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Publication Order of Shadow Quest Books

Demon Possession (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Slave (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Retribution (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demon Untamed (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Racing Hearts (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Shadow Quest” series written by author Kiersten Fay is from the steamy romance genre of fiction; it combines paranormal romance with science fiction romance as well as elements from both mythology and lore. It is set in outer space, and on planets that are not earth. The series began in the year 2011 when the first novel “The Demon’s Possession” was released.

She won favorite story of August 2012 for “The Demon’s Retribution” from a site called Gravetells. She creates her own book covers for the series; to do so, she draws on her experience as a graphic artist, a career she held before becoming a writer.

Fay writes the series so that any reader can jump into any book and not feel lost. But as always, there is a lot more to enjoy when the books are read in order.

“The Demon’s Possession” is the first novel in the “Shadow Quest” series and was released in the year 2011. Analia is all by herself, and trapped on Extarga (which is a battleship) by a tyrant. She may just be the last of her kind, she does not really know for sure. She does not remember her life before she was taken captive; the only evidence she has of her kind is her mysterious gift. Analia does not expect or have any hope of going back to them.

She is able to escape and is able to get on Marada (which is a merchant ship), and hopes to get her freedom once she gets off at the next stop. There is no next stop because the crew plans a delivery that will take months, and will have no stops in between.

She is discovered by the demon captain (named Sebastian); she must adapt to her new job on the ship. Analia must also master her gift, and at the same time deal with her burning desire for the demon (who is amazingly handsome).

Fans of the novel thought that this was an unique novel to the genre of science fiction and paranormal romance. The novel builds characters nicely (even the secondary characters are interesting and three dimensional) and things move pretty briskly; this is after readers are thrown into the world, without much world building going on. Some enjoyed the ride that Fay takes readers on, and felt that the part where no one on the ship for an extended amount of time worked in this context. Some felt that they will gladly return for more books in this interesting series.

“The Demon Slave” is the second novel in the “Shadow Quest” series and was released in the year 2011. Marik Radkov thought the scars he had were all that he was going to have for a reminder of what happened to him in his past. He is forced to examine his past when a blue eyed stranger takes him captive while he is stranded on a planet that is foreign to him. He must make sure to keep his lust down and make sure the sexy woman from taking his heart.

Princess Nadua has been hiding out on a cold planet called Undewla for four centuries after her home planet was assaulted. She has given up on her people coming for her.

There is the threat of a rebellion, and she must figure out if the ruthless demon that awakens something in her that she thought was dead is trustworthy or not.

Fans of the novel found that Fay’s writing ability is much stronger this time out and find one scene set in a cave to make them feel claustrophobic. The novel has a good amount of romance and action scenes. These are well drawn characters that Fay writes about and they feel like real people, that some would like to get close to. Some found that this series quickly became their favorite series of the science fiction and paranormal romance genre.

“The Demon’s Retribution” is the third novel in the “Shadow Quest” series and was released in the year 2012. Kyra was taken away from her home planet after it was invaded in a mysterious way. She has hid on Earth for the last four hundred years and had no hope of ever going back to her home.

A sexy demon comes to her and says that he was sent by her family. Kyra must put all the lack of trust aside and let Cale help her, due to the danger coming.

Cale is supposed to find and make sure the third Faieara Princess is safe from those who want to kidnap her. He thinks that it will go off without a hitch and that Kyra is just a timid version of Anya (who is her sister). He finds instead, is a strong woman that makes him question all that he has ever known in his life.

Fans of the novel felt this did a great job in filling in some gaps from previous books; answering certain questions readers had. This is a novel that some had a hard time putting down and getting to the other things in their lives that they needed to do. Some felt that Kyra and Cale made a great match for one another, and it was great to get to read about them getting together. Fay is able to move back and forth between characters in a natural way.

“Demon Untamed” is the fourth novel in the “Shadow Quest” series and was released in the year 2013. Ethan is having a tough time getting by in a universe that does not forgive. He has given his life to do one thing, which is to follow the orders his king gives him and save their people from the Kayadon overlords who are quite ravenous. Ethan has kept his title and reputation being a notorious pirate so that he can get his king’s intricate plot moving. There was nothing else that he thought of, at all, except his mission. And then he met her. She is a fiery demon, one that tempts him like no other.

Sonya witnessed her father’s murder, which was done by pirates, and she has grown a strong and special hatred for them. The Pirate King (as Ethan is known) gets on her ship and intrudes on her personal space with his surrounding presence. This makes it difficult for her to keep any kind of distance from him. She wonders why or if she even is interested in keeping him away, as he threatens to seduce her entirely: body, soul, and mind; but most important and frightening, her heart.

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