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Secret Journeys of Jack London Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Secret Journeys of Jack London Books

By: Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon

Secret Journeys of Jack London is a combination of a classic and contemporary paranormal novel series by award-winning novelists Tim Lebbon and Christopher Golden. The first novel in the series was the 2011 published “The Wild”, a novel that went on to become a fan favorite as it reintroduced the Jack London character to audiences in a unique perspective never before attempted. With the first novel in the series garnering much critical acclaim and fans clamoring for more, the two novelists published two more titles in the series to make it a trilogy in 2013. With both authors asserting that they read Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild” in their childhood it is not surprising that they write a very accomplished even if fictional autobiography of the author in the Secret Journeys of Jack London series of novels. For Golden, who wrote a paper in high school entitled “Atavism in the Works of Jack London”, London’s works are a fascinating treatise on human nature even with all their suspense and tension. The series of novels came about when the two authors met at the Toronto World Horror Convention and agreed to do a novel called White Fangs after one of Jack London’s most popular titles. Golden suggested that the series needed to have Jack London in it, and hence was born the Secret Journey of Jack London series. Unlike several of the other series that the authors have collaborated on, the series are more of classic biographical rather than fantasy fiction.

Jack London is a famous author that lived out many real-life adventures. Nonetheless, many of the adventures of his life were never brought to light for years, given that the author never put them down in writing. When we are first introduced to the lead protagonist in the series, he is a seventeen-year-old boy who has followed thousands of women and men into Yukon during the gold rush. For the young Jack, the journey into the Yukon Territory promises adventure and challenge, which is the kind of fortune he is most interested in. But in the bizarre, mysterious, terrifying north, he finds something even more sinister – slavery, kidnapping, the vicious ways of desperate men and worst of all paranormal beasts that seek to prey on men with weak hearts. Jack is a great protagonist with a good old-fashioned attitude of grit and determination to make it out alive, and in the process do all in his power to help those in similar straits. Sabine his sidekick is a quiet though capable character who surprisingly turns out to be quite a gritty character when the going gets tough. Ghost the murderous captain of the pirate ship introduced in the second novel of the series is a very intriguing villain with a brutal streak. What makes him so intriguing is that even as he is as conniving as the best of them, he is not mindless killer that would hurt an innocent person.

The Secret Journeys of Jack London are rollicking tales of adventure for the modern day reader, with some of the most intriguing of descriptions that London has to face up to. It never lets up in energy catapulting the young London from one confrontation to the next, whether it be pirates, human salvers, monsters, or blizzard, Jack never gets a moment of rest. A combination of fantasy and historical fiction, Jack starts out as a 17-year old who accompanies his brother-in-law into Yukon Territory looking to strike it rich. What Jack is really looking for is adventure and it is not long before he gets his wish. A flesh-eating monster attacks the camp and Jack only survives when a mysterious spirit escorts him out of danger only to try to teach him the call of the wild. He finally defeats the Wendigo only to find himself in the hands of band of savage pirates led by Ghost, a murderous and charismatic captain that leads a werewolf crew with a lust for gold and blood on the high seas. But even as he meets other prisoners of Ghost’s insatiable lust for slaves and money, he still cannot trust anyone even if they are in the same predicament. The last novel in the series moves more into the darker paranormal aspects, as it introduces not only werewolf pirates but also supernatural beasts with a lust for human blood. The authors combine the myths of the time and urban legends to come up with richly detailed and well researched stories based on the real-life wild stories of Jack London.

“The Wild” is the Tim Lebbon and Christopher Golden’s first novel in The Secret Journeys of Jack London series of novels. They are original gripping stories of the paranormal, following the life of the Jack London. We meet London a seventeen-year-old boy who joins up with a band of thousands moving into Yukon to prospect for gold. The journey into Yukon is not for anyone with a faint spirit, as many people lose their lives on the journey even before they reach the fabled gold fields. Luckily for Jack, he has his two friends Merritt and Jim for support and encouragement on the journey. The three friends depend on each other to survive during the harsh Yucatan winter. However, things get worse for the three when they reach the frontier to find it is a wild pace full of vicious murderous men, slavery, and kidnapping. Jack and his friends are soon captured and enslaved, only for their camp to be attacked by a supernatural flesh-eating beast. Saved from his predicament by a forest spirit with ulterior motives, Jack has to use all his wits if he is to survive.

“The Sea Wolves”, the second installment in the series is a novel full of emotion and tension as Jack London faces even more challenges in his adventures. Clinging to life after his battle with the Wendigo, the flesh eating paranormal beasts, Jack is once again captured by savage pirates. Determined as he is to survive, he is not prepared for his latest ordeal, as he has been captured by Ghost the murderous captain of a pirate ship crewed by werewolves. All that these mariners care for is spreading terror, death, and while at it, collecting as much gold as possible from their victims. Jack’s only hope of survival lies with a sultry and sad captive of the ship, a girl named Sabine. But even is such desperate situations where he shares his fate with Sabine, he knows that he cannot be too careful. Could Sabine be hiding secrets that are even more dangerous? The novel is suspenseful, romantic, and action packed reader, that will awaken the spirit of any fantasy and horror fiction buff.

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