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Publication Order of Shadowmarch Books

Also known by his names Robert Paul ‘Tad’ Williams, he is a Bestselling American fantasy, science, and fiction, writer. Tad Williams was born on 14th March 1957 in San Jose, California. Tad is his nickname given by her mother after the comic strip, “Pogo.” He grew up in Palo Alto, around Stanford University and attended Palo Alto Senior High School. Tad William is married to Deborah Beale, and together they reside in Northern Carolina. The couple is blessed with two children. Tad held many positions and job employments before becoming a full-time writer. Among them include delivering newspapers, drawing military manuals, food services, shoe sales and a branch manager to a financial institution.

Tad wrote the first manuscript of his novel Tailchaser’s song and submitted to DAW books in his mid-twenties. However, he had to spin a story to get his publishers have a look at his story. This was the beginning of his writing career to date. He was also a technical writer from 1987 to 1990 at Apple computer before making fiction novels his full-time career. Tad is a jack of all trades. He has been involved in a music band, radio and television productions as a Dj and theater productions. Tad Williams writing analysis is diverse. His writing style focuses on genre fiction, big and complicated stories, intense humor and characters and world building. His themes are based on gray areas, magic, story narration and storytelling, colonialism, family and identity and religion and theology.

Having said this, Tad has authored endless list of standalone novels and series including memory, sorrow and thorn series, The Otherland series and shadowmarch series. A survey concluded that over 17 million cumulative copies of Tad’s works had been sold. Currently, he cofounded an interactive TV company, writes comic books and films, novels and television scripts.


Shadowmarch is the installment in the Shadowmarch tetralogy series by Tad Williams. The book was released in hardcover in November 2004. Tad makes use of the fantasy settings characteristics, combining creativity, ideas and inspiration auguring well with pre-existing concepts. The setting of the story is principally in the castle and Southmarch province. Other sub-plots cover events occurring in the south and north of Southmarch. The actions revolve around a troubled Eddon family who are the rulers Southmarch. The Southmarch is the nearest human province to the Shadowline and a former territory to the Qar before being overturned by expanding humans.

The story begins with the imprisonment of Olin Eddon, the king in a foreign land. Kendrick, his eldest son, struggles to maintain his fathers’ rule. His younger twin brothers, Barrick and Briony, struggle with adolescent emotions. Barrick, the male, is troubled by depression and nightmares resulting from his mysterious family curse. Kendrick is assassinated, and Briony steps up to shoulder the burden of ruling in his fathers’ absence as Barrick stills meddle with his maudlin self-obsession. The Qars cross the Shadowline with a mission of invading Southmarch to reclaim what was originally theirs. This results in a climactic battle, considering that Eddon, the ruler is not available. Barrick is lost in the land of Qar. Briony’s throne is masked and usurped by her cousin and narrowly escapes death. She travels around the world incognito seeking allies to help salvage the situation.


Shadowplay is the second trilogy of the series shadowmarch. It was published in hardcover on 6th March 2007. It is a continuation of the first release. Briony Eddon is on the run away from Southmarch after her throne was subdued. She aims to solve her problems but has no idea where she is going. This offers her a good experience with the outer world compared to the introvert princess’s regent life she was used to. Barrick remains behind with Ferras Vansen embarking on a journey of discovery. They face serious challenges considering they had no experience of handling their current actions. Qinnitan is the other leader on the run from Xand who is surprised to meet Olin Eddon in Hierosol who is being held as a prisoner.

Incidents from this book reveal the basis of religion between the Qar, Northern humans, and Xixian humans. All are based on some violent feuds with a pantheon of Gods though seemingly unrelated. The book explains the source of the godswar which were ruining the relationships of the three brothers.


Shadowrise is the third book of the four-part tetralogy, Shadowmarch by Tad Williams. Shadows continue threatening the kingdom of Southmarch. In the prior sessions, Barrick and her sister Briony escaped the dangerous escapade unhurt. Both setting out in unknown destinations, dangerous and inhuman realms, they need to find options of reclaiming their past. Briony finds herself in a less dangerous area, the court of Tests in Syan. She is, however, suffering a looming betrayal strike as those who were around her die from poisoning. Her prudent option was to flee away.

Qar continues their strikes on Southmarch having being ordered by Yasammez, their formidable leader. Yasammez believes that the pact coexisting between the humans and Qar was broken. A war strike is, therefore, a form of retaliation to the violation of this agreement. Ferras Vansen, the captain of the Southmarch Royal Guard, is tasked with convincing her otherwise. Failure to convince the Qar leader will result to harsh dark end to the humans. This epic story continues with many simultaneous twists and turns with the impending danger in humans from the Qar army looming.

All through the series, the story continues with much intrigue and plots by both sides fighting for their freedom. Characters are subjected to peril times all through the sessions. The novel is so gripping that you will want to continue reading bearing in mind what might have happened to the characters. Will they survive the strike?

With that said, Williams’s plot structure is truly captivating. His narration skills and level of creativity as evidenced by this four-book series is certainly exceptional. Shadowheart is the last trilogy in the series Shadowmarch. Other series authored by Tad William include The Dragonbone Chair, Stones of Farewell, To Green Angel Tower, City of Golden Shadow which is covered in the series Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn. The series Otherland features write-ups such as The River of Blue Fire, Mountain of the Black Glass, Sea of Silver Sight among others.

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