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Publication Order of Shadows Books

Shadows in the Mirror (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadows at the Window (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadows on the River (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Shadows” series (which is also called the “Leroy’s Sins” series), written by author T. L. Haddix are from the romantic suspense genre of fiction. It is set in a fictional town called Leroy, Indiana. It shows the dangers of living in a small town.

The series began publication when “Secrets in the Shadows” was released in the year 2010. It originally ended with the release of the eighth book in the series “Redemption in the Shadows”, which came out in the year 2015. Since then, however, she has decided to write more installments to the series.

“Secrets in the Shadows” is the first novel in the “Shadows” series and was released in the year 2010. Lauren Taylor Grant survived a traumatic attack when she was a teen, and a horrible first marriage, but now, she is content with the life she has. Who cares if she is lonely at times? She has a gorgeous and healthy daughter, as well as a coffee shop cafe that is doing well. This divorced and single mom keeps telling herself that she has zero time for love. She sees her parents’ neighbor, however, she starts rethinking this view on life. Charlie Clark starts breaking down her walls, and Lauren begins to find him to be irresistible.

Right when Lauren is letting go of her past and starts embracing a future, personal demons start popping back up. They come to her in the form of a vandal that is looking to wreck her new happiness. Another businesswoman is savagely killed, and the crime’s investigation shows that there is a connection that was not expected from Lauren’s past. It is clear: her own past is calling her, and it wants blood.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the way things get real pretty quickly. It does justice to some heavy themes rather than just make them the reasons the two leads cannot be with each other. This is a darker read with some suspense that grips the reader and well written and solid characters. The book is for those that are not faint of heart.

“Under the Moon’s Shadow” is the second novel in the “Shadows” series and was released in the year 2010. Since Beth Hudson was a teen, she has only ever wanted to be a journalist for her family’s paper and to be with a guy named Ethan Moore. She accomplished the first one, but has no idea about how to achieve the second thing. It is complicated by Ethan, who seems to insist on standing in the way. The distance between them gets bigger, a handsome and mysterious stranger shows up into the town. Him turning up only makes Beth that much more confused.

Odd Satanic altars and nighttime lights show up all over the county in
rural Indiana where she lives. This distracts her from her heartache
over the way that Ethan shows zero care for her. She is frustrated
about how little concern the police show about this. Beth starts
investigating to try to find her own answers. What she unearths is
more than she bargained for.

She does not know of anyone that she is able to trust, and keeps looking into things. She gets closer to the truth, and it is more obvious that the persistence she shows pushes someone’s buttons in a huge way. She refuses to stop before she finds that truth, and this determination may cost her all she has. It might even cost Beth her life.

What a fantastic read this book was. Fans of the novel enjoyed both the story and these great characters. Haddix did a stellar job of penning a tale that kept readers firmly in its grip the whole. She writes in a vivid way that allows you to picture everything that happens.

“Shadows from the Grave” is the third novel in the “Shadows” series and was released in the year 2011. For a decade now, Chase Hudson has been blaming himself over his girlfriend in college getting killed, a crime that was never solved. A ghost from long ago comes back, it makes the friends and family of Chase the targets of a killer that is going to make Chase suffer. Chase is fighting time to make authorities believe he is innocent and figure out who the real killer is.

Annie Jameson-Tucker has been burned many times. She is worried it will happen again, and is careful to make sure her lovers stay at an arm’s length. Chase is able to slip in through her defenses. She is afraid of being hurt again, and she has to decide whether to allow Chase to stay or shut him out for good, allowing her insecurities to wreck any chance of them having happiness.

Fans of the novel found that they were able to finish this whole entire book in just two days of reading. This featured some turns and twists that surprised some readers, which some quite enjoy when reading suspenseful books.

“Hidden in the Shadows” is the fourth novel in the “Shadows” series and was released in the year 2012. Wyatt Dixon had been in law enforcement for three decades now. He has sworn to protect and serve, and done just that for Olman County, Indiana’s citizens. Even his first marriage was sacrificed for it. Then he got a blackmail letter, and everything that he toiled hard for was threatened to be destroyed. But he is not the sole receiver of such a letter, however.

He fights a strong attraction for a woman that he knows he should not get involved with. At the same time, his own professional frustration grows. This is caused by the fact that his investigation is unable to get anywhere by some great extortionist that has everyone in Olman County in a fuss. He has some choices to make that is going to affect both the sheriff’s department and his life for quite some time. He has to decide to go for his own personal happiness, risking it all. Or abandon the one that might just be his soul mate.

Fans of the novel enjoyed the fact that the main female was able to save herself, and did not need the help of some big strong guy. Some found that they have yet to be disappointed by anything from this series, and this is a great example of that.

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