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Shadow Grail Books In Order

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Publication Order of Shadow Grail Books

By: Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary Edghill

Shadow Grail is a fantasy series first published in 2010 and has since been followed by 3 others in 2011, 2013 and 2014. The Author Mercedes Lackey is a fantasy novelist with most of her book telling tales of magic, mystery and mythical creatures like vampires and elves. It is not surprising that her house in Oklahoma is described as “unusual”.

The book however is co written by Rosemary Edghill who is also a fantasy writer.

In Shadow Grail (Series by Mercedes Lackey)Mercedes seems to be writing for the young adult who can relate to the character Spirit White, a juvenile who has to contend with the loss of her entire family in a mysterious accident which leaves her orphaned and she ends up in Hogwarts Academy. This is the main stage for the series.


The writer takes the reader through the experience of Spirit who is trying to heal from what she has gone through as she slowly adapt to her new home and the people around her. Obviously like most young adult books, there is the hint of romance as Mercedes describes Spirits perception of a premed student.

The story revolves around the group of kids at this academy which is a school of magic which seems to collect kids who have been orphaned in the most violent way. Somehow this seems a lot like the Harry Porter series.

Most of the kids have magic powers with the exception of Spirit who with time discovers she is a legacy at the school which her parents also attended and her teachers keep on insisting that she is a legacy and she should accept her powers.

Spirit eventually joins a group of kids who form a band of likable characters but are threatened by the mysterious disappearances of fellow students which the school administration seems to be covering up and it is along these lines that the plot concentrates.


In the second series Spirit and her friends have managed to solve the mystery of the disappearing kids at Oakhurst Academy which had plagued the school for the last forty years. But the adventure is not over yet as the school is again attacked by mysterious magic and Spirit is skeptical about an alumnus who is called upon to help. Mark Rider begins to train the students for war but Spirit who still has no magic powers does not approve of his training methods. Spirit and her friends once again have to band together to save school and their own lives. This second book is mainly about the battle.


In the third book, the battle is seemingly over and the students of Oakhurst Academy are trying to get back to a normal school life but Spirit and her friends Muirin, Burke Addie and Loch believe that the battle is not over. They know that the Shadow Knights have taken over the school but have disguised themselves as a Breakthrough Adventure Systems company and are trying to turn the students into fighters and whoever resists disappears.

The group decide to have a spy to go into the Shadow Knights and Muirin is the candidate. Spirit however is shaken by the way Muirin acts and begins to believe her friend may have actually joined the enemy. Spirit now finds herself in a fix not knowing who she can trust and who she cannot.


The forth book is the final series of Shadow grail with Spirit and her friends having to come to terms with a big sacrifice made so that they could escape to safety away from Oakhurst Academy. The Heroin and her trusted friends discover the legends were true and Oakhurst has been a façade. They discover that King Arthur and the Knights of the round table actually existed and together with the magician Merlin, they were able to imprison their greatest enemy Mordred who was intent on plunging the world into the dark ages. Mordred however has now managed to break free and now is in charge of Oakhurst Academy. It is now up to Spirit and her band to do something before Mordred can finish what he had started.

Spirit and her friends have to retrieve the four Hallows which posses great power but it is not an easy task as the Shadow knights are hot on their heels. Spirit begins to have vivid memories of the past we offer a clue to defeat Mordred and his forces. It is a race against time as the students try to recapture the magic of Camelot which is the ultimate weapon that will save the school and the world from the doom of Mordred.

Shadow grail is a book that the typical young adult can relate to and in a way many of us it takes you through issues like dealing with the fear of being different which is something we can all relate to and then the main characters incite a number of emotions in the reader as they depict courage, disappointment, determination, selflessness and go through experiences like loss of loved ones and then discover their own strengths and weaknesses and learn to accept who they are and what their destiny is.

The book is a typical Mercedes fantasy novel with the ability to create suspense and leave you eager to read the sequel with each book picking up from where the first one left off and somehow managing to create a new yet related adventure which gives you a reason to carry on reading.

Shadow Grail (Series by Mercedes Lackey)has received a number of good reviews with some authors describing it as enchanting with a mix of mystery, magic, romance and murder and the action is lively and skillfully written.

Despite its partly borrowed plot from Harry Porter series, it manages to curve out its own story line that would still leave the reader in suspense and throw in the occasional unexpected twist and as you read the last sentence in the forth series you would still wish there was another series to follow even though it is obvious that is the end

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