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Publication Order of The Secret of Spellshadow Manor Books

The Secret of Spellshadow Manor (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Breaker (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chain (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Keep (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Test (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spell (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Secret of Spellshadow Manor is a series of young adult fantasy novels written by Bella Forest. The books tell the story of Alex, a young man who enrolls for classes at a school for magically gifted students despite the fact that he has no magic.

+The Story
So much hype surrounded the Secret of Spellshadow manor when it was first announced. The marketing campaign promised a story that people who had read Harry Potter would love. Comparisons were also made to Twilight and the Hunger Games.

But it was the Harry Potter association that got people buzzing. However, even the readers that loved ‘The Secret of Spellshadow Manor’, the first novel in the series, will tell you that the comparisons with Harry Potter were greatly exaggerated.

The series is narrated from the perspective of Alex Webber. The protagonist is seventeen-years-old when readers first him. Alex isn’t like most other kids at Middledale, Iowa High School.

While his classmates spend their free time hanging out and having fun, Alex spends every waking moment learning to write computer code. He also builds websites. Alex is definitely hardworking and his entrepreneurial attitude has paid off.

However, the young man doesn’t push himself so hard because he wants to. Alex Webber’s mother was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. The ailment kept her out of the workplace and it soon became clear to Alex that if he didn’t add his own contribution to their home’s monthly income, they would soon starve.

With all that he had to juggle, the idea of hosting a foreign exchange student did not appeal to Alex. The young man only agreed to the arrangement because it would give their finances a boost.

Of course, Alex’s reservations quickly went out the window when he met Natalie, the female French student that would be sharing his home for the next little while. Alex was immediately smitten by Natalie and, to his shock and awe, the two of them got along really well.

At first, Alex thought that things were finally turning around. He dared to hope that his senior year would prove to be the best twelve months of his school life.

But then the unexpected happened; first, Alex noticed a strange man following Natalie. The entire situation was strange because Natalie claimed not to see the man. And in the initial stages, Alex was prepared to dismiss the sighting as a hallucination, the result of his exhaustion.

But then he saw the man again, and on that particular occasion, he decided to follow both the stranger and Natalie. Even in his wildest dreams, Alex never expected his sojourn to lead him to Spellshadow Manor.

And he certainly never expected to learn that the ancient structure was actually an enchanted school for the magically gifted, an institution which taught young men and women like Natalie to hone their supernatural abilities.

That revelation alone should have sent Alex running. But once he stumbled into the halls of Spellshadow Manor, the protagonist quickly found that he had no discernable way out. And so began an adventure that would take Alex to the greatest of highs and the darkest of lows.

The Secret of Spellshadow Manor series tells Alex Webber’s story of magic, wonder, and horror.

The story is initially driven by the idea of Alex being a non-magical entity that just so happens to attend a school for the magically gifted. Spellshadow Manor is as dangerous as it is wonderful.

No one knows that Alex has no magic. He does what he can to maintain the secret, certain that the discovery of his limitations would bring dire consequences. Along the way, Alex makes new friends, the most prominent being Aamir and Jari, this on top of Natalie.

Each novel finds the group maneuvering the madness and the chaos of their school. Spellshadow Manor has a lot of secrets. None of the students are safe, not even those with magic.

So Alex and his friends do what they can to unravel the mystery of their school, their professors and the headmaster who, they all agree, is up to no good.

Some emphasis is placed on Alex’s origins, specifically the fact that there might be more to him than meets the eye.

These novels have been criticized for their poor character development. The author’s cast is cliché and not fully realized. Complaints have also been leveled at Bella Forrest’s vague magical concepts and poorly defined settings.

Where some authors offer too many detailed descriptions, Forrest doesn’t provide enough.

+The Author
Bella Forrest writes romance, fantasy, and action. Her publishing career started in 2012. Since then, she has sold several million copies of her books.

+The Secret of Spellshadow Manor
Alex Webber thought he was going crazy when he saw a mysterious man following his friend Natalie. But Natalie claimed that she couldn’t see any such man. So Alex decided to follow them both.

The journey took him down a road he had never seen to a decrepit old manor. Alex knew right away that Spellshadow Manor was no place for an ordinary boy like him. And yet he found himself recruited to the magical institution and tasked with joining other kids to study magic.

So now Alex has to try and blend in, keeping his non-magical status to himself. There is so much more going on at the school than the Manor’s head is telling them; if Alex and his friends ever want to escape, they must discover and decipher all the secrets.

+The Breaker
Alex knows a little more about his lineage. But he doesn’t have all the answers and time is quickly running out. Alex and his friends have to learn the Manor’s secrets and, hopefully, escape its walls.

They thought that Aamir would help them. He recently became a professor. But it looks like the position comes with strings. Aamir is no longer on their side. Somehow, the Manor’s Head has control of him.

But that is hardly the most frightening aspect of their situation. Alex has to discover his innate strength if he is to escape the noose that has begun to tighten around his neck.

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