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Seattle Billionaires Books In Order

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Publication Order of Seattle Billionaires Books

Billion Dollar Enemy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Billion Dollar Beast (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Billion Dollar Catch (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Billion Dollar Fiancé (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Seattle Billionaires Series is a romance series by Olivia Hayle. The novels in the series don’t have to be read in their chronological order; instead, like standalone. The debut in the series is Billion Dollar Enemy, and the second is Billion Dollar Beast.

In the novels, the author weaves stories of how the heroines fall in love with billionaire heroes in the odd situation they didn’t anticipate.

Billion Dollar Enemy
Billion Dollar Enemy is the debut in the Seattle Billionaires series. Cole Porter is a billionaire investor planning to destroy the books store where Skye has worked for so long to build his new hotel.

Being an aspiring writer, Skye finds herself researching in a fancy hotel bar, where she meets Cole. The two met before the news was shared, and they had great chemistry while spending a fantastic night together. When Skye realizes that the handsome man he spent the night with is planning to end her dream, she gives a proposal.

She asks Cole to give her at least two months to revive her bookstore business and make it profitable once again. If it makes a profit, the bookstore will stay but get incorporated into the new hotel, and if they make a loss, Cole will have to demolish the place to make room for the hotel.

Cole Porter buys properties and then turns them into other businesses. Skye has decided to go on a partially impossible mission where they have mixed pleasure and work. The two can’t stop thinking about the night they spend together, and even though they’re at war during the day, they are lovers at night.

Even after Cole’s team tells him the idea is so ridiculous, he chooses to accept Skye’s challenge. As months pass, Cole spends more time in the bookstore with Skye even though it isn’t in his best interests. What would you do if your charming one-night stand were the person destroying your dream job?

Skye is a determined character trying to hold on to her dream. She is a stubborn but passionate heroine, not giving up so easily. While hating Cole for wanting to destroy a bookstore that means so much to her, she can’t resist her chemistry with Cole.

Sometimes Skye is so blinded by the hate towards Cole that she doesn’t see him for what he really is. Like the rest of the world, she viewed him as ruthless and heartless, not knowing that he had a heart of gold. Cole had gone through a lot in the past, and it had been a long since he had a serious relationship.
He noticed Sky instantly, and that was the first time in a long time since he gained some interest in a lady. Some of the novel’s chapters are narrated from Cole’s point of view showing his struggle to come to terms that he was the one destroying Skye’s place of work. The character development in the novel is on point, making the story more interesting.

Billion Dollar Enemy is a touching story of two people who hate each other because they don’t know how they can act around each other. They are not ready to think of how they can be amazing together; instead, they choose to hide their real feeling behind hate and anger.

If you’re looking for a great novel with beautiful characters and sweet and happily ever after, Billion Dollar Enemy is your kind of read. The story will draw you on the right from the beginning to the last page.

Billion Dollar Beast
Billion Dollar Beast is the second installment in the Seattle Billionaire Series. From the first day Blair met Nick, her brother’s best friend, she had a crush on him, but he’s too rude to her and never gets along, and Nick always avoids her at all costs.

Cole, Nick’s best friend and Blair’s brother, uses any opportunity he gets to bring them under one roof to help them sort out their issues. The two tolerate each other because of the long-term friendship between Nick and Cole.

Nick has always made everything clear about Blair as being spoiled and undeserving. He has a bad reputation as being a raptor in business and never reacts to insults, and Blair hates him for his behavior as resentment remains between them. When Cole requests Nick to hire Blair to help in his latest takeover, Nick doesn’t like the idea but agrees because he knows Blair will turn down the job offer.

To his surprise, Blair accepts the job, and the person who has hated her for many years has become her boss. When she starts working for him, she tries to destroy his hostile behavior in him. They spent three months arguing and staring at each other. Nick doesn’t do relationships and has always avoided them.
As they stay close to one another, the heat between them grows, getting attracted to one another. All bets are off when Blair and Nick find it hard to keep a strictly working relationship. The novel has exciting and well-crafted characters.

Blair is a strong character, ready to fight and pursue her dreams and prove others wrong. Nick and Blair were perfect for each other but never saw it because of their hatred for each other. As Blair starts working for Nick, she slowly begins cracking the walls he had built to keep everyone else out. Can they end up together?

The business decision and a game brought Blair and Nick together. At first, you might think that they wouldn’t work out in business and personal matters, but the twists will have you having a second thought.

The chemistry between the characters is engaging and keeps the reader flipping pages. The characters work to overcome their anger, insecurities, and egos. The author has written an easy-to-read story tying off the characters while keeping the indifference and animosity between them.

It’s a story of a man who gives negative vibes about a lady he has secretly admired for a long time. The twists and turns keep the reader in suspense, wondering what will happen next. The novel is filled with rebellion and sizzling undercurrents that explode after Bick and Blair give in to their mutual feelings. Their chemistry between them was top-notch, and you can’t help but like them.

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