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Only Happy When It Rains (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Mafia Princess (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Dangerous Defiance (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darling Doll (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deviant Deception (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Untouchable Face (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Selena is an author of romantic suspense and new adult romance books. Her books feature characters you will love to hate and hate to love. If you love reading books about teens acting up, then Selena’s books are highly recommended. They are full of drama, fighting, angst, sex, drugs, and rock & roll. These characters will be bullying, cheating, lying, backstabbing, violent, and some sweet redemption for the characters that won’t give up on love. Because life isn’t always a straight line, each heart, regardless of how broken it is, deserves a second chance in love.

Selena became a published author in 2019 when Bully Me, the first book in Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Elite series, was published. Since then, she has had more than five book series and several standalone novels under her belt.

In the first book in the Willow Heights Prep Academy series, we meet a transformed Crystal Dolce and her family. The rugged Dolce brothers arrive in Faulkner, AZ, along with their father.

Crystal, once a mean girl in NYC, has decided to make a fresh start and adopts a less important role in her new town to support a newfound friend. While she’s sweet and accommodating within her family, especially with her brothers, the Dolce brothers are determined to seize power in their new community, challenging the ruling Darlings family.

The Darlings are not willing to let their family’s influence be overthrown. Amid these family rivalries, Crystal finds herself irresistibly drawn to the bad boy, Delvin Darling. The first book in the series delves into the feud between the Dolces and the Darlings, as well as exploring the developing attraction between Crystal and Delvin.

Selena’s engaging writing brings to life the cast and behaviors of the Dolces, Darlings, and the supporting characters. This allows the readers to picture the events in the story vividly. The story maintains a well-paced progression for total immersion while the conflicts are portrayed with intensity. The storyline is charged with sexual tension, forbidden desires, and moments of jealous possessiveness. The antihero, Devlin, embodies the classic alpha male with a strong and sometimes domineering personality.

The second novel in Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Exile dives deeper into the complex dynamics and the unusual love-hate relationship between Harper and Royal. Harper, despite being referred to as Royal’s plaything, develops warmer feelings for him, while Royal, although seemingly angry, becomes increasingly drawn to Harper. The narrative also sheds light on the Dolce brothers, Royal and his siblings, Baron and Duke, as well as the enigmatic Mr. D. However, the question remains: what games are they playing?

The story is told from the perspectives of the two main characters, with poetic interludes interspersed between chapters. Harper maintains her fierce, resilient, and determined personality, even in the face of Royal’s broody, dominant, and possessive nature. The supporting characters add depth to the narrative by providing insights into the characters’ motivations and contributing to an underlying sense of turmoil.

There are subtle references to characters from the previous series, the defeated Darlings. This enriches the emotional experience of reading Willow Heights Prep Academy first. The story explores themes of division and rivalry, mirroring the North vs. South affluent vs. underprivileged, which parallels the romantic sparring between Harper and Royal.

There are plenty of elements of mystery and suspense, creating a sense of unease as appearances are deceptive, and characters’ actions appear contrary to their words. The intense chemistry between the main characters adds to the gripping and palpable sexual tension that builds throughout the storyline. Their chemistry is so thick and tangible that it ignites into passionate and almost feral love scenes when the sparks finally fly.

Bad Apple is the first book in Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Exile. The story is primarily narrated from Harper’s perspective, and it is interwoven with a series of reflective, poetic passages.

Harper, also known as “Apple,” is a strong and feisty heroine. Despite her outward confidence and her upbringing marked by parental neglect, she’s highly vulnerable. She seeks a sense of togetherness and belonging. After being transferred to a high school on the privileged side of town through mysterious and suspicious means, Harper aims to escape her troubled circumstances. It’s during this journey that she crosses paths with the elite Dolce family.

The story delves deeply into Harper’s inner thoughts and feelings, offering intrigue, strong emotions, and an underlying sense of foreboding. Harper’s character often demonstrates a willingness to forgive, possibly driven by her longing for affection and connection. On the other hand, Royal, with his brooding and seemingly indifferent demeanor, keeps readers guessing about his true intentions. The palpable chemistry and sexual tension between the characters add to the allure of the narrative amidst the backdrop of bullying and a push-and-pull dynamic.

Bad Apple features excellent character development and skillfully portrays the interplay of personalities among both main and supporting characters. While there are references to characters and events from the earlier Elite series, this Exile series can be enjoyed as a standalone. There is a slow-burning romance with mild dark elements, laying the foundation for the setting, characters, and mystery. It gradually reveals tidbits of information as it builds up to an intense cliffhanger, promising more thrilling developments in the subsequent books of the series.

First published in 2022, Dangerous Defiance is the first book in Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Endgame. King’s life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers that he was sold to his uncle at birth to rescue his father from the clutches of the mob. He ventures into the world of organized crime; King begins as a relatively inexperienced foot soldier. His initial assignment was to marry Eliza in order to secure peace between rival mafia families.

Eliza, raised as the daughter of a mob boss from the opposing faction, embodies the persona of a privileged mafia princess. When their marriage is arranged to foster harmony between the families, she is dismayed to learn that her groom is not a high-ranking member of the rival family but a mere foot soldier. Will she be willing to have a lifetime marriage sentence with a foot soldier? Will the two main characters finally overcome their inner demons and live happily ever after?

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