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Shadow’s Guild series by Linsey Hall
Author Linsey Hall writes the “Shadow’s Guild” series of paranormal romance novels. The series began publication in the year 2020 when “Once Bitten” was released.

There are three arcs in the “Shadow Guild” series. The Rebel arc stars Carrow & The Devil of Darkvale. The Hades & Persephone arc focuses on Hades & Seraphia. And lastly, the Wolf Queen arc focuses on Eve & Lachlan. The books all take place in London, as well as Guild City, which is a magical city that is located deep within London. The books feature a man and a woman working together to solve a crime as they battle their attraction to one another.

The series is part of Linsey’s “Dragon’s Gift” Universe and picks up where those stories left off. Readers can expect the same kickass heroines, magic, and powerful heroes, but get ready for some new adventures.

“Once Bitten” is the first novel in the “Shadow’s Guild: The Rebel” series and was released in the year 2020. Vampires aren’t real. Right? People say that Carrow is a weirdo. Sure, her idea of having a party is a mini box of wine and hanging with a feral raccoon, but it suits her fine.

When she gets accused of murder, things go crazy. One, she learns that there is a secret magical city hidden within London itself. Two, she discovers that she has magic. And three, her one hope is a vampire that is as sexy as sin and also just as scary as the devil himself. He is known as the Devil of Darkvale, and he pretty much owns Guild City.

Some say that Carrow should just give up and turn herself in. not a chance in hell of that. She will solve this murder herself, which means she’ll need to survive in a new world of magical guilds, a vampire with a tortured past, and a new world of witch parties. She and this vampire collide like stars, and the heat’s irresistible. Carrow knows that she should just avoid him, however if she wants to save her own life, he really is her only hope.

Readers liked the new descriptions of this magical city, which is hidden deep within London, with all these different guilds living together.

“Wicked Deal” is the second novel in the “Shadow’s Guild: The Rebel” series and was released in the year 2020. Carrow’s made a deal with the Devil. She has finally found a place where her weirdness fits in: Guild City, which is a magical place located deep in the heart of London. And it is great, for like 2.5 seconds. Up until the Council of Guilds learns that she’s a magical misfit with far too much magic she cannot control.

When they toss her in prison, her only hope is The Devil of Darkvale. There’s a prophecy that states that this deadly sexy vampire is her Cursed Mate. Whatever that means. He is so incredibly powerful that he is able to get the Council off of her back, however he is only going to do that if she works for him.

Carrow wants to just refuse since the attraction between them both is undeniable, however she does not have any choice. She agrees on a single condition: he trains her to be able to control her magic so the Council doesn’t throw her in a dark cell to rot. He agrees to it, but while they work to solve this mystery from his lethal past, it starts becoming a question of whether or not they will even survive.

“Infernal” is the first novel in the “Shadow’s Guild: Hades & Persephone” series and was released in the year 2020. Hades never saw Persephone coming. Tuesday night in the library began like it normally did, alone with some cheap beer and a murder mystery. Partying like any librarian does. Until the god Hades shows up. When he kidnaps her, she tries saying that he has got the wrong girl, that she is no goddess. She doesn’t think so, anyway.

Suddenly, she is in his world and a captive. The only upside is that she lives in a castle with a deadly beautiful god that wants to make her a queen. Only downside is that he is scary as all hell and wants her to also help him destroy the world.

Obviously, this gets a no from her. Persephone is determined to do whatever she has to in order to escape, and this includes seducing the god of death. However together, they are an inferno, and the heat is just impossible to resist. His touch fogs up her mind, however she has to succeed. Otherwise everybody’s gonna die.

“Darkest Moon” is the first novel in the “Shadow’s Guild: Wolf Queen” series and was released in the year 2021. Eve was supposed to be the Alpha’s mate. Since she was born, that is the one thing she has been destined to be. It should really be every girl’s dream. Not Eve’s though. He is too damaged and dark, and she has a secret that he can’t ever know: she’s not a true wolf.

Instead of waiting for him to learn that she is an abomination, she fled on her fifteenth birthday. However she didn’t go that far away. No way in hell would she allow fate drive her away from the town that she loves.

A decade later she is still hiding in plain sight. When she occasionally sees him on the street: looking lethal, powerful, and sexy. But she just keeps on walking and keeps her head down. Until that night, in the wrong place at the wrong time. All of a sudden she has been accused of killing somebody from her old pack. And he’s the one there blaming her. Eve just has one opportunity to prove her own innocence and track down the real killer, or she is dead by shifter law.

Fortunately, the Alpha can’t recognize her because she’s no longer that same ugly duckling she once was. He does sense that she is special, however, and he will not quit until he learns the truth. However when he does, she will be in danger from more than just the killer.

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