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Publication Order of Shade Of Kiev Books

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The Shade of Kiev is a series of paranormal books by the author of paranormal, romance and fantasy books Bella Forrest. It is a spinoff series of a Shade of Vampire written in first person perspective of a vampire named Kiev.

Bella Forrest began her Shade of Kiev trilogy in 2014 when A Shade of Kiev the first book in the series was published.

A Shade of Kiev

The first book in Bella Forrest A Shade of Kiev series introduces us to Kiev Novalic. If you’ve read A Shade of Vampire series, you probably know that Kiev has done terrible things despite seeing some glimpses of his kindness.

In A Shade of Vampire series, Kiev was working under the Elder’s influence, and he was conditioned to be harsh or else he would have to pay for it with torture both mentally and physically. The last time we saw Kiev before this spinoff series was when the time he let Sofia and her child escape Aviary, the world of the Hawks. The Hawks are not such a friendly group of supernatural; they use vampires and humans to suit their own needs.

A Shade of Kiev kicks off with Kiev sent to prison because he let Sofia get away. He is set to be executed in just three days. All the other vampires of Aviary are also imprisoned, even the faithful vampires. The Elders and the Hawks are at war, and because of an imminent attack from the Elders, the Hawks vow to kill all the vampires to ensure that the Elders do not use the vampires as vessels. The elders are invisible supernatural who cannot do much without a body and are only able to possess vampires and not human beings. However, once they possess the vampires, they bite human beings so that they may possess them too.

The Elders also cannot survive for long outside their real (Cruor) without a body. A favored woman slave of the leader of Hawk’s leaders sneaks in blood for the last meal to the vampires who were loyal to her master. Kiev is not in her list, but when she gets close to his cell room, she tries to suck her blood but only ends up stabbed with a knife in the arm.

In a surprising turn of events, Kiev and the woman slave (Mona) end up escaping together. It turns out Aviary is just a small part of the Hawk’s realm mostly covered by oceans. Mona is a witch, but she has no powers. She’s not willing to give these details to Mona because she doesn’t trust him even though she is strongly attracted to him. Mona is also capable of communicating and controlling dolphins. She lets Kiev ride along until she can drop him someplace safe before she embarks on a journey to find her pirate crew that she belongs to.

Kiev wants vindication now that he is not under Elder’s command but unfortunately for him, troubles follow him everywhere he goes. Mona transports him to an island called The Tavern which is full of misfits. He is informed that he can only stay if he can work for his keep and does not cause trouble. Unfortunately, Kiev ends up being confronted by a human for something he did a long time ago. How the human finds him in another realm or recognizes him is a total mystery- Kiev gets involved in a fight with the human, and he ends up almost executed once again. Fortunately, he is saved by a Werewolf named Saira because she thought him and Mona were friends and Saira put takes Kiev on her ship were she co-captains with Matteo Borgia.

This seems to be bad news for Kiev because he’d killed Matteo’s sister named Natalie, but Matteo seems not aware probably because they’re in another realm and perhaps his sister’s death hasn’t traveled. Saira’s crew which is made up of vampires and werewolves take him to their island. Saira assigns Kiev as secret missions and informs him that if he fails, she will send him away from the island. Kiev’s purpose is to befriend Mona. Sara feels that Mona needs a friend, the reason being, even though Mona is friendly, she tends to keep everyone at a distance.

Kiev does whatever he can to befriend Mona including having the Island’s Ogre build Mona a table. But despite all these efforts, nothing seems to be working.
A Shade of Kiev 2

The second in Shade of Kiev picks up where the first book in the series left off. The dark secret that Mona has been hiding is finally revealed. In this second book in the series, we get to see how deeply Kiev and Mona entrench themselves into their dark past which all comes back haunting them.

The storyline and the plot move so fast, and the action is never-ending. There should be a warning label on the cover page to buckle up before reading as injury may result. The cliffhanger at the end of the novel leaves the reader wanting more. You know it’s a good story when it leaves you breathless and leaves your heart pounding heavily out your chest.

A Shade of Kiev 3

The third book in Bella Forrest A Shade of Kiev series gives a detailed view of Mona and Kiev’s story. The story explains how Kiev managed to get Anna out of captivity to take care of herself and unborn child. Kiev hid her in his wardrobe and tried to hide her blood scent using his sister’s perfume. This trick seemed to work, and Mona finally became channed with Rhys assistance.

Mona murdered the Ageless together with her love in the Sanctuary, and she took some maps the Ageless had in his binder. Mona reunited with Kiev, Helina, Erik and Anna on a ship that was leaving the Island. Mona had also to rescue Kiev from Rhys- the battle was hard, but Mona finally managed to knock him out giving them time to flee.

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