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Publication Order of Shadows Landing Books

Saving Shadows (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sunken Shadows (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lasting Shadows (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fierce Shadows (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Broken Shadows (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Framed Shadows (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endless Shadows (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fading Shadows (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Damaged Shadows (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escaping Shadows (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shadows Landing Series

The bestselling American author Kathleen Brooks is extremely well regarded due to her many mystery and romance novels. A highly prolific novelist, she has written numerous titles, combining both romance and suspense in her work over the years. This has led to some interesting titles, as she has found her own voice, putting her own stamp on the genre in the process. From this readers around the world have come to appreciate her many novels, along with her unique and idiosyncratic characters. This is also true for her many series too, as she’s created a number of ongoing franchises, along with different spin-offs too.

One series that she’s become particularly well known for is her ‘Shadows Landing’ series of novels, which is also a spin-off of her previous ‘Bluegrass’ series. The books all take place in Shadow’s Landing in the south of California, and each one features a different romance and mystery. While they may be written in order, it’s fairly easy to pick them up at any point, as each of them tends to stand on their own, with only a few recurring themes, characters, and locations.

Saving Shadows

First published through the ‘Laurens Publishing’ imprint, this would first come out on the 23rd of October in 2018. Setting up the series as a whole, it would immediately grab the reader’s attention, establishing the world with some new characters, many of whom would also feature later. While the book is the first part in the ‘Shadows Landing’ series, it also works in a stand-alone capacity for the reader.

Many readers will be well aware of the Kathleen Brooks ‘Bluegrass’ series, which this collection is a spin-off of. While it isn’t essential to read that series, there are some aspects that are brought over, giving -long-term fans of the author something to enjoy too. Featuring its own self-contained romance and mystery, it also paves the way for that series that then followed.

Taking place in the South Californian small coastal town of Shadow’s Landing, this sees the local doctor Gavin Faulkner discovering an unconscious woman on the docks. Giving her CPR, he brings her back, and the last thing that she can remember is being hit with a baseball bat to the head and left to drown at the bottom of the ocean. Believing her to be safe there, Gavin couldn’t be further from the truth, as both their lives are now threatened by nefarious forces. Putting the pieces of the past back together, Ellery St. John and Gavin Faulkner must work together, discovering what actually happened to her before it’s too late. Will they both be able to discover the truth? Can the put the past back together? What will become of them both as they find themselves saving shadows?

Sunken Shadows

This would also be brought out through the ‘Laurens Publishing’ label, with it following on from the previous book. Working as the second title in the ongoing ‘Shadows Landing’ series, it features another well told mystery romance. There’s an element of suspense here too, as the reader is constantly kept guessing as to what’s actually going on throughout.

Using every creative tool at her disposal, Kathleen Brooks makes the most of the both exciting and compelling concept. This has worked well with the readers too, especially when considering its success with a both vast and expansive audience. It’s easy to see why too, with its strong characters and gripping mystery that really raises the stakes and moving on from the first novel.

Set in the small-town of Shadow’s Landing once again, this time Wade Faulkner is often finding himself dealing with unpredictable situations as a rescue swimmer. That’s when he receives an emergency call late one night, followed by a burning boat and a shaken female survivor who’s now the chief suspect. Racing to find sunken treasure, Darcy Delmar was involved in a boat explosion, and now she is suspected for murder, caught between two teams of treasure hunters. Helping her, Wade Faulkner now finds himself beginning to fall for the suspect, as they both find that they may be in over their heads. Will they be able to find out the truth in time, or will it be too late? Who really exploded the boat? What will they discover in the sunken shadows?

Lasting Shadows

Initially released in 2019 on the 21st of October, this would be the third book in the ‘Shadows Landing’ series of novels. Featuring new characters, it builds upon the world from before, bringing over a few strands and arcs seen in previous novels. There’s a sense of fun at the heart of it, while also not shying away from creating a gripping and compelling mystery story.

The previous two novels, while similar in tone, are somewhat different, as the stakes are really raised here. This makes sure they’re kept guessing the whole way through, as Brooks definitely knows and understands what she’s doing. Not holding back at any single point, she doesn’t forget to feature an engaging romance story too, making it entertaining in every aspect.

Selected at a charity auction for what he thinks is going to be a date, Ridge Faulkner is surprised to discover that he’s simply been asked to fix up the woman’s house, with him being a luxury house builder. With little money, Savannah Ambrose was planning to use the date as a cheap way of sorting out her new home in Shadow’s Landing. This all changes, though, as she soon finds herself developing feelings for him, despite her plans being to the contrary. That’s when they both find themselves in danger, as they’re sent head-first into the middle of a mystery, and one which threatens to subsume them both. Will they be able to find their way out in time? Can Savannah fix up the home she’s been planning? What will be found within the lasting shadows?

The Shadows Landing Series

As an author of mystery novels, Kathleen Brooks is definitely within her element here, pushing the core concept to its full potential. There’s also a lot for long-term fans of her work too, building upon the work of her other series ‘Bluegrass,’ while not being alienating to newcomers either. With more and more continuing to discover her work, her audience continues to grow with each new book release.

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