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Second Circle Tattoos Books In Order

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Publication Order of Second Circle Tattoos Books

The Strongest Steel (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fractured Heart (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Purest Hook (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Link (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Greatest Risk (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweetest Gift (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

A two-time RITA Award finalist, Scarlet Cole is a well-established contemporary romance writer who is best known for the Second Circle Tattoos. When Scarlet Cole is not writing, she can be found hoarding mason jars, reading books or working out. Cole has traversed across the world for both fun and work. She has a dual citizenship for Canada and Britain as well. A city dweller, Scarlet Cole considers Manchester and Toronto her home. Cole uses vibrant locations such as Los Angeles and Miami as the setting for her books.

Second Circle Tattoos Books

The Fractured Heart is the second installment in the Second Circle Tattoos book series. While the previous installments have dealt with different couples and all the books, which will follow, will also do the same, it is highly recommended to read all the books in this installment in sequential order. It is quite evident that Scarlett Cole has a knack for penning down highly entertaining romance magnum opus with the right amount of humor mixed with some hot scenes. You will love watching the protagonist Cujo and Drea move from an antagonistic bond type to cementing their relationship and eventually stumble their way into an exceedingly happy forever.

In the Fractured Heart, we are introduced to Brody Mathews who is also known as Cujo and Andrea Caron, who is known as Drea. In the previous installment, Cujo and Drea are the best of friends. Right from the moment the author, Scarlett Cole introduces them to the reader; the two protagonists just can’t seem to get along well. Cujo believes that Drea is a high maintenance lady while Drea, on the other hand, sees Cujo as an exceedingly lazy Lothario, who cannot stay without sex. When the two are forced to work together when planning for their friends birthday party, a tension between the two rises and it is not mainly because of the heated arguments between the two.

As Drea and Cujo work together to ensure that the event becomes a success, Cujo and Drea begin to see that the initial perception that they had for one another was wrong. However, the two characters have lots to deal with especially when it comes to their family. Furthermore, Drea’s life becomes a little bit complicated when she becomes a key witness to a major crime. With a fragile and exceedingly tentative relationship, it eventually becomes clear that the two were destined to fall apart, even before they get to experience what they had started. With that said, the reader is going to enjoy the love story between Drea and Cujo. The love story was not only organic but also highly engaging as well. We soon get to watch Cuzo and Drea realize that the connection between them was much more than lust.

The reader is also going to see how the two became stronger after they began sharing the burdens that emanated from their family lives. With that said, the author, Scarlett Cole has managed to deliver an exceedingly entertaining story with humorous dialogue, hot romance and a great assortment of friends and family. Irrespective of the fact that there were elements of mystery in the novel, the book was purely about the romance and love story between Drea and Cujo as they try to find out what exactly brought them together. Overall this is a great read, and the author Scarlett Cole has managed to set up the potential for further books in this series. The Strongest Heart is another excellent read in the Second Circle Tattoos book series. It is the first book in the Second Circle Tattoos book series.

In Strongest Heart, the author Scarlett Cole introduces the readers to Harper, a lady who survived to escape a vicious attack. However, the event left Harper scarred for life. To assume a new identity, Harper eventually moves to Miami so as to stay away from her past. However, Harper still lives with debilitating fears. Desperate to move from, her past, Harper eventually gathers up her courage and head to the local tattoo store to select a tattoo that will be able to cover her horrifying scars. It is at this point that the author introduces the readers to Trent, a highly skilled tattoo artist, who is the proprietor of Second Circle Tattoos. Trent is an individual who has worked hard his entire life to be where he is today in life.

He also takes pride in his work as a tattoo artist. Trent is intrigued by the mysterious and horrified girl who approaches his studio one day as he was about to call it a night. Just by taking one look at her mutilated body, Trent understood that the girl wanted help and Trent was the one to help her out. From the very first time the two met, Trent and Harper have always been in each other’s life. Despite the fact that the two share a mutual attraction, Trent is a gentleman who loves to take things gently, especially since he knows how scared and scarred Harper is. Eventually, Harper begins to get comfortable with Trent. Trent manages to draw Harper out of her shell, and they begin to get closer and closer. In between the sexy and sweet flirting, great banter, an exceedingly slow, beautiful and realistic love story develops.

Trent is a completely amazing character. He is not only exceedingly hot and wickedly sexy, but he is also completely charming, sweet, supportive and caring as well. Every step that Harper makes, Trent is usually there to support her. Trent proves to be a supportive pinnacle in Harper’s life by pushing her each time she needs a little bit of pushing. Apart from being a pillar in Harper’s life, Trent is also fun and playful as well. Harper, on the other hand, is an exceedingly wonderful heroine whose journey is amazing to read. Another excellent read in the Second Circle Tattoo series is the Purest Hook. In this book, the twenty-three-year-old Pixie owes so much to Cujo and Trent who decided to take her in, when she was exceedingly desperate and at her lowest as well. Ever since she moved in, Pixie has been taking more responsibilities at the Second Circle Tattoo shop.

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