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‘See’ is a series of young adult novels from author Jamie Magee. The books take place within the Web of Hearts and Souls universe, though they follow a different set of characters and focus on different themes.

+The Story

The ‘See’ series tells the story of Charlie, a girl with a special gift. When the series starts, Charlie is in a precarious situation. Someone stole her memories. She doesn’t know who she is, where she came from or what has happened to her.

She is aware of the shadows that keep whispering to her. But she doesn’t know how much of what they say she can trust. Because she has no memories, Charlie stands at a precipice.

She cannot trust her feelings because they keep deceiving her. One moment she stands ready to do everything in her power to protect her friends, and in the next instant, she doesn’t trust them as far as she can throw them.

To learn the truth of her life, Charlie goes on a journey. She dips her toes into a life she lost. She makes new acquaintances out of her old friends and she fights to understand where the truth ends and where the lies begin.

The first book in the ‘See’ series is written in such a way that the readers are as confused as Charlie. They do not know what is going on and they only begin to glimpse the big picture when Charlie starts collecting information and gaining an understanding of her past relationships.

Over time, it becomes clear that the ‘See’ books are part and parcel of the Web of Hearts and Souls universe. The supernatural is made manifest and Charlie begins to bear her gifts.

Unlike the Insight series where love and emotions are elevated and operate as central elements, the world of the ‘See’ series runs on music. From Charlie to Draven, Britain, and Bianca, the lives of the cast members are heavily intertwined with music.

And Jamie Magee writes these books in such a way that the musical aspect of the story is brought to light. It helps that a playlist is included in the book, working to help readers visualize the cinematic aspects of the story.

Like the Insight books, the ‘See’ series is largely young adult. As a result, the books emphasize the romance above all else. And as with the Insight books, the concept of Soul Mates is also brought to life in this series; Charlie is constantly struggling to make sense of her feelings in light of her absent memories.

As her memories begin trickling back, the things she starts learning about her friends, her family, and her soul mate leave her shaken. She gains an understanding of the role she must play to bring order in her little corner of the world.

While the ‘See’ books can be read on their own, separate from the greater Hearts and Souls universe, there are times where the ‘See’ characters crossover with the Insight characters.

This is most prominently seen in the second book where the ‘See’ characters go looking for Landon and Willow in Chara. Then there’s the third book which is basically the fifth book in the Insight series but told from the perspective of the ‘See’ cast.

That particular book is despised by fans of the Web of Hearts and Souls universe because the third ‘See’ book is merely a retread of what they already saw in the Insight series.

On the other hand, for people who have never heard of the Insight series, the second and third ‘See’ books give them insight into worlds and characters and stories they never knew, to begin with.

It’s worth noting that the first book of the ‘See’ series is actually the fourth book in the overall Hearts and Souls Universe. In other words, if you are reading all Jamie Magee’s books in order, you will first encounter the cast of the ‘See’ novels in the fourth book.

But, as Jamie always emphasizes, the ‘See’ books can be read on their own. Sure, everything seems to come down to the threat of the darkness and Esterious, but the ‘See’ books largely feature their own unique stories revolving around distinct themes, ideas and characters.

+The Author

Because Jamie Magee believes everyone has a special gift which they must use to fulfill that one purpose for which they were born, she knew she was doing something wrong when, despite her success in her career, she couldn’t find much in the way of satisfaction.

Jamie has always been a dreamer. She spent many a year letting her mind wander through fantastical worlds filled with awe-inspiring characters. Once she realized that her career wasn’t where she was expected to fulfill her purpose, Jamie quit and decided to give into her dreams by writing her novels.

Jamie now makes a living bringing her dreams to life on paper. She tells stories of love, life, romance and happy endings.


When Charlie Myers wakes up in the ER she knows she’s missing some very important memories. One night with her friends went wrong and now Charlie cannot banish a raging headache.

She doesn’t know how to keep a hold on her sanity or what to make of the dark whispers and shadows which do not feel quite as ominous as they should.

Having lost everything that she held dear, not only the memories of her father but the talent she once used to fight the dark, Charlie heads to Salem to live with her sister. There she hopes to find her memories.


Charlie is finally free. She has been yearning for that moment where she can do what she want and pursue any path she wishes. But now that she has what she seeks, Charlie cannot figure out her next move.

Charlie wants to run. But she also wants to stay in the moment, to play her music and ignore her fate. But Charlie is needed elsewhere. She risks losing the one she loves to a dark and demented dream world.

It is calling to him and only Charlie can pull him back, but only if she can fight off another boy who seeks to rain destruction down on her for her sake.

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