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Shadow Shifters Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Shadow Shifters Books

Temptation Rising (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seduction's Shift (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Passion's Prey (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shifter's Claim (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hunger's Mate (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Primal Heat (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shadow Shifters: Damaged Hearts Books

Shadow Shifters is a paranormal romance series from author A.C. Arthur. The series follows a special species of cats that can take human form in order to satiate their desires.

+The Story

A.C. Arthur’s Shadow Shifter series began in 2012. There, it introduced readers to the Shadow Shifters, a race of creatures living in the Amazon jungle. Part man and part cat, the shifters are the reason sightings of strange animals in the rain forest are so rife.

Described as a new species rather than some alien creation, the shifters exist in a surprisingly organized society. Varying in shape and form, and ranging from tigers to white lions and even cheetahs, the shadow shifters eventually come to the United States with the intention of living in Harmony with the humans.

In order to maintain peace, the shadow shifters strictly adhere to a code of ethics, relying on a council back at home to carry out rulings and judgments. Because the Shadow Shifters who came to the United States decided to separate into tribes called Factions, conflicts and contentions eventually become commonplace, especially when certain Faction leaders fail to see eye to eye.

Though, such squabbles will take a back seat when certain members amongst the shadow shifters refuse to follow the species’ code of ethics, going rogue, casting aside the rule of the Factions and becoming rogues whose only interest is sex and death.

These rogues are not always direct in their approach to satiating their lusts. Sabar Tabares, for example, finds it much easier and more effective to exert influence on greedy human governments and their officials in order to get what he wants.

Like many rogues, when Sabar is first introduced, he has a strong desire to see the Shadow shifters destroyed.

Of course, this is an A.C. Arthur novel. And she typically writes romance, which is what these books are at their core. The Shadow Shifter books have a concept called the soul mate experience which refers to the joining of a couple in a transformative occurrence. Each book in the Shadow Shifters series is driven by a soul mate experience.

The Shadow Shifter series doesn’t differ that drastically from other paranormal romance series. Fans of the genre won’t be greatly surprised by what they encounter in this A.C. Arthur series, not in the characters and certainly not in the paranormal concept.

+The Author

A.C. Arthur is a writer of romance and paranormal romance born in Baltimore. The author works full-time in the legal field. However, she still finds the time to take care of her husband and children, and also write her novels.

A lesser person would have compromised in one of those areas. However, Arthur has expressed her determination to make it all work, keeping her family together without letting her job or her writing career die.

For all her hard work, A.C. Arthur has earned the adoration of fans from all over the world for writing such stories with such saucy characters and sensual scenes. Arthur’s objective has always been to add an edge to the romance genre, and she almost always succeeds in doing just that.

For A.C. Arthur, her books are only a success when they touch her readers. Arthur isn’t content with simply entertaining her audience. She wants to impact them powerfully, to take them on a memorable journey of love and lust before ending things with a satisfying conclusion.

+Temptation Rising

Two years ago, Kalina Harper almost lost everything to a crazed attacker. Kalina knows that she is only alive because of the Cat-like creature that saved her that day. Kalina, who obviously kept the events of that night to herself, never thought she would see that beast again.

Then she met Roman Reynolds, a powerful attorney with more seductive charm than Kalina can fathom. Kalina cannot get over all the mysteries that surround Roman, not to mention his connection to the Amazon jungle.

Unfortunately, Kalina cannot afford to not trust him, not when she learns the truth about him and the evil he fights against.

This book introduces readers to the Shadow shifters, a race of shape shifters that have come to the United States with the intention of living productive lives as members of society.

They have also undertaken the task of fighting their kin and kith, other shape shifters that have gone rogue and consider themselves to be superior to humans. Roman Reynolds, the story’s hero, is an attorney and faction leader.

Years ago, Roman saved the life of a female cop. He was forced to expose his true form, turning into a Jaguar to save Kalina from her attacker. Since then, she is all that Roman has thought about. And he is quite surprised when she walks into his office one random day.

Roman always thought that tales of Jaguars being fated to mate with a single destined partner were silly. But now that he knows Kalina, he cannot help but wonder about the future.

Meanwhile, dangerous rogues are out to bring bloodshed and mayhem to Roman’s city. The humans do not understand what they are up against or how to fight against it. Fortunately for them, Roman is on their side.

+Seduction’s Shift

Nick will do anything to save his first and only love. The high-powered litigator knows the dangers that lie in trying to rescue Ary from the sadistic Sabar. But he cannot afford to watch her world go up in flames on the whims of a madman.

Ary has spent her life working to drive the interest of the tribe. But now it looks like Sabar will use her to break the world she fought so hard to build. Ary’s only hope is Nick Delgado who will unleash his inner beast and bring the love of his life home.

The second book in the Shadow shifters series changes the focus from Roman and his lady to a new couple. Nick is Roman’s second in command, and he loves a healer from a remote Brazilian village.

The couple’s love is tested when Sabar sets his sights on Ary, certain that her abilities as a healer could help him create a synthetic drug with which he can control the human world.

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