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Publication Order of John Lago Thriller Books

Casual Friday (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Intern's Handbook (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hostile Takeover (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shoot the Messenger (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

No stranger to the business of entertainment, the American producer, director and writer Shane Kuhn is an author who really knows what it is that his audience are looking for. A gifted screenwriter too, he has a strong visual style of writing, as well as knowing what it is that makes for a well crafted story. Creating edge-of-the-seat thrillers filled with tension and suspense, he really keeps his readers hooked for the duration of his novels. This has allowed him to tailor his voice over the years, establishing a brand and a style that is entirely unique to him as an author. It is his characters that also really manage to stay with the reader long after they’ve put the book down as well.

This has all led to an extremely fulfilling career as a writer, writing with confidence and knowing exactly where he wants to take his stories next. Saying something with his stories as well, he never avoids making larger points too, whilst simultaneously retaining his wit throughout. With more novels to come in the future, he will continue to write for a long time yet, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Early and Personal Life

Nurturing a lifelong affinity for all things literature from an early age, the writer Shane Kuhn would come to develop his love of the written word for much of his adult life. This would evolve throughout the years, as he would focus himself on his writing, constantly looking for new ways with which to express himself. He would do this through a variety of different outlets, constantly honing and refining his voice as a writer and as an author.

This passion of his would also turn towards the entertainment industry as well, as he would focus his talents on film too. Setting up the Slamdance Film Festival, he would manage to make a huge impact on the scene as a whole, gaining a huge amount of attention in the process. Living with his wife and family, he has lived in Massachusetts, Los Angeles, Colorado and San Francisco, as he continues to write to this very day.

Writing Career

It would be in 2014 that Shane Kuhn would write his first novel, which would be titled ‘The Intern’s Handbook’. This would also be the first in the series of ‘John Lago’ novels, and would be accompanied by a prequel novella titled in ‘Casual Friday’ released that very same year. Following this he would also write the stand-alone novel titled ‘The Asset’ in 2016, which would go on to build upon his profile too. Prior to this he worked in advertising and copywriting, making a name for himself as a writer writing for a mass-audience of readers worldwide. This would progress throughout the years, as he continues to develop his brand, something which he’ll carry on doing for many years to come.

Hostile Takeover

Released through the ‘Simon Schuster’ publishing label initially, this was first brought out in 2015 on the 14th of July. It would follow on from the previous book in the ‘John Lago Thriller’ series of novels, with the last one, ‘The Intern’s Handbook’, being released in 2014. Continuing with a new adventure, it carries on building upon what came before, developing the world and the characters within it.

Tense, thrilling and exciting in equal measure, Shane Kuhn really knows how to keep an audience glued to the page. Constantly surprising the reader with a whole variety of different twists and turns, he really manages to make the most of his characters and material. Not only that, but he also does it with a huge amount of wit too, really revelling in the subject matter and the entertainment value at the heart of it. Using a whole number of different locations too, he makes sure to keep it grounded as well, never forgetting the heart of the story all the way through.

A professional assassin John Lago has his work cut out for him this time, as he faces his most deadly foe yet; his own wife. After being sent to kill her in the previous novel, John instead ends up marrying Alice, as the two of them aim to takeover ‘Human Resources, Inc.,’. Looking to put an end to its nefarious scheme, the company trains of places young recruits posing as interns in large corporations, as they are tasked with assassinating high profile executives. That’s when the two of them are putting in conflicting roles, as John is made an intern and Alice undertaking another HR target. Will they both be able to put their differences aside and return to normal again? Can they complete their mission? Who will survive the hostile takeover?

The Asset

Published through the ‘Simon Schuster’ publishing house once again, this was first released in 2016 on the 12th of July. Not being a part of any over-arcing series, it would manage to stand entirely on its own two feet for the duration of the novel. It would also see a clear sense of development for Shane Kuhn as an author of tense and exciting suspense filled thriller novels.

Working entirely as a stand-alone thriller, this works completely on its own merit, not being a part of any series as such. Putting forwards a completely self-contained narrative, it manages to provide a clear and exciting story for the reader. Keeping the audience guessing and constantly turning the page, Kuhn manages to do what he always does best; keep them entertained. From the characters to the locations, he always knows exactly where to take the reader, writing in a clear and confident style from the outset, right up until the thrilling climax.

A private security contractor for an airport, Kennedy is more knowledgable on the subject of airport security than the head of the TSA themself. More at ease in the flatbed seat of the British Airways Club World, he is still haunted by the memory of the death of his sister in 9/11. This means that he takes his job extremely seriously, always looking to do whatever he can to protect the American people. That’s when he’s kidnapped and recruited into the CIA’s ghost operation, as they plan to undertake ‘Red Carpet’ in a civilian counter-terrorism mission to prevent the greatest threat to America yet. Will Kennedy be able to do whatever it takes to stop the terrorists? Can he keep himself safe in the process? Is he going to succeed as the asset?

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