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By: J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn
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“Serial” is a horror fiction series of novels by popular thriller and horror novelists Blake Crouch and Jack Kilborn. Blake Crouch is a screenwriter and bestselling novelist best known for the writing of “Dark Matter” which has been optioned for a movie by Sony Pictures. 2015’s number one hit show on FOX was an adaptation of his “Wayward Pines Trilogy”. Crouch also worked on the “Letty Dobesh” novels and in collaboration with Chad Hodge screen wrote the TV series “Good Behavior” that aired on TNT. As an author, he has more than a dozen novels to his name that have been translated into more than thirty languages. His short stories have been featured in many publications such as Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen. He currently lives with his family in Colorado.

Jack Kilborn is the pseudonym of novelist JA Konrath who writes as Konrath for his thrillers and Kilborn when he is writing horror. Born in Skokie Illinois the Columbia College graduate wrote his first novel “Whiskey Sour” in 2004. This was the introduction to his most popular Jack Daniels series of novels that were loved for their laugh out loud comedy, suspense and hair-raising scares. Joe is also an editor and is credited with working on “These Guns For Hire” the 2006 published anthology. Kilborn’s work has been translated into more than ten languages while his short fiction has been featured in tens of collections and magazines. For his excellent work in the genre he has won several prestigious awards that include two Lovies, an EQMM Reader’s Choice, a Bob Kellog, a Derringer, Barry, Dagger, Gumshoe, Macavity, and an Anthony Award. He also writes articles and guides to help aspiring writers on their publishing journey on his blog. He lives with his wife and three children in a Chicago suburb.

The “Serial” series of novels are what may be best described as ridiculous dirty fun, guts, and blood, in your face, and leaving nothing to the imagination narratives. But even with that warning, some scenes will still be so gloriously disgusting and depraved. From the tools that bartenders employ in their trade to cheese grates, the serial killers of Serial do not hold back in their innovativeness. The dynamic duo of Crouch and Kilborn bring their A game in the devising of methods to kill the victims that one wonders how come they are not serial killers but authors. They incorporate intriguing plot-lines and violence with some of the most interesting of serial killers that play on some of the deepest of their readers fears. They throw in not one or two killers but several of their best ever serial killers in Luther, Mr. K. Taylor, Lily and Donaldson who stands as one of the most demented, scary and bad-ass killers of all time. Some of Kilborn’s most famous characters from their previous novels such as Jack Daniels and Andrew Z. Thomas also come into the stories in interesting cameos.

The “Serial” series of novels while being some of the most horrifying thrillers also made history as some of the best in literary collaboration. Crouch and Kilborn came together and divided the work of the writing of the novels between themselves. In more than 100 email exchanges the two wrote their parts with only the understanding that they would try to make the best psychopaths ever. The digital format of the novels have been downloaded by more than half a million people, many of whom have called them the most depraved reads ever. The gore definitely goes a notch higher in the series as the authors expand from their novellas “Bad Girl” and “Truck Stop” to revive some of the most thrilling of story-lines. These are gripping novels that grab the reader right from the first page to the last.

“Serial Uncut: Extended Edition” is the thrilling first novel of the “Serial” series of novels by Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch. The terrifying novel is an extension of “Serial” the original novel of the series that was an experimental 7500 digitally published horror novel. The novel go back to the hitchhiking golden rules; do not stop for hitchhikers as you could pick up a crazy traveler, and do not go hitchhiking as you could be picked up by a crazy driver. Having established the rules, the novels then go on to put the exciting idea of a serial killer picking up another serial killer. It is one of the most intriguing scenario of a crazy guy versus a crazy guy that the authors take to the extreme. The narratives come with not only two but six serial killers in tales of hitchhiking gone wrong when two serial killers from Kilborn and Crouch’s best novels face off. The novel is something of a persuasive after school special that eloquently educates against hitchhiking rides or carrying hitchhikers in your car.

“Killers Uncut – A Novel of Terror” is a great sequel to the first novel of the Serial series of novels. The novel goes further than the first by having not six but 21 serial killers. The novel has the classic bad guys as the most fun and interesting protagonists rather than the good guys. Unlike the modern thriller that has the hero as a man fighting for the downtrodden or for the good of their country, the villains in this novel great characters who struggle and fight each other to show who can be the most cunning in their methods of operation and elimination of rivals. The novel reintroduces the main protagonists from the first novel and other novels not in the series but written by the two authors. Some of the most interesting characters include the likes of Charles Kork, Javier, Isaiah, Mr. K, Luther, Donalson, and Lucy. The novel scar the soul, blow the mind and scare the reader to death by introducing a dark side to the universe that few have ever experienced. A mix of female and male serial killers also makes for an interesting combination of strategies of killing that draws upon the gender experiences of the serial killers to make for some of the most innovative killing devices. Crouch and Kilborn try and are very successful in writing some of the most horrifying and thrilling piece of suspense in this novel.

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