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“Septimus Heap” is a series of novels by popular fantasy author Angie Sage. Besides the “Septimus Heap” novels, Sage is also the author of the Araminta Spookie, and the Todhunter Moon Trilogy that are a sequel to the Septimus Heap novels. Besides authoring the Septimus Heap novels she is also a writer and illustrator of children’s novels. Angie was raised in Kent, London, and the Thames Valley. Her father was renowned publisher that often brought home blank books that Angie would spend hours filling with stories and pictures. She remembers the first time she learnt how to read and asserts that it was one of the most exciting periods of her life. Reading about history was akin to time travel as it allowed her to travel to distant places, which she would then draw on her books. She went to college and studied medicine, but soon quit to go study art and design in Leicester. She studied Illustration and Graphic Design and worked for a while illustrating school books after finishing school. Angie soon graduated to authoring children’s stories and published “Magyk” the first novel of the “Septimus Heap” series in 2005. She has never looked back since. “The Magykal Paper” a color complement of the series came out in 2009.

The “Septimus Heap” series of novels is a story about the life and times of Septimus Heap, a seventh son of a seventh son that has super natural powers. He is apprenticed to the arch wizard named Marcia Overstrand and has to study for seven years to get his qualifications. He goes by the name Young Army Expendable Boy 412 in the debut novel of the series, before his true identity is revealed by Zelda Zanuba Heap his great-aunt. He has an adopted sister named Jenna, who also happens to be next in line to inherit the Kingdom of Castle. His adventures are set in the strength and warmth of his community and family. The tales of the novel take place in a fantastic and elaborate world and detail the many challenges that Heap and his friends face over the course of the novels. The novels have been critically acclaimed and have made several national bestseller lists including the USA Today and the New York Times bestseller lists. The first novel was optioned by Warner Bros and is set to be made into a film. Compared to the likes of the Harry Potter novels, the series is noteworthy for its humor, compelling adventure, richness of its characters, and realism.

The” Septimus Heap” series of novels is similar to many fantasy novels in that it is set in an alternate world. All the novels come with a map describing the lands surrounding the area in which the story of the novel is set. The series is set in the future as hinted by the dialogues between the characters who assert that they have heard that in the past people used to go to the moon. This could perhaps mean that they are referring to the NASA Apollo missions meaning the characters live in a time ahead of the current twentieth or twenty first. Most of the narratives of the series take place in the Castle. The Castle is a circular building that strides a river and is on a raised ground separated from the nearby forest by an all-encompassing moat. The Castle is much like many self-sufficient cities of old that were walled in and could survive for considerable periods without outside supplies or contact with the outside world. Septimus Heap who is the Extraordinary Apprentice lives with his master Marcia Overstrand in the Wizard Tower. Other important buildings include the Royal Residence where Silas, Sarah, and Jenna live. The lands around the Castle include the marshlands known as the Marram marshes that are home to paranormal creatures. The forest is a dangerous and dark area inhabited by the witch community, wolverines and Physik mentor Galen. Inside the forest is the magical house known as The House of Foryx that serves as the portal through which creatures can move from one dimension to another. Other locations include The Badlands and the Port near the sea that seems to be the favorite meeting place for strangers.

“Magyk” the first novel of the series is the exciting introduction to the series, the lead protagonist Septimus Heap, and his fantastical adventures. Septimus Heap who is aptly named for being the seventh son of the seventh son goes on wild journeys full of spells and potions, clever charms, and accompanied by quirky characters. As a child, the boy Septimus Heap has been stolen by the midwife immediately after birth and then reported as dead. Grieving for the loss of his son, Silas Heap had gone on a walk out in the wintry snow and stumbled upon a bundle lying on the newly fallen snow. Opening it, he finds an infant girl with twinkling eyes that he takes into his home. The Heaps adopt the child and name her Jenna, raising her as their child. But try as they may they never find out who the girl is even as they still grieve for their supposedly dead son. Angie Sage writes the Magyk novel in a distinctly British flavor of storytelling that makes for some Victorian flavor to the novels. In asking the important question about just who is Septimus Heap, she writes a story full of heart and humor that will leave the reader in hearty laughter and asking for more.

“Flyte” the second novel of the Septimus Heap series is set a year after Heap discovers that he was born to be a wizard, after he met his real family at the tail end of the first novel. Heap is learning under the tutelage of Marcia Overstand the Extra Ordinary Wizard where he is learning Magyk, Charms, and Conjuration. Meanwhile, his adoptive sister Jenna is learning to enjoy the freedom the Castle offers including how to act like the princess she is. But there is something bizarre happening at the Castle. A menacing Darke Shadow has been trailing the Extraordinary Wizard even, as Simon Heap’s brother is going on a path of revenge on which he has refused to be turned away from. Angie Sage scales the heights of fantasy as she tells of the journey of the lead character full of the clever descriptions and witty humor and dialogue that she introduced in the first novel.

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