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Publication Order of Shadow Falls Books

Turned at Dark (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Born at Midnight (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Awake at Dawn (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken at Dusk (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whispers at Moonrise (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Saved at Sunrise (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chosen at Nightfall (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fighting Back (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shadow Falls: After Dark Books

C.C Hunter is a renowned author of young adult novels. She was born and raised in Alabama, a region that she not only ran barefoot but she also caught lightning bugs and ran away from potential suitors. To this date, C.C Hunter is still fascinated by the lightning bugs. Though she wears shoes most of the time, she has turned her energy and focus to rescuing mammals. Hunter currently resides in Texas, with one dog and four rescued cats and her husband. When Hunter is not writing, she loves reading and also spending time with her family or taking photos. C.C Hunter is the pseudonym of Christie Craig.

Shadow Falls Series

Born at Midnight is the first installment in the Shadow Falls book series and this book, Hunter introduces the reader to Kylie, who was constantly seeing an unknown person stalking her. The only problem is that she is the only person who is seeing the soldier. It does not take long before her life begins to fall apart after she had broken up with her boyfriend and the sudden death of her grandmother. She eventually finds herself in exceedingly strange situations at the summer camp. After a trip to the local police station and a party, her father and mother decide to send her to summer camp, which is in line with the suggestion of the shrink. Ever since she arrived at the Shadow Falls camp, she always felt out of place. She eventually learns that the suspicion she had about the other campers was taken too lightly.

The other campers were much more than troubled teenagers; hence they were brought to the camp. However, there was more to the story that what met the eye. The teenagers were mythical creatures, such as the ones that you could only see in movies or hear in stories. Once she was told about who the other teenagers were and what was the main reason why they were in the camp, Kylie tries to understand what was the main reason as to why she was sent to the camp. Holiday is the camp leader at Shadow Falls, and he tells Kylie that she is quite different from all the other teenagers. However, the only challenge that Kylie faced was the fact that the camp leader could not clearly explain what she was.

Werewolves did not only surround Kylie, witches, vampires, shapeshifters, and werewolves also surrounded her. She was not only faced with the task of overcoming her fears, but she was also faced with the challenge of becoming friends with the supernatural and also starting camps with her friend. He friend was a witch suffering from dyslexia, which also threatened her position in her family as the highest priestess if she was going to be able to overcome dyslexia. Della was also another great friend that she met in the camp and was residing with a family that she knew nothing about. She was also planning her death so that she could move into a coven with her fellow vampires and cousin. All of a sudden, Kylie’s rather troubled home life appears to be more tolerable and normal.

The life at the camp is exceedingly busy, especially after Della’s cousin decided to drop by and scare Kylie. Lucas, the cat killer werewolf, and former neighbor is a boy, whom Kylie hates but secretly has a deeper connection with, more than any person in the camp. Furthermore, the exceedingly creepy dead soldier person, who kept on appearing from time to time, is continuing to scare Kylie. Kylie is constantly battling an emotional fear together with the fact that she has to make new admirers and friends as well.

Awake at Dawn is the second book in the Shadow Falls book series. This is a delightful read, that is full of numerous twists and turns, together with genuine emotion that will reach your heart. Each of the characters in this novel is lifelike while their personality is exceedingly strong. When reading Awake at Dawn, you will feel as if you are reading about your friends and enemies. Each of the characters plays a significant role in the novel and Kylie’s life. Kylie’s friends, Della and Miranda, with their kindness, clashing personalities and devotion to Kylie, provides this installment with so many enchanting moments and extremely unpleasant ones as well. Holiday and Burnet are such great role models to all the campers.

The relationship that is existent between the two camp leaders, both personal and business, adds to the richness of the story and the novel in general. Apart from the two camp leaders, the relationship between Holiday and Kylie was heartwarming as well. Holiday did fill perfectly the role of a supportive sister. With that said, Kylie is an exceedingly wonderful protagonist, who is full of kindness and compassion. She even offers the kindness to individuals who did not deserve it. All her reactions and emotions are realistic enough. She is an excellent example of a teenager who is busy trying to find herself and also find out what her role is, in this world. Taken at Dusk is the final installment in this book series. In this book, Kylie is still trying to figure out what type of a supernatural she is.

It does not take long before problems begin to arise between the outsiders and the campers in Shadow Falls. The outsiders continue to wreck havoc. This book continues right where Awake at Dawn had left off from. Kylie is still deeply in love with the two boys and is unable to make a decision. In the previous installment, Kylie was constantly seeing a soldier, however, in this installment, she is constantly seeing a woman with a shaved head that has a huge scar on it. From time to time, the woman appears as if she is pregnant. The woman does not know who she is or what exactly happened to her. With that said, Shadow Falls is an excellent book series that will keep you intrigued from the first novel. Kylie is an interesting character who is full of compassion and kindness.

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