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Lily and the Duke (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rose in Bloom (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lady Alexandra's Lover (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sophie's Voice (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sex and the Season is a series of historical romances by Helen Hardt the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times author. Hardt first got interested in books from the time her mother would read to her as a child. By the time she was six, she had written her first story and has been writing ever since. It was while she was studying in France that she published her first novel in 2008. She went on to become a lawyer for a short while before she quit and became a stay at home mother for more than fifteen years. Helen now has more than sixteen novels, two collections of shorter works and more than five novellas to her name. “Craving” the debut novel of the “Steel Brothers Saga” was one of her most successful works that was released in 2016 to become a bestseller and garner much critical acclaim. She does assert that she is just as comfortable working as an editor as she is writing the novels. A certified grammar geek she hates that it is sometimes impossible to spot one’s own typos. As a believer in continuous learning, she often attends conferences and workshops to learn new things about the writing world. When she is not writing her novels, you can find her on social media with a bowl of her favorite ice cream and a glass of red wine. She is a hopeless romantic and also has a black belt in taekwondo. She currently lives in Colorado and is the mother of two gifted and handsome young men.

The Sex and the Season by Helen Hardt are a series of historical romances full of tragedy and drama that ultimately results in a happily ever after. Set in Regency England, the novels follow sexy as sin men and feisty females who live in a society that adheres to strict societal norms. It is a time when men and women found romance within their social classes, yet women were for the most part not permitted to be free. “Lily and the Duke” the first novel of the series follows the independent, smart and spunky Lily, a woman who wants to see the world rather than get married and bear heirs as expected. Forced to be around during the London season, she crashes into the Duke the tall and handsome man who is something of a blond Mr. Darcy that sweeps her off her feet. He has a tragic and mysterious past which just makes him all the more desirable. “Rose in Bloom” the second novel is a novel about forbidden love and social status. Rose is a high born lady set to be married to Lord Evan Xavier but then finds herself attracted to the grey-eyed and dark-haired commoner Cameron. But he is no ordinary commoner as he is a composer extraordinaire who works with Rose to make some great Waltzes for the Duchess. Their love burns passionately and the love, lust, and sex are smoking hot even as he doubts that such a high born lady would want a man of his station. “Lady Alexandra’s Lover” tells the story of Alexandra, a woman determined to get Mr. Landon to marry and get her out of a life of poverty. But fate has something in store for her as on the way to London, she takes Lord Evan Xavier’s carriage only for them to get caught in a rainstorm. Sparks fly and the two lovebirds now have to deal with a society that frowns upon love between the classes.

In “Lily and the Duke,” Lily and her family are heading to the Lybrook estate for a fortnight. Lily wants nothing but an opportunity to check out the Duke’s art, as he has been said to have some famous paintings. Her father and mother are just praying that Lily will stop being childish and find someone to marry her. The first night of their tour starts with a ball and true to herself, Lily sneaks away to go find the art gallery. On the way there, she is pulled into a dark corner and given a passionate kiss that she cannot help but return. Upon breaking the kiss, she finds that she is looking at the notorious philanderer himself – The Duke of Lybrook. As she heads to the bathroom to calm her nerves, she bumps into Amelia who warns her about trying to get with the Duke since he belongs to her. Daniel the duke is uncertain of what he wants in a relationship but he cannot stop thinking about the kiss and soon breaks up with Lady Amelia. But Amelia is determined to get her man back no matter what it takes. In the meantime, Daniel and Lily are getting closer with each passing day, even though neither is interested in a commitment or marriage. But they cannot keep their hands away from each other and have a lot of drama, sex and some meaningful moments that could just lead to a happily ever after.

“Rose in Bloom” is set in 1853 England in the town of Wiltshire. The Lady Rose Jameson knows the rules; respect convention, know her place, give respect to authority and finally marry an appropriate gentleman. The second son of the Earl of Brighton named Lord Evan Xavier fits the bill and Rose loves his company. However, there just is no chemistry between them as compared to what she feels when she is with Cameron Price, the handsome commoner who is one of the best composers in England. Cameron has accepted that he is a poor commoner whose lot is to care for his two younger sisters and his widowed mother. Instead of reaching the heights of composing and writing music, he looks set to spend his days working the Duke of Lybrook’s land to earn a living. In all this, he has to deal with the strong attraction he has for the Lady Rose who is the sister in law to the duke. When his sister is taken ill, his fate is sealed as he has to get money quickly. He needs to bid farewell to Rose in what may be the last time he ever sets eyes on her. But there is a new twist that may just change their lives forever.

“Lady Alexandra’s Lover” tells the story of Alexandra who has decided that she has had enough of poverty. She is going to do anything in her power to marry a man with a lot of money. But then her plan finds her caught up in a compromising situation with Lord Evan Xavier. He is a smugly conventional and overprotective though very handsome man that is also her stepbrother. The second son of the Earl of Brighton thinks that the lady Alexandra is a pain. She does not have the respect for authority, lacks the social graces, is headstrong but is also very beautiful. Unfortunately, with his mother and father away on some trip, he is the only one who can take care of her. When she announces that she has to get to London it is up to him to take her and protect her along the way. When the two get into an accident, things get hot and they cannot wish away the sexual tension between them. Rescue is coming but Alexandra never dropped her agenda.

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