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Shade of Vampire Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Shade of Vampire Books

A Shade of Vampire (2012)
A Shade of Blood (2013)
A Castle of Sand (2013)
A Shadow of Light (2013)
A Blaze of Sun (2013)
A Gate of Night (2014)
A Break of Day (2014)
A Shade of Novak (2014)
A Bond of Blood (2015)
A Spell of Time (2015)
A Chase of Prey (2015)
A Shade of Doubt (2015)
A Turn of Tides (2015)
A Dawn of Strength (2015)
A Fall of Secrets (2015)
An End of Night (2015)
A Wind of Change (2015)
A Trail of Echoes (2015)
A Soldier of Shadows (2015)
A Hero of Realms (2015)
A Vial of Life (2015)
A Fork of Paths (2016)
A Flight of Souls (2016)
A Bridge of Stars (2016)
A Clan of Novaks (2016)
A World of New (2016)
A Web of Lies (2016)
A Touch of Truth (2016)
An Hour of Need (2016)
A Game of Risk (2016)
A Twist of Fates (2016)
A Day of Glory (2016)
A Dawn of Guardians (2016)
A Sword of Chance (2016)
A Race of Trials (2016)
A King of Shadow (2016)
An Empire of Stones (2016)
A Power of Old (2017)
A Rip of Realms (2017)
A Throne of Fire (2017)
A Tide of War (2017)
A Gift of Three (2017)
A House of Mysteries (2017)
A Tangle of Hearts (2017)
A Meet of Tribes (2017)
A Ride of Peril (2017)
A Passage of Threats (2017)
A Tip of Balance (2017)
A Shield of Glass (2017)
A Clash of Storms (2017)
A Call of Vampires (2017)
A Valley of Darkness (2017)
A Hunt of Fiends (2017)
A Den of Tricks (2018)
A City of Lies (2018)
A League of Exiles (2018)
A Charge of Allies (2018)
A Snare of Vengeance (2018)
A Battle of Souls (2018)
A Voyage of Founders (2018)
A Land of Perfects (2018)
A Citadel of Captives (2018)
A Jungle of Rogues (2018)
A Camp of Savages (2018)
A Plague of Deceit (2018)
An Edge of Malice (2018)
A Dome of Blood (2018)
A Purge of Nature (2018)
A Birth of Fire (2018)
A Breed of Elements (2019)
A Sacrifice of Flames (2019)
A Conspiracy of Realms (2019)
A Search for Death (2019)
A Piece of Scythe (2019)
A Blade of Thieron (2019)
A Phantom of Truth (2019)
A Fate of Time (2019)
An Origin of Vampires (2019)
A Game of Death (2019)
A Veil of Dark (2019)
A Bringer of Night (2019)
A Circle of Nine (2019)
A Bender of Spirit (2019)
A Memory of Time (2019)
A Shard of Soul (2020)
A Break of Seals (2020)
A Shade of Mystery (2020)
An Isle of Mirrors (2020)
A Sanctuary of Foes (2020)
A Ruler of Clones (2020)
A Gate of Light (2020)
A Dawn of Worlds (2020)
This series is not currently available for purchase on Amazon.

The Shade of Vampire is a book series written by an American author, Bella Forest, who has demonstrated her artwork through paranormal subgenres and romance through a vampire. The author is a self-reliance author who has an outstanding job and released her debut on 14th December, the year2012. The author’s first series is the Shade of Vampire which has been top ten selling book series on Amazon and has been in the top ten lists. The series has seen each and every independent series perform in the Amazon bookshelf with the first one in the series becoming the first one in the list as the best seller in Christmas in three genre categories. The book, Shade of Vampire, is trending with thirty or even more books and got their names through the first book in the author’s series.

Sofia Claremont is the main protagonist character in the series trapped in a nightmare at a tender age of seventeen. Through her dream, the character meets a funny creature with a unique skin. Sofia Claremont is then swept into another mysterious place that which has been bewitching in nature that the sun may never rise. The Shade Island is full of vampires that assist Sofia regarding security.

Derek Novak is another character introduce to us after Sofia being taken captive on the island. Derek craves for Sofia’s blood in his quest for power control. Sofia has no choice but to develop trust unto her new master, Derek, so as to continue surviving on the island. With this choice then, the audience is filled with suspense as to the new environment developed by the protagonist. The success of Sofia will, therefore, depend on winning the Prince’ trust so as to remain unharmed. Should Sofia fail to win his trust, then her life will come to an end. Derek and Sofia feature in the first seven series of the Shades of Vampire as the main characters.

The series define the set of unlikely events of the set heroes which revolves around the narration of the world. The super natural world provides angst filled creatures with various genres. The vampires add value to the genre making a very humble definition of nature which adds value to the reading. The blending of the characters in the book is attributed to the addition of Edward who makes comfort to Derek and Sofia. The book series is a trilling in nature worth reading over and over again. The fullness of a blends regarding passion, intrigue, suspense, adventure grabs your passionate taste from page to page.The shade of Vampire furthermore adds a twist to the developing romance that rekindles every time for everyone.

The minor characters are the girls who were taken along with Sofia and Derek’s siblings. Sofia shows some considerations to fellow humans taken with her and is seen when she mourns the dead on one. Derek is depicted later to be hateful to himself and give love to humanity. This is depicted when he gives love to Sofia, a human with some deep emotions. Sofia’s compassion for mankind is shown when she drugs a girl and showed empathy to her.

Derek goes hunting and drinks their blood by claiming that those he makes killing out of protection. He claims that he is protecting the territory by destroying those who are considered enemies. The sad part is that the vampires keep human slaves for sex as well as captives. Sofia knows nothing about him even when he feeds on the hunter as she is blinded to believe that hate one of her pets. What surpasses the audience is when she holds his hand in mediocrity as if nothing has happened. This hypocrisy shows the character, Sofia, acting on the same edge with the captors.

Sofia is depicted throughout the series by the author as a snowflake with a more pronounced weakness simply because she survived the capture and given rank by her captors. Sofia engulfs in her weakness and never assists her colleagues who serve as human slaves.

The other series that helps develop the story are through several series book which each one having a plot developing stories. The Shade of Vampire series book one are the Shade of Vampire and a Shade of Blood. The first seven series have the main characters being Derek and Sofia.

Sofia turned to find her twin sister, Vivienne, marching at full swiftness toward me. It was easy to see how concerned she was. Vivienne was both dreaded and respected as the Seer of The Shade. Many of her dreams and prophecies had saved The Shade through history. However, some of her prophecies had only aided to place her in trouble – particularly with my father and brother. One, in specific, burdened me whenever I recalled it: The younger will rule above brother and father, and his reign alone can provide his kind, true sanctuary.

The character development in series eight is Sofia’s sister, Vivienne, is depicted to be with the keen inhabitant of the future. Vivienne approaches Sofia, but she wishes that she cease pressurizing her of the future happenings predictions as she finds this irritating. Vivienne kept reminding her sister of what lies ahead. Vivienne has someone who has caught her eye; this is none other than Borys, who keeps her under lock and key. Borys have Sofia’s sister at heart and only two things can separate them, her death and back of her hand. The two holds and protected by Cora’s spell as she keeps composing herself even to the betrothed self.

Series nine starts with Sofia walking along the Cancun beach in an evening which she sees being similar to that beach she was kidnapped long ago by Lucas. Series 9 introduces Rose story, where the ding bell from the elevator sounded once. Sofia and Kristal clanged together and stayed still, and they waited in fear. Other characters developed here are Ben and Jake. The series from 8 onwards does not depend on reading does the previous series. You can, therefore, read the series from series eight onwards as the stories develop independently but the first series up to seven are continuous.The shade of Vampire series has been produced and aired on Television as Trailer movie with very many reviews.

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