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Publication Order of Shane Schofield Books

Ice Station (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Area 7 (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scarecrow (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hell Island (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scarecrow Returns / Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Captain Shane Schofield (Series by Mathew Reilly) also known as “Scarecrow” is a fictional character whose heroic feats form the basis for a series created by the Australian author Mathew Reilly. This character features in series such as Ice Station, Scarecrow, Area 7, Spin of Hell Island and the army Of Thieves. The plot differs from series to series but the story-line is centered on Schofield’s legendary feats as a marine. He is revered by marines serving under his command mainly due to his high risk tactical maneuvers.


In the first series, Ice Station, Antarctica the last continent which had not been conquered has strange weather conditions which include murderous winds and features such as blinding whiteouts and deadly crevasses. At one end of Antarctica is the Wilkes station and on the other is the Gate to Hell.

In this novel, a team of American divers exploring 3,000 feet beneath an ice shelf disappears. Wilkes sends out an SOS to draw a rapid deployment team of marines and Schofield himself. The first encounter in a bid to rescue the divers is a horrific firefight. Then they plunge into a drowning pool full of dangerous whales. Next is the hardest part where a number of survivors begin a red-hot, non-stop, electrifying battle to survive across the continent against a wave after wave of military assassins whose only mission is one; a secret buried deep underneath the ice.

Lieutenant Schofield whose nickname is Scarecrow has one attribute in that he never gives up. He will need that attribute in order for him to survive. Technological supremacy is the ultimate prize and there are no friends, so with a dozen men and women, Schofield has to protect the Ice Station against all the attackers. His allies become his most dangerous enemies and even his own friends cannot be trusted.


In Area 7, Shane Schofield returns with the most explosive and harrowing adventure. Area 7 is America’s most secret air force Installation which is hidden deep within the Utah desert. Today Area 7 has a visitor in The President of The United States. He is there basically for inspection and to examine its secrets for himself. But he is in for the shock of his life because there are hostile forces waiting inside. However inside his helicopter is a young enigmatic marine. The young man is quiet and wears sunglasses to hide his eyes. He goes by the name Schofield and is experienced in dealing with storms considering what the President has walked into.

Whilst battling a crack team intending to kill the President and his entourage and at the same time trying not to get infected by a deadly virus, Scarecrow has to work in harmony with his team to prevent one mad man from destroying America.


The Scarecrow another interesting book in the series is an equally fast paced book, full of action. This is the third novel in the Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield series. This is basically one of the greatest bounty hunt in History whose targets are the best warriors in the world. These include commandoes, spies and terrorists. They should all be dead by today noon with a $20 million price on their heads. Among the names, our hero, Schofield’s name stands out. He is a fugitive pursued worldwide by fearsome bounty hunters. As he fights for survival, the race is frantic and the pace fast. During the hunting process, a vast international conspiracy on why he is not allowed to live is unveiled. The reason why he cannot be allowed to live is because he protected the President of the United States in Area 7 and also led his men to hell in Ice Station.


Hell Island is yet another action filled thriller whose start involves Captain Shane Schofield parachuting to the deck of an aircraft carrier. He is part of special operations troops dropped on an aircraft carrier. The ship is docked offshore near an American secret facility known as Hell Island. Shane and his team of special ops troops is one of three such teams deployed to try and find out what happened to those on board the carrier. At first this seems like some sort of training operation but later that notion is dispelled when they find plenty of blood, lots of wreckage, and none of the aircraft carrier crew members are seen.

Slowly, the body count begins to mount up as Shane’s men find themselves combating an even superior force. The enemy force appears to have superhuman abilities and is vicious and totally fearless. The action is riveting and doesn’t stop as a small force fights against overwhelming odds.


Scarecrow Returns is an exceptionally enjoyable book in which Shane Schofield and his squad are tasked in eliminating a man who is hell bent on creating chaos globally. Shane is sent to the Arctic to fight against an army of thieves who have taken control of a Russian cold war base which contains a doomsday device which has now fallen into the hands of the bad guys. Shane and his men have five hours to stop them by all means necessary. The novel puts you through an emotional wringer since nothing is easy as five hours goes by in action sequence. Shane never gives up and is so determined to save the world. The bad guys never figured out that their plans would be outwitted by Scarecrow. However, the French who are the bad guys are not going to be easily shaken off. They send a war sub to the Arctic to take care of Shane once and for all. This woman is their best assassin whom they had been saving for last. The woman who goes by the name Renard has a bigger Mag- hook than Scarecrow does. But this does not deter Scarecrow because as with every marine, what matters is not the size of the Mag but how well you wield it. So can Shane and his team of marines save the world? Find out in this riveting thriller.

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