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What is The Selection Series?

America Singer, there’s a lot to note about this woman. To start, she is one of the key characters of a progression of books simply known as, The Selection Series. However, before one can begin to learn who America Singer is one must know exactly what this Selection Series is all about. The Selection Series is a three book trilogy that was written by a young author named Kiera Cass. The Selection is the first of that series and introduces a new nation called Illéa which was once formerly North America, and still holds a few similarities. However instead of states the nation consists of provinces.

Illéa and Their System

Illéa exist as a type of monarchy where the rulers are royal kings and queens, and currently this nation is at war with another nation called New Asia. In Illéa a caste system exists, separating individuals into different number rankings, the numbers range from one to eight. The highest in the system is a one and this section is reserved for royals while at the bottom of the caste system exists the untouchables, who are ranked at an eight. This system is determined by the individual’s occupation and the less reputation a job holds, the farther down the individual will rank. It is also embedded into the culture, so much that an individual’s name will be changed based on their rank. However, there are different ways to raise up or down in the caste.

Selection, the Competition

Back tracking to the existence of a monarchy, this nation holds a competition called the Selection for the prince to find his queen. The selection consists of 35 different girls from around the nation, ages 16 to 20 willingly participating in the chance that they may marry the prince and future heir, Maxon Calix Schreave. The biggest prize not only being to marry, but for the girl chosen and her entire family to also become the highest rank, which is one.

Who is America Singer?

This is where the main character of the Selection, America Singer comes into play. As a young 17 year old girl she is a prime candidate for the Selection competition. She has bright red hair and a relatively thin body along with a persistent and disobedient attitude. As a resident of the fifth caste which is dedicated to artists, she is a talented singer, pianist and violinist. She has been in a relationship with a young man belonging to the sixth caste named Aspen Leger, for two years, when suddenly he encouraged her to join the Selection competition. Due to Aspen’s status he realized that he would not be able to lavish America with the objects she deserves and subsequently ended the relationship.

The Perks

Being selected to participate in the competition comes with perks for the girls as well as their families. This includes weekly payment to the families while the girl is at the palace, and aide to assist in new employment and housing even if the girl is not chosen by the prince. Also, for individuals who are ranked lower than three in the caste system, such as America, they are instantly moved to a third caste ranking.

The Obligations

Following the end of the relationship America is chosen to compete as one of the thirty five girls and her hesitance is taken when she realizes that her previous boyfriend has already found a new love. Upon introduction to the palace of Prince Maxon, America is tested by the rules of the palace. Some obligations include only wearing food and clothes provided, no leaving the palace without permission and the promise of virginity. After a feeling of entrapment overwhelms America she attempts to leave for air but she is not

allowed. It is at this time, that she is almost about to faint, where she meets Prince Maxon and he allows her to leave into the garden. From there the two spark up a friendship and they become close.

Caught In the Middle

However the plot thickens when Aspen, who has been recruited as a guard, begins to live in the palace as well. America who never truly lost her feelings for Aspen is now in danger, because as a rule for the competition a contestant can only have a romantic relationship with the prince. If caught with another, the punishment is death. Despite this fact, America meets secretly with Aspen and she is torn between which young man she wants more.

The Elite

As the book series continues, the second book follows, entitled The Elite. America is thrown into a budding romance with the prince, however she comes to note, that vying for the Prince Maxon exists as a competition. She becomes an Elite, which is one of the top contestants and begins to learn more about the requirements of royalty. While she learns more of the history of Illéa, and its creator, the impacts of the war with New Asia and King Clarkson, also become new external concerns for America.

Inside America Singer

America Singer is a tomboy character with a heart-of-gold personality, which naturally conflicts with the role of a royal princess. However, her budding and blossoming relationship with Prince Maxon also serves as an interesting contrast. Throughout the story one will often see that America’s strong and courageous attitude is inspiring but it can also be the cause of trouble for her and her company at times.

The Selection Series and the Media

The series received generally positive reviews from a number of publications which compared the novels to the narratives, Hunger Games and a television series entitled ‘The Bachelorette.’ Despite its relatively recent publication date, The Selection was almost made into a television series in 2012 which would have aired on The CW Television Network. Two separate pilot episodes were made using different lead actors, however neither were chosen by the network.

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  1. Melissa Sallinger: 8 years ago

    I think it should be noted that The Favorite has 2 parts. The first part should be read before The One. And the second part should be read after. If not, it will result in a huge spoiler! (I had previously read most of the series, so I wasn’t really bothered. But, someone reading for the first time would be highly upset.)

    • Shriji Patel: 3 years ago

      Thank you so much for telling me! I hate spoilers!


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