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Someone's Listening (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Such a Good Wife (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
On a Quiet Street (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanishing Hour (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vacancy in Room 10 (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Seraphina Nova Glass is a mystery author, professor, and playwright at the University of Texas, Arlington. She’s also a screenwriter and an award-winning playwright.

Seraphina holds an MFA in playwriting from Smith College and a second MFA in Directing from the University of Idaho. She traveled in most places, using film and theatre as teaching tools. She ended up living in Guam, Kenya, and South Africa as a volunteer teacher, documentary filmmaker, and AIDS relief worker.

On a Quiet Street

Brighton Hills is an exclusive community located on the Oregon coast and serves as a perfect blend of nature and luxury. It’s also a perfect neighborhood for one to hide from all the noises. Who wouldn’t love to live in such a place? Brighton Hill looks like a happy place, and the people there seem to have happy lives.

Beautiful houses are built beneath the Doulas first, with a lush background to the lakefront. In this area, neighbors are each other’s keepers and look out for one another, but sometimes it’s a little too close.

Cora’s instincts feel that her husband Finn is cheating and sets off to do her investigations to catch him red-handed. She feels unloved not only by her teenage daughter but also by her husband. Finn has always denied cheating allegations, and Cora feels it’s time she starts looking closer.

Paige is a lady who lost her only son in a hit and run the previous year, and she is deeply grieving for the loss and ends up doing unpleasant and desperate things. She is also separated from her husband and seems a bit out of control, but no people don’t blame her for it.

Paige is determined to solve the case since the police have proved incapable. She is convinced that high chances are that the suspect is one of her neighbors; after all, who would be exiting or coming to a gated community late at night?

These things include looking for evidence that her son’s death was a mere accident and spying on the locals. Cora reluctantly agrees to Paige’s plan to find out the kind of man he is married to. All this time, their new neighbor Georgia is acting so strange each day but could a young mother like she have to hide anyway?

Georgia is the wife of a local judge, Lucas, and is always on her porch with her baby. She also avoids conversing with her neighbors at all costs for reasons well known to her. She met Lucas while visiting her parents abroad and soon got married and relocated to the states with him. She appears traumatized and is afraid of going outside by herself, which makes her neighbors suspicious.

Each of the women had their secret. Can the two ladies trust and open up to their deepest secrets? Will they help each other or cause more damage that might ruin the neighborhood.

There is much that goes on behind closed doors, and only a few people know about it. There is a web of scandalous affairs, domestic violence, and many other secrets.

Once you begin to pay close attention to the marble counters and open floor plans in Brighton Hills, you’ll notice the place holds so many secrets. Some of which are small, others big, and others dangerous. Now it’s about time they start being uncovered one by one.

The novel is narrated from the three women’s points of view, Cora’s, Georgia’s, and Paige’s. As the story opens up, the author gives more information about their lives, relationships, secrets, and struggles.
Nova Glass has weaved a compelling, twisted novel that will suck you in the right from the start. The author shows how some men aren’t what they present to the world and how some women aren’t what they present to the world.

Such a Good Wife

Meanie Hale has been a great mother to her two children while caring for her sick mother-in-law. She is also a trusted member of the wealthy Louisiana neighborhood. Melanie feels so lucky to have a caring and wonderful husband.

Rachel, her teenage daughter, fills Melanie’s hands as she sends her adolescence in all directions. Her eight-year-old Ben is on the spectrum of autism, and Mel has been trying to get a good school with caring and dedicated teachers.

However, there are some parts of her that she keeps hidden deep inside her. She often feels worried, unsatisfied, and exhausted. She opts to join a book club to help connect with her pretentious, privileged, and gossiping neighbors, which soon becomes a disaster.

Later Collins recommends her to a writing group at a bookstore. This continues until one night after a writer’s meeting, Mel starts an affair with one great local author, Luke. He’s a romance writer, and Mel finds him charming, rocking her boring world. She feels so attracted to him and can no longer resist it.

She hates herself for cheating but cannot stop since she feels alive for the first time. The undeniable attraction and forbidden intimacy between Luke and Mel soon turn into guilt feelings
Mel soon changes into someone she no longer recognizes, a lady who lies so quickly and one who is capable of doing anything. Soon Mel finds Luke’s body lying in his luxury apartment and realizes that the stakes have become high for her.

Mel not only keeps her affair a secret to save her marriage but also needs to avoid being incriminated in Luke’s death. But the dilemma is, who would want him dead? Who else in her life might be keeping secrets, and how far will she go to keep the secrets buried? How will Mel distance herself from being attached to Luke’s death while keeping her secrets safe?

Mel is a flawed but honest heroine who will make you feel like a person who feels suffocated and trapped in her own life while looking for a way to escape her realities and have a minute to breathe.
You will feel for her as she cries for help, giving up on her writing career to care for her mental ill son. Her husband, Collin, is so focused on his work and finds less time for her, and even though he is a kind guy to her, the chemistry they had before keeps fading.

Such a Good Wife is a slow burn and a high-tension suspense novel will amazing and well-crafted characters. The characters involved in the risky situations will keep you more engaged than the ongoing investigation.

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