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Sebastian Fitzek is a German author of fiction. He is known for writing in the mystery genre. His novel Das Kind was adapted into a movie called The Child. HE also wrote the movie Das Joshua-Profil as well as inspired the 2018 movie Cut Off from his book “Abgeschnitten”. He also inspired the tv movie “Amokspiel” based on a novel by the same name.

He is a journalist and a German writer. His first book would come out in 2006, and is titled Therapy. Therapy came out in his home country of Germany first, where it would end up being a best seller and reaching heights of popularity so high that it would end up knocking off Dan Brown’s popular book The Da Vinci Code from its top status at number one.

Sebastian Fitzek was born October 13, 1971 in Berlin, Germany. He would go on to attend law school and from there he would receive a promotion to LLD. He would think about what he wanted to do for work and decided ultimately that he did not want to go into a profession that was juridical and decided that he would want to go into the media.

Sebastian knew that he wanted to do some type of creative work in the media and would end up getting an opportunity to be trained at a small private radio station. After training in that position he moved on to be a head of entertainment and would later be promoted to chief editor. He would also work on becoming an independent executive consultant in Europe for different media companies, advising them on their format development and other topics.

The writer resides in Berlin still, writing his books and working in radio still in program management at a major station.

Sebastian Fitzek is the author of Therapy, his novel that was released in Germany in 2006 and eventually translated and made available to the rest of the world. If you have been looking for an engaging new mystery book to pick up and read, then this is the one for you! Get your own copy and catch all of the twists and the turns for yourself!

If you re a fan of horror or anything that has to do with suspense that will keep you turning the pages until the end, read this book! The main character is a young girl named Josy. She has an illness that she is currently suffering from that no one can really explain. But the thing that is really strange is that one day she is at the doctor’s getting treated when she disappears from there without any sign what happened.

Josy’s father is Viktor Larenz, a psychiatrist. It has been four years since that date and he has gone to an island isolated in part of the North Sea so that he can grapple with the sadness. Then he gets a visit that he was not expecting from a stranger that is beautiful and not known to him from a woman that calls herself Anna Glass.

Anna is a novelist and also has a weird form of schizophrenia in that her book characters that she creates for the stories ultimately have become real in her eyes. The last novel that she wrote about was a girl that was younger and dealing with an illness that vanished, just like the case of his daughter. Viktor does not know whether this is all coincidence or meant to be.

The book that she wrote may be describing the final days of his daughter, or it may all be coincidence. However, the man is too interested to let the case go and he chooses to see over Anna’s therapy so that she can get better and he might be able to find out at last what really happened to his daughter.

Does the case have anything to do with Josy, or is he just hoping beyond hope that he can find one last clue that might lead him to his daughter? Read this novel to find out!

Splinter is the second novel to come out from German author Sebastian Fitzek. It was released internationally in 2011. If you are a fan of books that have twists and turns until the end, check this novel out!

Marc Lucas is the main character in this story and he was a guy that truly had everything until he lost it. He was at the top and it all went away after the accident that ended up taking his wife and his unborn child from him. The car accident ruined everything and now he is in the process of repairing it all while being entirely broken.

But things start to be weird and he can’t help but noticing them. Marc sees his key refuse to go into his door, and someone else that is in his office working .But when he comes home to see his dead wife standing in the home and she does not know him, it is too much to bear.

Is he losing his mind in the face of a huge tragedy? Or is Marc really seeing the ghost of his wife? Was this something to do with that clinic that he went to that wanted to test out removing memories that are traumatic from the subjects? His credit cards have not been working, but does that have anything to do with it?

Marc is determined to do what it takes to fix this. But did they use their experimental tech on him and get away with something huge? Can he come back to sanity before everything is taken away from him?There are so many twists and turns int his book that you will be turning the pages so that you can read faster to get to the end.

A master of suspense already, Fitzek weaves a tale for the ages that readers of all ages will not want to miss. Read this book to find out what happens in the end and whether a father can reunite with his daughter at last or if that chance has long gone.

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