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Publication Order of Sex, Love & Stiletto Books

After the Kiss (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love the One You're With (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just One Night (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trouble with Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Lauren Layne often describes herself as a person who loves working with children, a consummate adventurers, even if all the adventures she goes through are fabricated by an overactive brain. She has yet to venture out to experience real live adventure or weave stories for her own children but so far she has only been vicariously living through her family extended with nephew and nieces and her beloved Pomeranian. She accredits her husband for spurring her into serous writing and what once seemed like a pipe dream is something that has placed her in the lists of notable adventure-romance writers of our time. The Secret Watchers might have catapulted her into the writers’ world.

Before being an author and wife, Lauren attended Portland State University as well as Oregon State and obtained a degree in education. Teaching was always something that she wanted to do and writing was the dream she loved. This is why the first books she wrote were aimed at young adults who have increasingly been reluctant to read. Due to the unpredictable nature of life instead of finding herself in a classroom, she found herself in e-commerce until the relocation with her family from Seattle to New York prompted her to look at things differently. A couple of months after the move, the first draft of the first novel was completed and on its way to print. Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. In 2011, she and her husband moved from Seattle to New York City, where Lauren decided to pursue a full-time writing career. It took six months to get it in print. Ten novels later, Lauren Layne has become a notable name in literary circles. New York might have catapult her into the but the Pacific Northwest area, Chicago to be precise, with its unique panoramic scenery has added a sort of artistic layer that has been reflected by how mature and grown up her heroines have become.

Lauren Layne as a writer

Lauren Layne has built a reputation for herself as a young adult fantasy novelist. The books are filled with action, adventure and the angst that young people feel when they are in love. She is often categorized with young adult authors but the themes that she tackles are different and stories and themes that might be adult’s comprehension.

The first book she came up with was Secret Watchers which became an instant hit and people clamored to know more about it, the star crossed lovers -Welcome to the world of Owen Ryder and The Secret Watchers. We followed Owen on his journey to understand his visions, understand the message contained within and to know what he should be doing. Owen is given glimpses of horrible things that have happened and is driven to fix them; furthermore, he has to make some choices in his life; the easy ones, the good or bad and steering clear of evil. Lauren Layne tells this story so convincingly you can’t help but be assured that good will always triumph over evil. Layne created three more books with Owen navigating the deepest reaches of 6hr exploring the book in the “The secret Watchers – Visions”. This was followed Whispers, the Insights, and Perceptions. The four book series has garnered its own cult following that transcends the boundaries that exists in the Young adult Genres.

Summary: The Sex Love & Stiletto Series

Book 1: After the Kiss

We get introduced to Julie Greene who does not believe in love or intimate connections until she is asked by the publication where she is asked to give a first person account about the magic of being proposed to, the butterflies and all that. The problem is that Julie does not believe on all the hype. To her relationships and being intimate are a means to an end that does not constitute frothy white dresses and a man at the end of an isle in a penguin suit. She has to find someone to walk her through but can this man help turn the shrew into a likable woman with prospects of a clever, gentle and loving woman. She meets Mitchell Forbes who defies the laws of attractiveness for men but unlike the majority of men, embraces the idea of a lifetime commitment that is monogamy and blissful. When the two met, they don’t divulge their expectations but as the no-strings attached relationship grows, things change.

Book 2: Love the One You’re With

Grace Brighton had made a career of warning women about dead-beat guys who will lie and cheat every chance they get until she meets Jake Malone. Grace is oblivious that her Fiancé is one the dead-beat guys when had been warning other people against. She is angry at him at herself for not seeing the signs. Jake Malone like hos playboy reputation, he thrives on it but when the publication decides to include a new section, the two are thrown together. After one date Jake Malone realizes that this is not going to be a simple fluffing exercise to get over things. Jake is intrigued and now sets up a strategy to win her.

The series is based on the premise that regardless of what you do, love always triumphs. The themes in book 3 and 4 deal with the lengths we would go to win or keep the loves we have regardless of how improbable our methods are.

Sex Love & Stiletto deals with the different ways that we approach love and relationships. It gives up a glimpse of what people are capable of when they are in love and how love can strip you of any armor or tough exterior you’ve put around yourself to avoid being hurt. Book 3 and 4 titled “Just One Night” and “The trouble with love” are about losing and finding love and seeing sex for what it is.

This latest offering is very adult departure for Lauren Layne. This writer has flexed her muscles in way a way that takes her out of the young adult category. It’s a way to ensure that after more than 10 novels, she has found a way to make sure that her die-hard fans can grow with her.

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