

The Seasons of the Heart series started in 1981. That is when the first novel Once Upon a Summer was released to the public. It was quickly followed by the second book, Winds of Autumn.

Once Upon A Summer is the debut novel in the Seasons of the Heart series by Janette Oke. This first novel is just the thing you may want to read if you are a big Chicken Soup for the Soul fan! When it comes to dramatic stories, this one is up there.

An orphaned boy has worst luck than most. Without being able to have his parents in his life, he turns his trust and his faith to God. It is there that he finds security. His aunt was the one to raise him his entire life and is the only family he knows.

When she gets married and moves away, he is devastated. Will his faith be enough to carry him through? Read this first book by Janette Oke in the Seasons of the Heart series!

The Winds of Autumn is the second book in the Seasons of the Heart series by Janette Oke. This second book is the gripping sequel to the first novel in the series. If you enjoyed that book you will certainly enjoy this one.

Readers have described this as an engaging read. There are good Christian values and points used throughout this book as Oke has stated before that she does integrate religious themes into some of her stories and works, such as the Seasons series. Pick up The Winds of Autumn from Janette Oke to find out what happens for yourself and catch all of the action!

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