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Shadow Campaigns Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Shadow Campaigns Books

The Penitent Damned (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thousand Names (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Throne (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow of Elysium (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Price of Valor (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Guns of Empire (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Infernal Battalion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Django Wexler has declared himself a computer, fantasy and science fiction nerd. He moved on from the Carnegie Mellon University with degrees in two very different fields; creative writing and computer science. He then worked in the study of artificial intelligence and then as a programmer and later a writer. In the long run he moved to Microsoft in Seattle (where he now lives) and is currently a permanent fantasy writer.

Django Wexler is the author of the book series, the Shadow Campaigns. The series is an epic fantasy series for grown-ups. It was published by Roc, a company which is an offshoot of Penguin. He has also written another book series, The Forbidden Library, a fantastic fantasy series for young readers which was published by Kathy Dawson Books. This company too is an offshoot of Penguin (Penguin Young Readers Group, to be more precise). At the point when he is not putting together the Shadow Campaigns series, Wexler passes his time on his computers, paints his miniature warriors, and plays assorted types of games.

The Shadow Campaign Series

The Shadow Campaign books are generally viewed as low on fantasy when contrasted with different series and books. However, the supernatural component is positively included in its universe.

The first book of the series, The Thousand Names, focuses a lot on military ability and one can without much of a stretch tell that Wexler has truly invested his efforts in comprehending warfare in the Napoleonic time. The fight scenes in these books are striking and completely figured it out. The two principle characters have been created superbly. The female characters in the story are elegantly composed as well. They are given some rather unfortunate back stories that don’t include the sexual assault cliché.

Colonel Janus is a magnificent knave, and his astute arrangements for triumph really appear to be conceivable. The Colonel is sort of a virtuoso of as a military officer, with Captain Marcus d’Ivoire being a skilled sidekick. These characters are all very pleasurable together; however there are times when the element between the two is overexerted.

The second book focuses on legislative issues in the place of war. It is much more interesting than the first book, yet it likewise offers a considerable measure more suspense and exhilaration so the equalization is decent. If you like the first book, you may be shocked at the sudden change of tone and set in the second. When you get readjusted, in any case, you will most likely appreciate the book hugely.

All things considered, this series comes much suggested for any individual who likes a decent read. You can easily tell that the writer truly invests his energy and pushes to understand precisely what he was writing about. It is anything but difficult to regard a fantasy writer who doesn’t instantly turn to magic and enchantment as an approach to get out of each situation he gets him/herself into, and that is precisely how Wexler has written this series. Magic comes at a premium. If you’re searching for a crisp feeling fantasy setting and story, make certain to read the Shadow Campaigns.

One striking feedback about this series is that Wexler invests a great deal of energy discussing how the two groups from Vordonai were either essentially novices or crude volunteers. In any case, when all was said and done, they found themselves able to be a really powerful unit in spite of not requiring a lot of training.

The Thousand Names

Captain Marcus d’Ivoire is the commandant of a Vordanai Empire frontier army. He knew his fate was to serve out his remaining days in a tired, remote station. That was prior to a resistance overturned his life. And when all was said and done, he was left accountable for a dispirited dubiously little fortification at the boundary of the desert.

Winter Ihernglass took on the appearance of a man and enrolled in the Vordanai Colonials, trusting just to maintain a strategic distance from being recognized. However, when by nothing more than an accident sees her elevated to command, she is forced to convince and motivate her men and lead them into fight against the unimaginable.

The destinies of both these warriors and every one of the men they take to battle rely on upon the recently arrived Colonel. He has been commanded by the weak ruler to re-establish amity. His military virtuoso appears to know no limits, and under his direction, Marcus and Winter feel things getting better. Yet, their steadfastness will be tried as they think that the perplexing Janus’ desire develop past the war zone and into the supernatural’s domain; which is a domain with the ability to touch off a transient ascent, reform the world, and transform the lives of everybody in its way.

The Shadow Throne

When the weak King of the Vordan eventually kicks the bucket, his daughter, Raesinia Orboan, will turn into the first Queen Regnant in hundreds of years. She will be a ready focus for the eager men who want to control her.

The worst of these men is Duke Orlanko, Minister of Information and also the leader of the secret police. After carefully quieted his enemies through intimidation, detainment and execution, Duke Orlanko became the most dreaded man in the kingdom.

Exposure would mean ruin. However, Raesinia is resolved to figure out how to break herself and her nation out of Orlanko’s terrible clutches. She discovers unlikely associates in the returning Janus bet Vhalnich. He is back from a splendid battle in the state of Khandar, and his unwavering subordinates, Lieutenant Winter Ihernglass and Captain Marcus d’Ivoire accompany him.

As Marcus and Winter battle to discover their places in the kingdom, they help Janus and the Queen Regnant get underway missions that could set free Vordan from Orlanko. This comes at the cost of tossing the country into tumult. Be that as it may, with the general population enduring the Duke’s oppression, the four expect to defend the kingdom as best they can.

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