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Publication Order of Shane Scully Books

The Tin Collectors (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Viking Funeral (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hollywood Tough (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vertical Coffin (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Hit (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Sister (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Shirt Deal (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
On The Grind (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Pallbearers (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Prostitutes' Ball (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vigilante (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shane Scully is the fictional character created by the novelist and renowned television producer by name Stephen J. Cannel. Shane is the main character in the series and he comes out as a detective of no mean repute. His style of going about his life and career is fascinating. Shane Scully was first introduced by Stephen in 2000. This was with the release of the popular title The Tin Collectors. Shane’s background contributes significantly to the kind of detective he becomes on the streets of LA.

Shane had a difficult childhood having been brought up in an orphanage. This might explain his lone-ranger approach to life during his early years in the police department. in the initial titles of the series, Shane has very few friends and tries to live and operate as some kind of loner. Despite this initial approach to life and his career, Shane opens up and becomes more accommodative of other people as the series progress. When he first makes an appearance in the Tin Collectors, Shane is single. As the series progresses Shane slowly opens out. First his ex-girlfriend brings along his 15 year old son Chooch Scully so that father and son can bond. While working in LPDA Shane gets to know another lady, Alexa Hamilton who works at Internal Affairs

Later in The Viking Shane and Alexa get engaged and Shane’s son Chooch moves in to live with his father. Shane’s soul mate is now the chief of the Detectives Services Group. Now finally Shane has a family. Just like in the normal turns and twists of life, in this title Shane goes out of character. The crime buster gets involved in the very crimes he is fighting. He is involved in a money laundering scheme. The Vikings in the title are actually renegade detectives who have joined the underworld and faked their own deaths in an attempt to completely go undercover. Crime seems appealing to some crime fighters. How Shane steers through this mess, makes for a good reading.

Shane’s life continues to makes some progress. In the Hollywood Tough Shane and Alexa are now married. The family is not complete without the mention of Franco. This is Scully’s cat that he got from a prostitute who was later murdered. Shane resolves the murder of this prostitute in Hollywood Tough. Despite having a family, Scully is still fairly reckless in his love life at times; though his heart is more composed now. In this book the two, Shane and Alexa, make an undercover trip to Hollywood. There mission is to completely root out some criminal gang connections. Though the pair go through trying moments, this book is lighter than most of the other Scully novels. It has quit some humorous episodes that leave the reader ribs tickling.

Chooch’s girlfriend, a girl by the name Delfina, moves in to live with this family in the title Vertical Coffin. In this book events reminiscent of a nightmare sweep the two, Sergeant Shane and his Boss, who happens to be his wife, Alexa, into the eye of an exceedingly enormous jurisdictional firestorm. A sheriff’s deputy who also happens to be Shane’s friend is brutally gunned down as he dutifully serves an arrest warrant. A blame game ensues with his fellow deputies blaming the unfortunate incident on a government agency charged with the control of Alcohol, Tobacco and firearms. What occasions the blame is a perceived lack of proper communication from the agency. Another terrible crime involving a life of yet another crime buster is recorded followed by yet still another murder. Shane Scully is assigned the responsibility of resolving these tragedies. The deadline he is given seems impractically short. Shane, known for breaking the rules and conventions of the game, goes by his instincts to the chagrin of his wife and his chief. The keen detective goes out of his way to put his own life, and career in jeopardy as he works hard to beat the deadline and resolve the mysterious deaths. His gamble pays off. He discovers some very shocking and dangerously deadly truth.

Scully does not cease to amaze and fascinate. His maturity journey progresses and transforms him into a very interesting but realistic character who always tries to do what he considers his best his best. To him this does not have to the best to other people. Constantly evolving world of bureaucratic red tape, personal conflicts, official indifference and very scaring federal powers do not water down his resolve and commitment to achieving his goals. In Cold Hit, Sergeant Shane Scully has too much to deal with but of importance now is the long string of unresolved serial murders. Shane does not think the latest victim he is dealing with fits the pattern. He has the pressures from his captain to deal with, there is Alexa not mention this partner and old friend of his who is on the verge of letting alcohol take charge of his life. Shane Scully uses his unconventional yet pragmatic approach to not only resolves this murder but to also cope with the anxieties of the pressures brought on him.

Shane Scully series by Stephen J Cannell presents one of the best detective series in the shelves today.. His character is well developed as the reader progresses up the list of titles in the series. The Shane Cully is fist introduced to as loner brought up in an orphanage. The loner lands a job with the LAPD and matures socially and becomes a family man. Most important is his approach to issues even in the most intriguing of circumstances. Here is a detective who is keen on following his instincts as he combats crime in the streets of LA. Putting his life on the line as he tackles the criminals of LA is not a bother to him. He is a tough and hard nosed detective who believes in having the job done irrespective what the rules and his superiors think. Shane has an extremely open mind that leaves the reader mesmerized by the sheer ingenuity that this crime buster displays in the course of his duty. He has little time for any one, or any agency, he feels is an obstacle to the realization of his missions. He looks down on the FBI and looks down on Homeland Security and other such agencies that try to undermine the authority of LAPD. Shane Scully is a character worth meeting. Though these series has been lauded for having the potential for a great movie, so far the only meeting place that readers can have with this fascinating, no-nonsense detective, is through the book series Shane Scully by Stephen J Cannell.

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