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Second Dark Ages Books In Order

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Publication Order of Second Dark Ages Books

The Dark Messiah (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Night (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkest Before the Dawn (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dawn Arrives (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Second Dark Ages is a science-fiction series by Michael Anderle. This series stars an Archangel who kills and much as he saves, among other supernatural characters. The Archangel and his team are fighting evil after an apocalypse opens the earth to the underworld. The Archangel returns to earth after being away for 150 years to discover things are not the same. As he tries to bring back justice and humor, he is also waiting for his love to return. This series is action-packed, so you are guaranteed that you will never have a dull moment while reading it. The cast is also diverse and quite intriguing, not to forget the well-thought-out storyline.

The Dark Messiah

The Dark Messiah is the first book in The Second Dark Ages series. Michael the Archangel is back after 150 years of rejuvenating in Etheric Dimension. However, unlike when he left, Michael finds himself naked and bald, just like on the day he was born. He also feels pain literally on every inch of his body. His memory starts coming back slowly, and he remembers the promise he made to his love Bethany Ann. However, he discovers that the world is not like it was when he left. The world had gone through an Apocalypse, and the little Justine and honor people enjoyed is gone. To make things worse, his love has gone to the star, and Michael will have to figure out a way of finding her.

Michael becomes the black messiah. Thanks to all the rejuvenation he enjoyed in the Etheric Dimension, he is now the most powerful vampire ever seen. Unlike the bad guys creating mayhem everywhere, Michael is an honorable vampire who spends his time making judgments and defending those who are vulnerable. Unfortunately, there is devastation everywhere, and he cannot bring order considering the mayhem going on everywhere in the world. As he follows his love path, Michael helps those he encounters on his way. Michael’s journey to the Colorado TQB headquarters will not be easy. Still, he is determined to gather all the details that will enable him to reconnect with his love.

Follow Michael on his journey through a world characterized by gore and blood everywhere. The Duke’s son does a lot to help the situation, and it is sweet how he works with the people of New York as they try to fight back. Michael does everything to help those he meets along the way as he moves to fulfill his promise to Bethany. He doesn’t hesitate to kill those who deserve it, and all this is done in Bethany’s honor. Michael is aware that he has a duty to try and clean up the earth before following Bethany to the stars. The author does a great job of describing the scenes. It is easy to imagine the hot air ships ferrying the Forsaken as they come in and all the action on every page.

The Dark Messiah is an excellent read with scenes that would put modern blockbusters to shame. It is a brilliant story that comes with all the ingredients you expect in an outstanding sci-fic story. There are vampires out to mete justice and honor, overlords, and Enforces who are clearly overwhelmed. Will Mark and his team succeed in defeating the Duke? How about Michael and this mission that almost looks impossible? You will have to read this book to the end to find out.

The Darkest Night

The Darkest Night is the second book in The Second Dark Ages series. In this book, Michael is helping the humans to protect France. Close to four thousand werewolves are attacking what is left of France following the Duke’s orders. While he is clearly outnumbered, Michael is fortunate to have the help of Yukon and Akio, among others. The trio is doing an excellent job of keeping the humans safe, but a lot still needs to be done to stop Michael’s godson. Once the werewolves are defeated, Michael goes in search of the Duke, who has already fled from France and is busy planning the vampire’s downfall.
The second book continues with Michael’s story and his return from the dead. He and his companions travel through post-apocalyptic Japan and China, taking care of evil as they await Bethany’s return. It is disappointing that William seems to be following his father’s footsteps, but you will have to wait until the next book to know what really went down. While this book is set in a fantasy world, the author also includes a lot of factual information, making it more relatable. What will happen when Bethany returns now that Michael seems to be winning against the evil? Does this mean that humans can rest easy knowing that their safety will be guaranteed in the near future?

This book is characterized by witty dialogue, great characters, and wild action. The supernatural characters add a lot to the story, not to mention the exemplary world-building. Michael is a lovable character, and his loyalty to his lover is admirable. Despite his powers, Michael works well with the rest of the team and always stands by what is just. The rest of the cast is just as intriguing, and it is admirable how all the good guys unite against the bad ones. Anderle language is quite simple, but his descriptions bring the scenes to life. You will feel like you are part of Michael’s team as you urge him to continue serving justice as he hunts the bad guys.

The Darkest Night is a well-written and action-packed fantasy story that takes you deeper into Michael’s world. There is mad action literally on every page, and the tension keeps on rising the more the story progresses. The dialogues are remarkable, the setting perfect, and cast intriguing. This series is addictive, so you want to wait until you have enough time to gobble this book up. You may try to savor the story by reading it in bits, but do not be surprised if you find yourself still glued to the pages way past your bedtime.

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