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Secrets Of The Tudor Court Books In Order

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Publication Order of Secrets of the Tudor Court Books

The Pleasure Palace (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Between Two Queens (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
By Royal Decree (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
At the King's Pleasure (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The King's Damsel (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Royal Inheritance (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Secrets of the Tudor Court series is written by Kate Emerson. This is the pen name of Kathy Lynn Emerson. Born in 1947, she uses a variety of different pseudonyms for writing to distinguish between different genres of writing. She is also known by the pen names of Kaitlyn Gorton and Kaitlyn Dunnett.

She also writes non-fiction and mystery novels in addition to writing in the historical genre. She uses Kathy Lynn Emerson for historical mysteries, Kate Emerson for historical fiction set in royal courts, and Kaitlyn Dunnett for her contemporary mystery books. While she grew up in the state of New York, she now lives in Wilton in rural Western Maine with her husband and cats.

Kate Emerson’s historical novels are primarily set in the Tudor era, in England from the period of roughly 1485 to 1603. She enjoys featuring real historical figures that are little known as the protagonists of her stories.The Secrets of the Tudor Court series are historical fiction novels that are set in the court of King Henry VIII. She first started the series in 2009, when the debut novel The Pleasure Palace was published.

After the first book, there came Between Two Queens, By Royal Decree, and At the King’s Pleasure. The series ended with the publication of the fifth book in 2012, The King’s Damsel. There was also a boxed set published featuring the books of this series in 2011 that was called Kate Emerson’s Secrets of the Tudor Court Boxed Set.

The first book in the Tudor Court series is The Pleasure Palace. The title is every bit as seductive as the main character of Jane Popyncourt. She is as seductive as she is innocent– or her innocence plays into and is part and parcel of her seductive abilities. Jane was first brought to the court as a child for the purposes of being a ward of the king as well as the companion of his young daughters, the princesses Mary and Margaret.

Jane does not come from high society and does not have any money, assets, or influence of her own. This being the case, she cannot hope that she will be able to enter into a powerful marriage. She may have come to the court for the purposes of royalty but that does not mean that she has any chances of living that type of life at all. But what she does not count on is growing into a young woman and perhaps being able to still draw the attention of men.

As Jane grows more beautiful by the day, all of a sudden she is no longer a child but a lovely young woman. As such she begins receiving attention from young men who come from all over to serve the new King Henry VIII, a handsome man who recently was married to Catherine of Aragon. When a prisoner of war is brought to London, Jane is intrigued. The French p.o.w. is the cousin of the king of France and is a valuable asset to have. He is quite dashing, too.

Jane starts to find herself falling for the young man, a man who she will surely never be able to marry. Even though the circumstances are what they are, Jane finds her heart gradually being taken over and she knows she is falling for him. But in a country where loyalty is everything, particularly when at war, she must be wary. The Tudor court has many dangers, and the people that make it up are as calculated as snakes even if they dress in full finery.

Jane starts to realize that she is in love with this young man– perhaps the worst candidate possible. With her low upbringing, perhaps it would even be expected from her if she was found out. But Jane has more pressing matters to deal with as questions about her birth begin to come up.

While Jane has spent much of her life being brought up in court, it appears that she may have made some enemies as well. With deadly consequences hanging in the balance, will she be able to summon her wiles and strength to carry herself higher in court? Or is it happiness at any cost that she desires?

Kate Emerson brings the Tudor era of England to life in this seductive and enchanting book that will have you traveling back in time and into a world filled with nobility, courts, monarchs, courtiers and more. Jane Popyncourt is based on a real-life woman in history– albeit one not as well known as King Henry. To discover what Jane ultimately chooses, pick up A Pleasure Palace and see for yourself what happens in this gripping tale of politics, sex, history, romance, and power.

Between Two Queens is the second book in the Tudor Court series. The Romantic Times called this series “rich and lushly detailed”, and readers of this exciting sequel will not be disappointed. Kate Emerson takes readers to the courts of Tudor once more in this dramatic second book that brings the series to a new level.

Main character Nan Bassett is pretty and ambitious, and this flirty young woman’s goal is to ultimately marry a nobleman. She hopes that being appointed to King Henry VIII’s court will help her to land a marriage to a wealthy and powerful man. She becomes a maid of honor to the queen– but Queen Jane dies in the middle of giving birth, and the whole court mourns her. Nan wants to make the best match possible in marrying the king now that there is an opening.

As King Henry has wed maids of honor before, Nan has a chance. But England has turned Protestant, and there are plans to put the old religion back in place. Nan might just be the only one who can convince the king that her family is loyal. The suspicious king believes her, but the favor of a king is never guaranteed. Even if they have his favor today, it might fall out tomorrow– and Henry is fickle and no stranger to change or replacement.

Nan also has a secret that will put her life in jeopardy should anyone find out. Things are getting more dangerous for Nan and her family, and in a time when suspicions at court run high and it seems that everyone is dancing with danger and decadence, she must be careful. Informed by letters and diaries of the Bassetts, readers will delight in this story inspired by Anne Bassett. To find out how the story ends, check out Between Two Queens for yourself!

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