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Publication Order of Shadow Ops Books

Control Point (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fortress Frontier (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Breach Zone (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shadow Ops: Reawakening Trilogy Books

The “Shadow Ops” series written by American author Myke Cole is a military and fantasy series that has a prequel trilogy to it which is called “The Reawakening” trilogy. The series is about many people around the world who develop magic powers all of a sudden and the way the government and the people with powers react to the change. Those who get powers are said to be “coming up Latent”.

Myke Cole uses his military officer experience for this series. He did multiple tours in Iraq, and has been in different divisions in different government agencies to help catch criminals.

His work have been published in many different countries, besides North America. These other countries include Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and United Kingdom.

“Control Point” is the first novel in the “Shadow Ops” series by Myke Cole that was released in the year 2012. Across the United States (and other nations too) there are people who wake up and have magical talents. They are panicked and with no training at all, these people have raised the dead, summon up some storms, and set everything that they touch on fire. An Army officer named Oscar Britton has been seeing the very worst of things. A lieutenant that has been attached to a branch of military called Supernatural Operation Corps, he is supposed to bring order to a world that has gone mad. Overnight, he gets superpowers of his own; it is a rare, not to mention prohibited power. He goes from being a hunter with the government to an enemy of the public. Hunt him down and take him out, that is standard operating procedure for Supernatural Operation Corps. He has gone underground, into the world of magic. This magic has changed all rules, and he is no longer simply fighting for his life.

Fans of the novel found that they enjoyed the read, finding that the action here moves swiftly and is exciting throughout, with a fast pace. Some found that the news and doctrine pieces added to the story, that they gave the reader the impact on society in the book. This helps bring things to life. It has fascinating characters who come to life, and the world and magic built by the author is a great one. This series really goes deeper than just a military fantasy series. It is really about one man who is fighting against his sense of duty and the way the government feels about magical people after the awakening. It hooks readers in and gives them something to be interested in.

“Fortress Frontier” is the second novel in the “Shadow Ops” series by Myke Cole that was released in the year 2013. The Great Reawakening was not something that came on slowly and quietly. Alan Bookbinder, an army Colonel bureaucrat, who has only a suffered a paper cut. Once he gets his own magical abilities, Bookbinder is taken from the world that he knows and pushed out onto the front lines. He is dropped into the SOCs into their young and dangerous world. He is in command of their FOB Frontier, they get cut off and surrounded by some monsters they become close to being overrun. Bookbiner must find enough strength and the will to be able to lead the FOB Frontier out of the hell they are in. Although it may mean forming an alliance with the first public enemy, the one who put them in the danger the face now, Oscar Britton.

Fans of the novel found that this read, despite how much they loved book number one, was a much better read. Fans of the first will love this one as well, you get to read more about Oscar Britton, and more of the characters from Control Point. It starts out better and shows that Myke Cole has improved as a writer since writing his debut novel. There are great variations done from what readers saw as far as magic in book one, and you get to see new monsters, too. There is more about the world of Source. The novel takes readers where the action is and leaves them glued to the pages.

“Breach Zone” is novel number three from the “Shadow Ops” series by Myke Cole that was released in the year 2014. After the bloody battle that took place at the FOB Frontier, and a president was impeached under much scandal, Lt. Col. Thorsson (first name is Jan and whose call sign is Harlequin) is a national hero. Not to mention a pariah among the military family, which is all the family that he has ever known for his entire life. The fight for Latent’s to get equality is on and Oscar Britton has a post wehre he is supposed to lead the rebels while in exile, a mighty rival gets there first, though. In the form of a walking weapon, named Scylla, who has decided to do what it takes to end the human approved genocide of her kind. Scylla’s forces are able to invade the city of New York, the SOC have the only capability to stop a massacre from happening. Thorsson wants redemption with the military, but he will have to go head to head against Scylla, a gal that he knew before all of this happened who is now warped by the powers that she got and is now evil.

Fans of the novel find that these books are great, and all of them have gotten five star reviews from them. Once again, Cole has outdone himself, writing a novel that is better than the ones released before it. You get to see him do a better job with characterization. He brings some of the newer characters to life here in this novel. The novel wraps the story around some of the new comers in such a way that makes the story really cook. This story, like the whole series, gives fans what they want in a series. Something that keeps the pages turning, readers excited, and reads like something a master wrote.

The first novel in the series “Shadow Ops: Control Point” won the Compton Crook Award in the year 2013.

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