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Publication Order of The Shadow Realm Books

The Shadow Grasper (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Talker (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Seeker (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadow Lifter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vanessa Gray Bartal is a renowned American novelist who has written dozens of romance stories key among them; fantasy and mystery novels. Vanessa worked as an emergency 911 correspondent prior to her writing career. She likes baking, reading, and traveling. She has written numerous series in various categories, including the Shadow Realm, Kings of Montana, Queens of Montana, Honeywell’s of Kentucky, Lacy Steele, and Brothers Courageous series. Vanessa is a self-published writer, who came into to the limelight with her debut eBook The Cowgirl Code in March 2011. It was soon followed with `A Christian Cougar.’ She later went to publish many other book series’ that are readily available on Amazon and Kindle.

Vanessa is a wife, and mother to a young daughter. She is also a skilled baker for which her husband is quite appreciative. Vanessa attended the University of Olivet-Nazarene for two years, and later transferred to Mt. Vernon Nazarene University, where she graduated with a degree in communications. During her stay at Olivet, Vanessa loved big cities and the cultural freedom cities provides. She currently lives in the Ohio countryside; she enjoys traveling, food, and loves discovering hidden treasures and exotic sites whenever she’s traveling.

The Shadow Realm

The story revolves around a young girl, Lily Franklin. She knows that someone’s stalking her. She doesn’t take much thought as she believes that the strange boy who coincidentally shows up everywhere she goes isn’t dangerous. Soon, his constant presence disturbs Lily. She is frightened and bursts out in the middle of an English lesson. Apparently, no else can see the boy, and this puts Lily in trouble as she disrupts her whole class. His presence becomes frighteningly unsettling. Lily struggles to hold on to reality while confined in a mental hospital for observation. Her boyfriend, her sister, and best friend, all abandon her. The only person who stays loyal is her ex-boyfriend, Zeke, an artistic outcast. Zeke claims to see the weird boy too. As if that’s not enough, he’s been given a mission so mind-boggling, that Lily thinks he’s the insane one.

Lily cannot also comprehend that Zeke seems to believe that they’re back together as it was before they broke up. Will Lily partner with Zeke to tackle the mission that Zeke claims to have been given, or will she focus on her main goal to remain true to herself no matter the consequences? Nobody seems to understand Lily’s predicament.

The Shadow Talker

Lily has eventually come to terms with her new role as God’s prophet. She may not be as popular as she once was but at least there’s one person who understands her, she’s glad to have Zeke beside her. But there’s still an impending issue, Zeke is still short sighted and he really needs her support to adjust to this new Lily. He struggles with the change, and their relationship begins to fall apart. Lily’s life has attracted so much drama, more than she can handle at this point. Jason, her ex-boyfriend, is back, and he’s weird. Her sister, Emily, and her best friend, Hannah, still hate her. Zeke, on the other hand, is near the melting point. Lily’s life is now one huge spiral mess as the people who were once close to her slowly disengage and detach themselves from her. Worse still, Zeke, of all people is falling apart. After Zeke’s meltdown, Lily is sure, things can’t get any worse. Suddenly she starts to see visions of her imminent death.

As if that’s not stressful enough, she finds out that Pastor Bailey is having strange dreams too. Now Pastor Bailey’s dreams are on another level, even more, confusing to Lily. She’s so puzzled she doesn’t understand what God wants with her young life. Pastor Bailey is attracted to her in his dreams. Despite this perplexity, Lily is determined to stay strong in her faith with God. She doesn’t mind losing her life so that God fulfills His will. She is focused on trusting God with all her heart.

The Shadow Seeker

Lily and Zeke’s life is like a roller coaster.They need spiritual intervention. Gideon had vanished, just when they needed a guardian angel the most. Their lives have turned into a living nightmare with one rescue after another. Lily cannot comprehend why all their missions are failing. She is emotionally drained and physically worn out. Still, she chooses to believe in God and rely on his judgment. While in this delicate state, another old foe shows up. Caleb. Lily is truly convinced that Caleb has returned to take over the church. Her father’s church. But no one believes her, not even Zeke. Lily is tasked with persuading her friends on Caleb’s evil intentions, but they’ll hear none of it. Meanwhile, the new youth Pastor’s son has his evil sights on Emily. This is too much to bear. How will she handle all that drama alone? Is her faith being tested? Can she handle job she’s before her?

The Shadow Lifter

Lily sees a premonition about her demise. Zeke has the same vision. They must stay close as prophets and spend more time together. But Zeke refuses to talk to her, and she’s confused because she doesn’t know why Zeke’s behaving that way. Jason and Emily seem to have fallen in love. Hannah is hibernating. Lily is all alone, but just as she’s about to give up, an important person from her past comes with a fascinating proposal. As their responsibilities get tougher by the day, Lily must hold on to God’s plan. She must comprehend all the decisions she makes despite receiving negative feedback from her friends. Caleb is the devil in the flesh; he is keen on ruining Lily’s life, including the people she deeply cares about. Time is running out. Lily must remain strong to overcome evil in plain sight. Her unwavering faith in God is the only real thing she must hang onto.

The Shadow Realm is a successful Series of books with a strong Christian approach. The series centers on a teenage girl; Lily who sees and talks to a boy that no one else can see. She is at first perceived as mentally ill. The book has a lot of suspense, intrigue as well as adventure. It is the best read for subtle tale lovers. It requires patience as some plots are hideously explained and dragged into long suspense periods.

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