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“Love is happiness, but only when you believe it will last forever. Even though every time it turns out to be a lie, it’s only faith that gives love its strength and its joy.”- excerpt from Night Watch

Sergei Lukyanenko is one of the most prolific Russian science fiction and fantasy author. His writings are contemporary, featuring heavy action, interwoven with themes of moral ambiguity and in retaining one’s humanity when they are the one in power.

Lukyanenko was born in Karatau, Kazakhstan, in April 11, 1968, to a Tatar mother and a Russian-Ukratian father. Lukyanenko would move to Almaty after his graduation to enroll in Alma-Ata State Medical Institute in 1986, majoring in psychotherapy. While in the university, he met a fellow psychologist and future wife, Sonya, whom he married the same year in 1990.

In 1992, he graduated and worked at an Almaty hospital specializing in child psychiatry. The fall of Soviet Union just a year prior would collapse the already poor physician wages, thus forcing Lukyanenko to eventually abandon his practice to pursue other career, due to the sheer impossibility of supporting his family. Prior to taking up medical studies in the mid 80’s, he had already picked up writing and had started profiting from it. He would become an active member of Russian fandom, attending seminars and visiting conventions all over the Soviet Union so far.

Science fiction was exposed to the whims of the political powers in the Soviet Union, seen not as an art, but a political tool. As a benevolent tool however, Lukyanenko was able to garner enough of the State support. He would publish short stories and novellas in literary seminars. He is a fan of Vladislav Krapivin, a teacher and a famous Russian children’s author, and clear influence of his early works could be seen. Teenage protagonist, learning the ideas of loyalty and friendship, and what coming of age means. He would soon move away from imitating Krapiving to establish his preferred ideals. Knight of 40 Islands (1994) would be the first novel to firm this establishment more towards William Golding’s works.

From 1993 to 1996, a local Science Fiction magazine appointed him as the deputy editor. During this period, considered the hardest period in Lukyanenko’s life, he struggles to support his family, only barely making the ends meet. The dissolution of Soviet Union is harsh to the economy, especially with the new reality of free publishing system. While there are eager hopes for a creative boom, it never truly materializes, as publishers rather exploit the more lucrative pulp writing, which are non-existent prior.

Lukyanenko was lucky due to his fame within the Russian sci-fi circles. Around the mid-90’s, his fame popularity as a writer would start to take flight, some drastic financial improvements would follow. Autumn Visits (1995), one of his most striking dark novel, would be published at this time along with various others. However, frequent trips to Russia become unavoidable and would prove to be increasingly burdensome. In 1996, Sergei Lukyanenko would move to Moscow with his family so far.

In Moscow, Lukyanenko would continue to experiments with the literature and continued several series he has started. His breakthrough will arrive with his mainstream fantasy, Night Watch (1998). The improvement of the Russian economy would prove to be his boon as the domestic movie industry was revilatized. 2004 adaptation of Night watch would be widely considered as the first Russian blockbuster, spawning sequels for on the next book from the series, Day Watch. USA would adapt the movie, to be released by Fox of Searchlight. The success of the movie raised Lukyanenko’s position from narrow circle fame, into Russian flagship sci-fi writer.

His wife, Sonya, whom graduated from Kazakh State University, now holds a Ph. D degree in child psychology, teaching at the Russian State University for the Humanities until 2003, then quit to be a housewife. In February 2003, Lukyanenko’s first son, Artemy was born and his second son, Daniil, in November 2007.
Autumn visits (1995)

At the hour of writing, Lukyanenko was suffering from depression, struggling to make ends meet for his family, his hardest period of life according to him. An unusual shifting perspective narrative style in oppressed Russia. Six Forces: Love, Knowledge, Growth, Art, Power, and Strength, would send their respective champions called Envoys, a personified prototypes of the force. The Envoys are given one mission, to escape in the harsh world. The final survivor would be throne as the new guide towards the future. A confrontation ensued with the champion of Darkness, whom are sent to enact freedom to one’s action and all its consequences, against his counterpart, the champion of Light. The Envoys would learn of their origins and flaws in their own implied characters.

Night Watch (1998)

“We do not even know how to wish evil on anyone. Except that our Good is not any different from Evil.”

His breakthrough comes with the Russian urban fantasy novel Night Watch. The typical fantasy of clash between the Light and the Dark, set in the contemporary supernatural Russia, with heavy theme of moral dilemmas and greying out the distinction between the good and the evil. Night Watch refers to an organization dedication to police the-actions of the Dark-Others. It is counterparts, the Day Watch would do the same with the Light-Others. The story follows the first person narrative of Anton Gorodestsky, a Light magician and member of the-Night Watch. In the world of the supernatural, the magician would question his decisions of what it means to be in the Night-Watch, to be siding with the Light magician. It is a study of individualism against the society, whether the perceived heroes would always have to triumph over the supposed evil.

“To preserve the law. Persecute Evil. Protect the innocent.” Anton Gorodestksy would have to learn what it means to do so.

The novel is separated into 3 stories: Destiny, Among His Own-Kind, plus All for My-Own Kind. The Night Watch movie adaptation based on Destiny is out on 2004, along with its two other story, Day Watch in 2006.

Night watch is the first in World of Watches series, continues with Day-Watch (2000), twilight Watch (2004), Final Watch (2006) and New Watch (2012).

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