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As Many Nows as I Can Get (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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History, Advice, and Other Half-Truths (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

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White Ink: Poems on Mothers and Motherhood(2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shana Youngdahl is a well known American poet, fiction writer, professor, and novelist. She likes to write poems and loves to help young people in embracing the stories that they need to tell the world. In addition to being a writer, Youngdahl is employed as a teacher at Maine-Farmington University. She made her debut as an author of contemporary, young adult, and romance stories with the novel called Many Nows As I Can Get. This novel is set to hit the bookstores in August 2019. Youngdahl completed her graduation from Mills College and Minnesota University. At Maine-Farmington University, she is an Assistant Professor of English and creative writing. Youngdahl has also directed a Longfellow Young Writers’ Workshop at the university. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors of the Writers & Publishers Alliance of Maine. Before trying her hand at writing a full-length novel, Youngdahl wrote and published a few poetry chapbooks. She has also written a volume of poems.

Author Youngdahl was born and brought up in Paradise, California. She attended her first workshop on writing at the State Summer School for Arts when she was in high school. Youngdahl had her first chance to work with other serious young artists like her at this summer school. The experience she received at CSSSA increased her interest in language and made her love it with all her heart. She even became a hardcore supporter of the positive creative communities. Youngdahl obtained her English degree from Mills College. This was followed by an MFA from Minnesota University. Youngdahl has held drivers licenses in as many as five states. As she ended up residing in rural Maine in spite of being a Californian girl, she makes attempts at embracing winter through downhill and cross country skiing. She can be usually found in the company of her cats or reading a book. Youngdahl can also be found sledding in her backyard with her loving husband and beautiful daughters.

Other than writing novels and teaching at university, Youngdahl works for supporting the creative community at UMF by overseeing The River, an online review platform named after Sandy River. Youngdahl has held fellowships from the Iowa Arts Council and the American Antiquarian Society. Her first bookselling job was in a small store located in Eureka, California when she was studying in college. She worked there for around a year before she moved to Oakland to finish her degree. Youngdahl has also worked as a staff member of events. This was an exciting job for her as she was able to meet great thinkers and writers. Youngdahl was involved in bookselling for half of her education. In all, she has worked at 6 bookstores in 3 different states. Youngdahl believes that both parents and teens should read her first book as it has something for everyone in it. Her book is based on her struggles with her losses and knowing people who were set on one particular track and jump to another. Having said that, she feels that young adults will be the ones who will be able to connect to her story better. But, she wants people of all ages should read her story.

An earlier book written by author Youngdahl is known as ‘History, Advice, and Other Half-Truths’. It was published in 2013 and explores the mixture of Western legends, love, landscapes, and terror as different characters struggle with their passionate lives. Some essential characters mentioned by Youngdahl in this collection include Doc Holiday, Jim Younger, Carl Jung, etc. It is shown that Doc Holiday’s worn-out lover turns him in, Carl builds sand castles, women attain freedom as outlaws and ranchers, and grandmothers give away advice to young brides and haunt their bedrooms. As Youngdahl proceeds further, she grapples with the transition of herself from a woman to a wife and then to a mother.

Youngdahl’s debut novel is entitled ‘As Many Nows As I Can Get’. The main characters featured in this book include David and Scarlett. Youngdahl has set the story in a small town called Graceville in Colorado. Initially, it is depicted that David and Scarlett plunge into a passionate romance, questionable decisions, and particle physics in an impulsive moment just before they head for college after the summer holidays. The two have known each other since they were children and have lived their whole life in Graceville. Previously, Scarlett used to see David as just a mountain in the landscape’s background. But, she realizes that he has become much more than that. Suddenly, he appears to be a spontaneous, magnetic gravitational force.

On the other hand, Scarlett is wry, pragmatic, and has her eyes set on the future. In spite of resisting the whirlwind that David brings, Scarlett welcomes it. The story moves between the past and present and describes the tale of a grounded girl pulled into the world of romance with the strike of lightning. Her involvement with an electric-charged boy brings a lot of changes in her life and sets her on the course of an enormous aftermath. This smart, unconventionally romantic, and bold debut by author Youngdahl explores guilt, grief, and reconciling the person you want to be with the one you have been all along. This story is a transporting and aching reminder that between the unknown future and the past that has shaped us, there is only our present for forgiving ourselves and moving ahead.

Many critics have said words of praise for this book. It has been labeled as a story that the readers won’t forget easily. Youngdahl has crafted it exquisitely. Several others have said that this story is deeply authentic, heartbreaking, marvelously complex, compassionately written, daring, and inventive. The book is about love, loss, longing, and reminding people that there is always the choice of forgiving and providing a new chance. Kathleen Glasgow has said that this book is dazzling, searing, timely, and not to be missed. The book’s exquisitely crafted story shows the author’s deep understanding of teen reactions and emotions. The excellent set of characters adds credibility to the story as does the interesting experimentation of Youngdahl with structure. Overall, this book is something to read and cherished.

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