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Trail of Broken Wings (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Storyteller's Secret (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Days Before Us (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Poppy's Story (By: Kristina McMorris) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Magician (By: Rebecca Serle) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Planned Occasion (By: Angie Kim) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mother Country (By: Etaf Rum) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Days Before Us (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Sejal Badani is a published author.

She used to be an attorney, but ending up leaving the field of law so that she could pursue her dream of writing on a full time basis. She is now a best selling writer in print and has been a finalist for many awards, acclaims, and fellowships. When Sejal is not occupied with writing, she enjoys traveling, biking by the ocean, and reading. She also likes to listen to music such as Springsteen or Ed Sheeran.

Sejal Badani first became an author in print with the release of her debut fictional novel, titled Trail of Broken Wings. The book came out in 2015. It has become a number one best selling work on Amazon and was selected to be part of the Kindle First Program. Three years later, Sejal put out her second full length fictional novel, titled The Storyteller’s Secret.

Trail of Broken Wings is the critically acclaimed first fictional novel from Sejal Badani. In this book, readers get to meet Sonya. She is an Indian-American and a photographer. Things take a turn for her when her father suddenly goes into a coma. That is when she reluctantly decides she must go back to the very same family of origin that she had tried to get away from many years earlier.

Ever since she decided to leave her home, Sonya has been living her life essentially on the fly. She has been going on the run without any ties. Meanwhile, her sister has gone an entirely different path. Trisha is soft spoken and has an immaculately perfect life in the suburbs. Her other sister Marin was ambitious and dedicated all of her energy to building a career that would be successful.

The two of them seem like they have forged very successful lives for themselves. It seems as if though everything is going very well. But when they suddenly come together, the women may find out that the present is not all that it seems to be. Their shared history as well as their methods of dealing with it is starting to come out, and their memories are also no longer going to be held at bay.

They are living with shared buried secrets that are suddenly starting to come to the surface. Meanwhile, their father is still unconscious, the victim of racism paired with violence that he himself has been no stranger to perpetrating. When his condition begins to get worse, each of the daughters as well as their mother must deal with their feelings about it.

Individually, they are each forced to contend with their own hopes as to whether he will make it through this or transition to his death. They must face their demons and their own secrets of the past along the way. This novel skillfully tells a story that informs the reader of the burden of secrets and shame, told with honesty and with emotion.

As the sisters contend with where they are in their lives now and where they have been in the past, they are also forced to contemplate where they are going next. With so many secrets, will any of them be able to find the power of truth and speaking out? Or will they find that the shame of history is too much to bear? Pick up this intriguing debut work from Badani to find out!

The Storyteller’s Secret is the second novel of fiction from author Sejal Badani. If you loved the first novel from this author, then go online and get yourself your very own copy of this intriguing second book for yourself!

This story is an epic tale that focuses on the power of love as well as healing and what the desire to go ahead and imagine and dream can do for us. Jaya works as a journalist in New York. Even though she has been through something like this before, nothing can quite prepare her for what going through having another miscarriage will be like.

Her heart is broken, and this is the third time that she has had a miscarriage. It is a large emotional burden to take on, and one that it turns out that her marriage probably will not be able to survive. In the wake of losing the baby, her marriage slowly starts to come undone.

Jaya does not know what to do. She is at a crossroads in her life and has to admit to herself that she has a lot of deep emotional pain that she is dealing with. She is still suffering from the miscarriage and now her union has totally dissolved. Not knowing where she should be or who she should be, she makes the choice to travel to India.

It is time for her to get the answers that she seeks when it comes to the past of her family. It appears to be the right move once she gets there, and Jaya immediately starts to be intoxicated by everything about India. She loves all of it immediately, from the sounds to the smells and the sights. It is like a visual paradise and it is unlike where she comes from.

Jaya is happy to immerse herself in all of it and quickly finds that she wants to take in everything about the culture of India and the people there. It is a welcome break of stimulation and happiness from all of the dark sorrow that she has been going through.

She also begins to find out more about the history of her family while she is there. Through Ravi, Jaya starts to learn about her grandmother. Ravi was the servant of her grandmother and her confidant. She trusted him with it all. It is he who is able to tell her about the love, struggle, resilience and fall of her grandmother during a time when the British occupied India.

It is through Ravi’s stories about her grandmother that Jaya is able to discover new links to her past and a legacy and strength unlike any she’s ever known. Pick up this book to check it all out for yourself!

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  1. Paul Wakfer: 2 years ago

    I found your “Storyteller’s Secret” to be extremely powerful and beautiful. As a very emotional man I found myself crying with happiness and sadiness many times throughout the book, as well as often being overawed thinking about the story after setting it down for a necessary period of recovery.
    However, I have one regret about the story. Amisha gave all her under the bed stories to Stephen the last time they saw one another, but afterwords nothing was metioned of them. I was hoping that somehow Jaya would find out he had had them published.


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