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Shain Rose is a new adult and contemporary romance novelist who loves to say that she fights for love one word at a time.

The reason for this she says is that it is never too easy to get a happily ever after between her feisty heroines and the alpha but aloof men they love.

Rose published “Inevitable” her debut novel in 2020 and has since then become quite the author with more than half a dozen works to her name across several series of novels.

When she is not writing her novels she can usually be found spending time with Doc G her husband and their wild golden retriever Gray Gray. She has been known to drink too much coffee and eat a lot of candy.
When she is not spending time with friends and family or writing, she usually loves to call people just to talk. If she cannot find someone to swap stories with on the phone she can be found watching trashy shows on TV or reading romances.

Shain Rose sometimes engages with her fans on social media profiles such as Facebook and TikTok.

“Inevitable” by Shain Rose is a second chance and emotionally charged romance that comes with a lot of steam.

The lead in the novels is Aubrey who was saved by Jax Stonewood the day she lost her parents. The man who saved her happens to be her elder brother’s best friend.

Her first real love, he was never meant to become her savior nor was he her greatest heartbreak. She had spent years trying to get over Jax, but he is now back home as one of America’s most eligible bachelors and most streamed musical artists.

She vows that she is done with him and will never fall for him again. Jax had lost himself to her the day he had saved her. Aubrey Whitfield was to be nothing more than the younger sister of his best friend.
He never intended to fall in love with her but he just could not help himself. But she has built up walls around herself to shut him out even though he believes their souls are welded together.

Aubrey will always be his and he intends to make her remember no matter how much time it might take.

Shain Rose’s novel “Reverie” is an enemies-to-lovers romance novel about Vick and Jett.

Jett Stonewood is a miserly billionaire businessman who will never crack a smile even when he is holidaying in paradise. But Vick is determined to get the man to drop his walls, as she intends to introduce some fun into his life.

It does not matter that she may have to sleep with the man a lot to get him to loosen up. Soon enough the brash and overly practical billionaire realizes that he can also be thoughtful and caring and before long he is the one spoiling her.

He draws her into a complex dream in which she has to find a way to forget when she ultimately has to return home.

The only problem back home is that Jett is the new owner of her company. He is now a constant reminder of what she cannot attain as he is also everywhere. Jett believes Victory Blakely was in dire need of a lesson in safety precautions.

But given that their tumble in the sheets had failed to make any dent in her attitude he knows his work is cut out for him. She is so naive and too peppy that it is dangerous.
Someone needs to break down her fortress of positivity and show her that warnings are nothing remotely connected with invitations. He intends to insert himself into her life and show her that her fairytale bubble is not by any means real.

“Thrive” by Shain Rose is another interesting friends-to-lovers romance in the Stonewood Brothers series of novels that can be read as a standalone.

One misstep, one kiss had upended everything. They have been colleagues, the assistant, and the actor, and best friends and one kiss should not have the power to change everything.

But she is now flying to the small town he calls home on her stilettos from the city just for him. She believes spending a month with the man while filming should be easy enough since she had been his personal assistant for years.

They have formed a strong friendship and have beaten tougher odds before. But neither of them can forget that kiss as they barrel toward either disaster or love.
It is an all-consuming read with deep connections between the leads as they have each other seared on their souls.

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