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Publication Order of The Seven Sisters Books

The Seven Sisters (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Storm Sister (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Sister (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pearl Sister (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Moon Sister (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sun Sister (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Missing Sister (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Seven Sisters is a historical fiction series by Lucinda Riley. This series covers the lives of six girls who grew up together while explaining what happened to the seventh of these sisters. The girls’ adoptive father raises them to be responsible, but upon his death, he also leaves them clues that help them trace their heritage. Each of the books in this series takes the reader on a journey to different parts of the world where the girls will discover their identities while revealing a part of their father they never knew. The author is an excellent storyteller making these books captivating. There is a lot of love and good in these girls’ stories, but they also come with their fair share of heartbreaks.

The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters is the first book in The Seven Sisters series. The series tells the stories of six girls, all adopted who grew up as sisters. Each book covers the past, present, and heritage of these girls, and we start with Maia D’Apliese’s on this one. Maia is the eldest of the sisters, and she works as an interpreter and translator. She is among the first to arrive in their family home in Atlantis, Switzerland, after their father’s passing. All the girls started their journey together on this isolated island where they grew in opulence. The man who raised them, and who they all fondly called Pa Salt leaves each girl an envelope containing leads to their past.

Maia’s letter leads her to Rio de Janeiro. The young woman, still grieving the loss of a father who gave his all for his daughters, follow the clues to a crumbling mansion in Brazil. It is from this mansion that Maia starts to connect the story of her life. Her research leads her eighty years earlier to a time when a young lady named Izabela Bonifacio’s convinces her father to let her follow architect Heitor da Silva and his family to Paris. Curious to see the world, Izabela considers this as a perfect opportunity to follow her dreams. She meets an ambitious sculptor known as Laurent Brouilly in Europe and immediately knows that her life will never be the same again. What follows is an intriguing tale of discovery, heartbreak, and finally, love.

This is one fascinating story. The author alternates between fiction and history to tell Maia’s story and that of her kin. In this sweeping tale of love and heartaches, the author will let you in Maia’s origin, her current life, and the circumstances that led to her adoption. As you get to know about Maia, you will also accompany her on a journey from Switzerland, to Rio and Paris. The ride may be heartbreaking at some point, but you can bet that it is well worth it.

There is a lot to love about The Seven Sisters. First is the unique and intriguing storyline. It is also interesting how the clues leading to Maia’s past are arranged. The fact that this book only tells Maia’s story also means that you get know her well enough. It is incredible meeting her great-grandmother Bel and hearing her life story. This is a well-written story with great characters and beautiful settings. The author will take you back and forth in time as Maia works to fill in details about her life. Everything from the narration to the pacing is perfect, and you cannot help but get curious to hear the other girls’ stories.

The Storm Sister

The Storm Sister is the second book in the Seven Sisters series. It tells the story of Ally D’Aplièse, a young woman who is just starting to discover who she is. Ally is about to participate in a perilous yacht race when news about her adoptive father’s demise reaches her. She rushes to meet her five sisters at home, where she discovers that her billionaire father has left her clues to her true heritage. These changes come at the worst of times. Ally is the middle of a passionate love affair that will completely alter her destiny.

With her life as it is now, Ally chooses to leave the seas and follow the trail that leads her to Norway. Her story takes the reader back in 1875 when a young mountain girl named Ann Landvik came out of obscurity to join the list of Europe’s most celebrated classical singers. Ally learns that her heritage is connected to the story of this young singer who lived and performed her art over a century ago. Her inexperience on matters music caused Ann enough bumps on her journey to success. As she delves deeper into Anna’s life, Ally starts to question who Pa Salt really was and whatever happened to the seventh sister.

Follow the second of the seven sisters on a journey to her past. This story explores Grieg, a Norwegian composer who stood out as a historical figure. The book also starts to give details about Pa Salt’s life and the role he played in the girl’s past. Other notable characters you will interact with in this book include Anna, Tom, and Felix. It is impressive that Ally finds living blood relatives who offer more details about her past. As you get deeper into Ally’s life, it becomes easy to understand her motivations and the woman she has become. There is a lot she will be forced to deal with in the course of the story. However, her gains and losses will only push her to become a better person.

The Storm Sister takes you deeper into a series that stays with you for a long time. You will go through a range of emotions as you follow Ally down memory lane to an unpredictable era for most people, especially in German. The author also offers a glimpse of Ally’s current life, and these timelines are weaved so beautifully it all makes sense. In the end, you will realize that this story is about three couples who lived in three different times and their different experiences where love is concerned.

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    I really enjoyed reading the history behind the Christ statue in Brazil. And now as I now nothing about sailing am enjoying
    learning about the different sailing races .
    But apart from that , I am really enjoying the intriguing story about these beautiful talented girls and how their story develops . Lucinda is an extremely talented lady .


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