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Publication Order of Secrets of Stone Books

No Prince Charming (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
No More Masquerade (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Perfect Princess (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Magic Moment (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Simple Sacrifice (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Lucky Number (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Broken Bond (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
No White Knight (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Longer Lost (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Secrets of Stone is a series of contemporary romance novels written by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue. The Books follow the exploits of the men and women who work in and around Stone Global.

+The Story
The Secrets of Stone series starts out as a fairy tale. The very first novel (No Prince Charming) is an urban retelling of the Cinderella story, and the authors say as much.

Claire Montgomery doesn’t believe in love. She was raised on epic tales of romance about alpha males who swept vulnerable women off their feet. She dreamed of being the princess who went to the party at the palace, met a prince and lived happily ever after.

However, when the heroine is first introduced to readers, her life is anything but a fairy tale. At 26 years of age, she has never felt that overwhelming spark of romance so many people speak of.

As such, she has learned to focus primarily on her work as a member of a public relations team that carries out emergency image repair work. Claire’s life changes when she is summoned to the Stone Global Corporation HQ.

It is there that she meets Killian Stone, a man with big secrets. Claire’s team has their work cut out for them. There’s a big scandal brewing and it will take every skill and tool Claire’s team can bring to bear to resolve their client’s particular problem.

And Claire cannot afford to drop the ball, not when her success on the case in question could make her career.

But Claire is seemingly incapable of keeping her emotions in check when it comes to Killian Stone.

The proverbial prince of this story, Killian is an enigma. And he has thrived on that reputation, letting wives, daughters and business tycoons gossip about his bank account and his physical assets.

He knows that he can have anything and anyone he wants. But the successful businessman has never been too keen on the idea of inviting people into his life, not with all that he has to hide.

All that changes when he meets a beautiful woman with a courageous spirit and a witty personality who seems to so casually tear the walls around his heart down.

Killian and Claire know that they are perfect for one another. But destiny seems determined to keep them apart. Claire encounters trouble in the form of Margaux Asher, the Boss’ daughter and the stepsister of this tale.

Margaux has set her sights on Killian Stone and she will stop at nothing to ruin anyone who gets in her way.

The Claire/Killian romance is not only the driving factor of the first novel in the Secrets of Stone series but it also lays the foundation for all the subsequent books.

Angel Payne and Victoria Blue initially give readers the happily ever after they would expect to encounter in any loose retelling of Cinderella. Claire and Killian overcome their personal demons and find some solace in one another’s arms.

However, the authors then proceed to show what happens when all the butterflies fade and their protagonists are forced to face the music. Years of personal struggle and strife do not simply disappear.

Claire and Killian must undertake an even more arduous journey as they get to the root of the issues that kept them apart in the first novel.

And even as they proceed to work their issues out, the authors surprise fans by expounding upon the lives of supposed villains like Margaux and her mother, revealing that, underneath all the hate and the vitriol, these women are real people with real problems who are as deserving of love and romance as heroes and heroines like Killian and Claire.

The Secrets of Stone series doesn’t differ that drastically from the average collection of contemporary romance novels. The heroes in play are alpha males; strong physically and mentally and surprisingly vulnerable on an emotional level.

For all their pride, once they surrender to their love for the heroine, they love completely and unconditionally. The heroines are just as strong as the heroes. They have been wounded in the past.
But once they encounter a hero that is willing to put up with their melodrama, they do not hesitate to give into that love.

A notable theme that persists throughout the Secrets of Stone series is the danger of secrets. Angel and Victoria’s heroes and heroines cannot let go of the secrets of their past. And it is those secrets that initially keep them from giving into the love of the man or woman they desire.

Victoria Blue and Angel Payne have been praised for delivering electrifying tension and heart-pounding sex scenes.

+The Author
Victoria Blue was a late bloomer. She wasn’t much of a reader as a young girl. In fact, it wasn’t until she encountered the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer that her lust for romance and reading was ignited.

From then on, she began to devour all the romance she could find, eventually coming across stories written by Angel Payne. Victoria was immediately drawn to Angel’s writing style. They connected on Facebook, realized how much they had in common and quickly made the decision to collaborate on a project.

+No Prince Charming
Claire Montgomery works for a public relations company. She works with a team of professionals to help clients repair their image. Claire never believed in true, sizzling love and romance.

But then she went to Stone Global Corporation with her team and met Killian Stone.

Stone is an enigma and he prefers to stay that way. The rich man never thought he would meet someone that would make him eager to divulge all his secrets. But that is exactly what happens when he comes across Claire, a beautiful, brave, witty woman. Killian is captivated. But there is too much at stake for them to ever give into their feelings.

+No More Masquerade
Killian Stone’s life was a dream. He was already rich, successful and highly sought after by every single woman he met. Then he met Claire Montgomery and his life grew all that much brighter.

Killian never thought his dream would ever end. But now that bubble has finally burst. Killian’s secrets have come back to haunt him and he is ready to sacrifice his life with Claire to keep them hidden.

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