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Publication Order of Shadow Agents: Guts and Glory Books

Alpha One (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guardian Ranger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sharpshooter (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glitter and Gunfire (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Undercover Captor (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl Next Door (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Evidence of Passion (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Way of the Shadows (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Known for her exceptional tales on romantic suspense and paranormal romance, Cynthia Eden is a well renowned award winning author. Her tales were acclaimed as the best seller by several sources including USA Today, Digital Book World, New York Times and indie reader. Additionally, she was elected as a finalist for the RITA award (both for paranormal suspense category and romantic suspense category). Since she started her writing career way back in 2005, she has composed over 30 books and novellas. One of Eden’s achievements has been in writing the book series- Shadow Agents: guts and glory. Since its publication, it has captured the attention of many readers.

About the series- Shadow Agents: –

Shadow Agents: guts and glory is an intriguing romantic suspense series written by the award winning author Cynthia Eden. While her deadly series books were mostly concentrated on FBI specialists who followed and secured serial killers, her harlequin intrigue novels are based on a group known by the name of Shadow Agents. Shadow Agents are a team that works under the governmental division known as EOD (Elite Ops Division). The members of the team range from ex-military rangers to Delta Force and SEAL as well. Their specializations include having practical experience in prisoner salvage and unconventional fighting. The series comprises of diverse endeavors of heroes in the outfits of Army Rangers and Elite Ops whose main job is to save a civilian. Brace yourself as a little romance develops during this extravaganza making it all the more interesting.

Alpha One (Shadow Agents) – The First of the Series: –

“Julie’s lost. You need to recover her.” The moment undercover agent Logan Quinn receives the message, he jumped into action. The topmost priority of the Elite Ops agent is to save Juliana out of Mexico alive. Juliana James is held as a hostage at Alpha One by a person who is out to get her father (her father being the senator). Juliana is almost certain that her father won’t give a second thought enough to do anything to save her, and she accepts she will wind up being tormented for data she doesn’t have.

There comes the entry of male protagonist, Logan Quinn, the man whom James used to love in the past. However, she still loves despite the fact that Quinn left her and their future. The same strives for the Logan, on the grounds that as soon as he received the message from the senator, he instantly gathers his secret military counterparts for a salvage mission.

The story starts off with guns blazing all around and the thrilling adventure picks up his pace eventually as the story moves on. A heart dashing story that will keep you speculating and pulling for Julie and Logan to leave the peril unscathed. Ms Cynthia Eden has developed an exceptional thrill in his story that is tangible and a read that you won’t have any desire to set down. Anyway, once Juliana James is rescued the male protagonist had another mission: to get an alternate chance with the lady he once used to love and he didn’t want to loose her again. Moreover, Juliana had always remembered the day when Logan left her and their future. Now he was back into her life once again, pledged to secure her from the merciless weapons merchant who needed her dead.

Sharpshooter (Shadow Agents):-

Gunner was in love with Sydney right from the day he met her. Tragically, she used to be the girlfriend of his brother and that was the reason he never followed up on his emotions. The fact that Sydney being a specialist of the Elite Ops, hence continuously being attached to the life of gunner. Even after the death of his brother, he didn’t dare to share his feelings with Sydney. Two years back, Gunner saved the life of Sydney on mission that became unsuccessful. Since then, he has been in love with Sydney. Presently a prisoner salvage mission was going to toss the Elite Ops specialists’ lives together once again. The story sets off with Sydney and Gunner amidst a mission gone terribly wrong in Peru which changes their lives for eternity. After two years, Gunner and Sydney are still specialists of the Elite Ops Division (EOD) and their appreciation for each other is developing more and more. Exactly when things are warming up between the two, they are gotten back to Peru for an alternate salvage mission. From thereon, their lives are changed once again and from here, the story is very much an exciting ride between the secret and activity and sentimental scenes. In genuine Cynthia Eden design, you are continued speculating on who you can truly trust.

The Girl Next Door (Shadow Agents) – The Story that received the highest rating among users: –

At the point when Gabrielle Harper’s investigative reporting pulled in a serial executioner, the girl next door started keeping an eye on her. But Cooper Marshall who belongs to the specialist unit of elite operations division wasn’t the sort of guy to squat in her Washington, D.C., stroll up, holding up to be the following victimized person. So when the time came, he’d toss her on the back of his bike and ride with a retribution to spare her life. Until then, he’d watch and hold up, and make an effort not to escape with fascination in the young lady adjacent.

Way of the Shadows (Shadow Agents) – The Latest of the Series: –

Noelle Evers was abducted fifteen years ago. Her abductor died after two days, abandoning her with no memory of what actually has happened. Presently working as a FBI profiler, she utilizes her past injury to get inside the personalities of executioners. However she is unable to read her new accomplice.

EOD specialist Thomas has been secretively viewing Noelle’s back. He wants to let her know the reality, yet couldn’t ruin his cover. Their most recent mission recently uncovered a connection to her past. With longing increase in the middle of them—and a predator chasing Noelle—now is the right time for Thomas to venture out of the shadows. Or lose his additional opportunity to save the lady he loves.

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