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Selena Montgomery is the pseudonym of political leader and entrepreneur Stacey Abrams. As Selena Montgomery,she has made a name for herself as a bestselling author of romantic suspense novels such as “Lead from the Outside” and “Our Time is Now.” The author studied law and specialized in tax before she went on to serve for nearly a dozen years as Minority Leader in the House of Representatives of Georgia. In 2018, she was nominated and won the governorship of Georgia garnering more votes than any Democrat ever had in the history of the state. Selena has been known for launching many organizations that have trained and hired people of color, promoted voting rights and tackled social issues at the international, national and state levels. She founded the Southern Economic Advancement Project, Fair Count and Fair Fight organizations. She is very involved in her community and sits on the board of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, Climate Power 202, Center for American Progress, the Women’s National Basketball Players Association and is also a Council on Foreign Relations member. Selena has degrees from Yale Law School, Spelman College, and the University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Prior to running for Georgia governor, Selena Montgomery registered more than 800,000 new votes under Fair Fight, the political mobilization organization she founded. She then became a major power broker in the Democratic Party and was in the mix for nomination to several high level political positions over the years. But before she became a power broker, she had been a romance novelist and made her publishing debut with “Rules of Engagement” that came out in 2001. She has said that her novels remain something very special to her even if lately she has leaned more towards politics. The novels tell the adventures and the stories of characters that she would have loved to read as a young Black woman. Her romance novels feature exciting, determined and nuanced women of color living their lives to the fullest. Stacey wrote her debut novel “Rules of Engagement” while she was still a senior year student at Yale Law School. The romantic suspense novels star a diverse cast of characters that are employees of a covert organization of the American government. The first three novels have an overarching storyline and feature two pairs of Black lead characters.

Stacey Abrams the politician and activist is clearly visible in the romance novels she has written as Selena Montgomery. In her novels everyone is willing and eager to serve their country with some personal sacrifice and in whatever capacity they can. Interest in her novels has risen in line with the rise of her political star. Between her earliest years serving in the House of Representatives in Georgia and her senior year at the Yale School of Law, she published eight romance titles under her pseudonym. Selena’s novels have since then sold more than 100,000 copies and have been reissued regularly. She initially published under Arabesque, which was a publishing imprint that published works by Black romance authors. Many of her novels now sell for more than $100 a copy. The rights to the novels have recently been sold to Berkely.

“Reckless” by Selena Montgomery is a novel that tells the story of an exceptional Atlanta lawyer that had to prove her innocence to her fiance and deal with a painful past. Kell Jameson believes that the life she is living is a dream as she works at a prestigious law firm in Atlanta, where she recently became a partner. She frequently has to represent famous even if guilty clients, which is something she never could have dreamed of when she was growing up as an orphan in Georgia. But her life is changed with one call and she has to go back to rural Georgia, the very place she has been trying so hard to run away from. The head of the orphanage where she grew up has been charged with murder and she is the only hope she has to get the charges dismissed. Jameson clashes with Luke Calder the sheriff immediately she sets her eyes on him. Luke finds Jameson compelling but he is a stickler for the rules and since she represents his prime suspect, there is no way they are getting along. But they have to work together to unearth some dark scandals including a very dark secret Kell has been keeping.

Selena Montgomery’s “Secrets and Lies” is the story of Dr. Katelyn Lyda, a beautiful and smart woman. At the beginning of the story, she has just been a witness to the murder of her uncle and now has to flee for her life. The only man that could be her salvation is a sexy and tall man who is full of mysterious promises. He does seem to have most of the answers she is looking for. But the thing is that he is one of the bad guys who works as a skilled recovery specialist that can get almost anything he is paid to retrieve. He is now working to retrieve an ancient relic but has second thoughts once he finds himself staring at the barrel of a gun. At the other end of the gun is a beautiful woman that he knows has everything he needs in addition to the ancient relic. His conscience has so far been dead but it has reawakened along with his desire for the woman who could blow his head off. Her life is in danger and she doesn’t know if she can trust Sebatien Caine. The problem is complicated by the fact that she is irresistibly attracted to him.

“Deception” by Selena Montgomery is the story of Findely Borders, a professional poker player and prodigal daughter. At the opening of the novel she is back in Hallden, Georgia, a small town in Georgia where she was called to help Eliza, Julia and Kell Faraday. The Faradays run the orphanage where she had grown up but now face the threat of destruction from the Stark Group. She had left the orphanage as an eighteen year old and lived on the run before she made it. Now that she is back in Hallden, she discovers that she has been missing the constant connection with her best friends. She also discovers that her absence has significantly impacted her best friends who stayed behind. To add to the emotions she gets coming back home, there is also a growing attraction she feels for Caleb Matthews the FBI Special Agent. She had a childhood full of violence and hence tried as much to be independent and not to get too close to anyone. Caleb immediately sees beyond her defenses to the beautiful woman and hurt child inside Fin. Similarly, Fin can read Cale from her years playing poker and she can tell that he is harboring regret and guilt despite his show of stoicism.

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  1. Jacki Richey: 1 year ago

    I just finished her first novel under her real name, called While Justice Sleeps. It is political thriller par excellence. It tells a lot about the workings of the Supreme Court and reveals the long-reaching power of Homeland Security, so powerful to give us all nightmares.

  2. Deborah Dewyea: 1 year ago

    I just finished reading about Kell & Fin. Can’t find the book with Julie & the conclusion to this great story. Where can I find the last book in this series? Thank you for the total enjoyment of your novels!

  3. Artimeace Shaw Wilson: 2 years ago

    Just finished Reckless and Deception loved them. When will Julia’s book be out?

    • leona clark: 2 years ago

      Loved the books. Is the third one coming out?


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