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Publication Order of Shadow Riders Books

Shadow Series

An author paranormal romance titles, the American writer Christine Feehan has written over forty novels and counting, being one of the most prolific novelists currently working in her field. With a strong, powerful imagination, she really has a keen sense of both scope and scale, letting her readers really get lost in her worlds. It is also her characters that bring her stories to life too, as, whilst she is able to build entire worlds, she is also gifted at bringing it back down to an almost intimate level for the reader. This has proven to be successful for her over the years, achieving a bestselling status globally, with readers from all backgrounds finding something within her work, regardless of where they’re from. Entertaining and engaging her readers in equal measure, she manages to create an ethereal ambiance within her work that is quite unlike any other.

With the field of paranormal romance being fairly popular, Feehan has managed to carve herself a distinctive niche that really stands apart from the rest. Utilizing her own voice and style, she definitely has an idiosyncratic approach to the genre, creating a strong profile for herself. Not only that, but she has also managed to create a number of highly popular series that keep her readers continually coming back for more. Knowing her to create a feeling of tension and suspense throughout her novels, she manages to keep her audience glued to their seats. Many of these series have their own worlds, all with their own sets of rules, as she builds them from scratch using just her imagination. One such series that is a perfect example of this is that of Christine Feehan’s ‘Shadow’ series of paranormal romance novels. Set in Chicago, it centers itself around the family of one crime family, as they attempt to hide a dark and mystical secret from the world. With a new romance in each consecutive book instalment, it follows a pattern, as they all take place in the supernatural world that Feehan has set-up. Using the contemporary romance novel as its primary template, it has updated this with both innovation and ingenuity, creating something new in the process. Whilst it does reward long-term fans of the series with an over-arcing narrative, the stories and romances themselves are fairly self-contained.

With four books in the series so far and counting, this franchise has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Starting out in 2016 with the debut novel ‘Shadow Rider’, it was quickly followed up with ‘Shadow Reaper’ the following year in 2017. After this there was ‘Shadow Keeper’ in 2018 along with ‘Shadow Warrior’ in 2019, each title being its own romance in the over-arcing narrative. Bringing back characters intermittently, the novels share story elements as well, whilst each novel has its own set of protagonists leading the helm, giving time to them and their relationship. Providing something for both fans of the author and the series, this is an excellent starting point for anybody looking to get into the work of Christine Feehan.

Shadow Rider

Brought out through the ‘Jove’ publishing outlet in 2016, this was the first in the ‘Shadow’ series of novels, coming out on the 28th of June. Setting up the series, it would establish both the premise and the tone, giving its readers a clear idea of what to expect in the subsequent books to follow. It would also provide a self-contained romance as well, allowing the characters to be introduced through the relationship too.

Stefano Ferraro is a man who always gets what he wants, whether it be fast cars or women, as heads the Ferraro family business, taking charge of both the legitimate and illegitimate side. The secret that the Ferraro family hides though, is that they are actually ‘shadow riders’, in that they can essentially control both light and dark, and he believed they were the only ones until recently. Stepping onto the scene is one Francesca Cappello, as she has arrived in Chicago with a secret of her own, all whilst trying to avoid the wanting gaze of one Stefano. Will he manage to discover her secret? Can she ever hope to resist his charms? Who is the new Shadow Rider?

Shadow Reaper

Coming out through the ‘Jove’ publishing house once, this was released just over one year after the first in 2017 on the 30th of May. Continuing with the same premise as before, this provides another romance in the saga of the Chicago based crime family, The Ferrraros. Following this title there would be ‘Shadow Keeper’ in 2018, along with ‘Shadow Warrior’ in 2019.

The billionaire playboy Ricco Ferraro knows only a life of wealth and luxury, but he also hides the secret of being a shadow rider, which is something that runs through his blood. Putting the lives of his entire family in danger following his complete reckless abandon, he must now find a woman who can satiate him and his needs. That’s when he finally meets the ideal woman, one with a shadow that matches his own, but she is also looking for a safe-haven from the danger that is stalking her. Will she ever be able to find true safety with Ricco? Can Ricco make this relationship work and save his family? What will become of the Shadow Reaper?

The Shadow Series

Combining romance and the paranormal, this is an extremely effective series, as Feehan makes the most of premise. Having fun with it, she knows how to perfectly balance humor alongside more weighty issues, making sure that every element is complete justified throughout. The series is perfect for escapism, but it also manages to say something, as Feehan as has a distinctive and well defined point-of-view. She knows exactly what it is that she wants to say and she says it well, whilst simultaneously not sacrificing any part of her story or character development. Standing the test of time, this series will continue to live for a long time yet, as the franchise finds more and more fans every day, with its legacy carrying on into the future.

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