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Spice Of Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battlefield High (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Colonel and Her Sergeant (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Weirder Science(2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Another Dimension: Anthology(2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shana Figueroa is a noteworthy author from America, who is well known for writing books based on humor and romance genres. She resides in Massachusetts, United States, along with her loving husband and a couple of young daughters. Author Shana is very fond of pet animals and for this particular reason she has kept 2 old pugs at her home. In addition to writing romance novels, author Shana spends time in reading, martial arts training, playing video games, and indulging in everything that involves science. She believes that science is poetry in motion. The primary goal of author Shana is to become famous and rich, and get included in the list of top authors. Besides these, she also wants to stay young forever. It is her wish to enjoy her young beauty for a very long time. And there is science to help her out in this matter. Apart from this, author Shana intends to bring out something different and exciting every time with respect to erotica and romance. Being a hardcore fan of romance novels, she wants to take this genre to all those places where it has not been before. And eventually, she took the advice of Tony Morrison and began writing books and stories that she felt would be better read herself as a reader.

Author Shana hopes that the books she has penned will entertain the audiences as well and help her get the best results for her hard work and dedication. So far, she has written 3 novels in the Valentine Shepherd series and a separate standalone novel. The single novel, known as Spice of Love, is a funny and light romance. On the other hand, the Valentince Shepherd series books are dark and sexy noir books. Shana considers herself as a kick ass woman and believes that kick ass girls can also have an interest in romance stories. Her stories mainly feature kick ass women. However, the books generally have different tones, as some of them are light and some are dark. But, all the books share complicated, strong women, intricate plots, hot dudes, and hefty humor doses. As author Shana serves in the United States military, she goes on occasional trips to the central Asian countries. She carries out her duties during the day time and uses the night time to put her crazy stories on paper that keep lurking in her head. After writing several exciting books in her writing career, author Shana has been praised as an exciting and new voice in the genre of paranormal novels by the author Opal Carew, who is a New York Time bestselling novelist.

An initial book written by Shana Figueroa in her career is entitled ‘Spice of Love’. This book was released in the year 2015 as a Kindle edition. The initial description of the story shows true love as a powerful force that can alter history’s course and bring nations down on their knees. Many reality shows have been made about love on TV, and therefore, it seems to be a good opportunity to find a soul mate on a national television in this century. In the book, author Shana has described primary characters as Genevieve Costa, Duke Forrestal, and Blaise Moreau. At the start of the story, Genevieve Costa is introduced as a cash-strapped and jaded journalist. Commonly referred to as Geni by her close ones, she is also a widowed mother who still feels the pain of losing her husband around 3 years ago. Later, luck turns on her side and she gets an offer to feature in a reality TV show based on love. As per the format of the show, multiple women will date a single, handsome man and hope that they will get proposed by him at the end of the final segment. However, Geni seems to have a different purpose to be on the show, which is exposing the dark secret of the rich bachelor of the season named Duke Forestal. Also, she hopes to secure a desperately need raise and promotion for herself. Overall, she does not believe in the concept of the show as she does not feel that true love is impossible to find on television.

In the meantime, the executive producer of the show, Blaise Moreau, seems to be at the end of his wit with the job. As he is involved in a divorce situation and is not able to meet his son, Blaise can barely gather enough energy for promoting the show. If he had any other means to pay his divorce lawyer, he would have quit the show. The only thing he is interested in at the moment is seeing his son once again. For this purpose, he wishes that the show proceeds further without any glitch and ends soon so that he can focus on his personal problems. It seems too bad for him that he has Geni as one of the female participants on the show. As Geni continues to blow up the dates, Blaise scrambles for collecting the pieces and save his show. For Geneviece Costa, the thing which started in the form of a financial opportunity becomes something else as she falls in love. But, she only knows whether she has fallen for Duke Forrestal or Blaise Moreau. On the whole, the book is a romantic comedy and is a razor sharp, sexy story. It is a hilarious and frequently touching tale about discovering love in highly unexpected places.

Another interesting novel that Shana has written is called as Vengeance, which is the first of the Valentine Shepherd series. This book was published in 2016 by the forever Yours publication. The central characters include Valentine Shepherd, who is a private investigator, and the billionaire named Max Carressa. At the beginning of the book, it is depicted that Valentine Shepherd has a strange ability to have a glimpse of the future because of which he she has a slight edge over most others. Later, her fiance gets killed while trying to exonerate a client named Max Carressa. When Valentine learns about this tragedy, she gets broken. But, she makes sure that she brings all those people to justice who were responsible for the death of her fiance. Her investigations reveal that the 2 men were linked by much more than just a client-attorney privilege. So, she asks Max to help her in the case, to which he willingly agrees. Soon, death attacks begin to happen to Max and Valentine, and they are forced to run for their lives. While trying to uncover who wishes to see them dead, they discover a conspiracy which has Valentine at the center. She does not understand why or how did that happen. Therefore, she is desperate to solve the mystery and prevent the danger as the time remaining is very less.

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