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Publication Order of A Shade of Dragon Books

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The Shade of Dragon book series is an interesting series of fantasy, romance, and paranormal stories. It is comprised of a total of 3 books released between 2015 and 2016. The series is written by a bestselling American writer named Bella Forrest. Each of the three books features the lead characters as Penelope O’Hara and Theon Aena. Throughout the course of the series Theon and Penelope are shown going through several ups and downs. Bella Forrest has done the setting of the books primarily in a fictional town of coastal Maine called Beggar’s Hole. Theon is depicted as Penelope’s savior, who protects her from various harms coming her way. Penelope O’Hara is commonly referred to as ‘Nell’ by the people around her. Every book of this series is highly popular among the masses. They have succeeded in attracting a large number of readers from across the globe.

The success of the series has also helped Bella Forrest in gaining much more popularity in her already successful writing career. A number of critics have spoken highly of the books and have praised Bella Forrest for coming up with such exciting stories. Even her fellow writers have appreciated the novels’ stories and given rave reviews in many popular journals and magazines. All of this has helped the series in getting much more fan-following and sell more copies to various countries. Bella Forrest is quite happy with the way the series has fared and hopes that she keeps entertaining the readers for many more years to come.

Bella Forrest is a renowned novelist of paranormal, fantasy, and romance novels. She is known for mixing mystery, fantasy, action, and romance set ups with intriguing twists in the stories that her readers don’t see coming until the end. Bella’s books have sold more than 7 million copies altogether. She started her career in 2012 and is now a reputed author many successful series like The Gender Game, The Secret of Spellshadow Manor, The Girl Who Dared, A Shade of Kiev, etc. Bella Forrest says that she made the first effort towards being a writer when she was just five years old. She used to hide under her kitchen table and make picture books with the help of her wax crayons. While Bella was growing up, creative writing was the thing she was most interested in. She used to make use of all her free time in sitting down with her notepad and making notes about the ideas she had in mind. After years of determined efforts, Bella has finally achieved her due success and wishes to achieve many more successes in the years to come. As Bella started writing at night, she believes she has developed the habits of vampires. Besides writing, Bella is fond of reading, eating cookie ice-cream, and traveling. When Bella is working on her books, she likes to disconnect internet connection in order to prevent herself from being distracted.

The debut book of the Shade of Dragon series written by author Bella Forrest is entitled ‘A Shade of Dragon’. It was published by the Createspace Independent publishers in the year 2015. It consists of the main characters as Theon Aena and Penelope ‘Nell’ O’Hara. At the book’s start, Penelope O’Hara is introduced as a 19 year old girl. She prepares for the upcoming Christmas, but feels that it is going to be the worst one of her life. Nell was dating a boy, who dumps her just before Christmas and takes in her Nell’s best friend as his new girlfriend. With nothing to feel happy about, Nell looks forward to spending a dull vacation in the small frozen town of Beggar’s Hole, located near Maine’s coast. The people she has around her to give her company include her retired dad, his recent masseuse girlfriend, and her mischievous 14 year old son. One night, after finishing her dinner, Nell decides to move out and go for a walk near the rocks. She takes a misstep that causes her Christmas take a totally different turn. Nell would have surely faced death had it not been for a strong, mysterious hero that emerged out of nowhere. This heat-exuding, mysterious hero scooped up Nell in his strong arms, gave her warmth and dried her body.

After overcoming the near-death experience, Nell stares at a pair of golden deep eyes. These eyes belonged to a kind of man that Nell has never come across in her entire life. He possesses chiseled but sensual, and exotic yet somber features. It seems as if this man is something wild and beautiful facing the threat of extinction. This more than six feet tall savior of Nell introduced himself to her as Theon Aena. He has tough muscles all over his body and Nell estimates that he must over 2 hundred pounds. A simple touch of Theon sends heat running down Nell’s body. She experiences the heat reaching to her toes and fingers, and fluttering from the follicles of her hair. The mere proximity of Theon Aena brings some strange pleasures to Nell that she seems to enjoy a lot. Sometime later, Nell gets the another chance to come face to face with Theon. And again, she feels as if her dull and boring life has spiralled into a fire-storm of romance, passion, danger, and revelations.

The next installment in the series is called ‘A Shade of Dragon 2’. It was published in 2016 and continues to show the story of Theon Aena and Penelope O’Hara along with other interesting characters named Lethe and Michelle Ballinger. At the book’s start, it is described that the night of New Year’s Eve passed into Beggar’s Hole, Maine just several hours ago. Nell had faced the biggest problem of being forced to be a part of the farewell party of her ex-best friend named Michelle Ballinger. And soon after, she faces another big problem that she finds very difficult to overcome. Nell has landed in the hands of a terrifying dragon called Lethe. When Theon Aena comes to know about this condition of Nell, he wonders if the prediction of the oracle was turning out to be true? He also suspects if he was mistaken about the chosen mate all along. And when it starts becoming clear to him, he tries to find out how was it possible when everything looked right and he felt attached so deeply to Nell. Theon is still not ready to accept that he had a wrong feeling about Nell being the one for him.

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