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My Blind Date Babygirl (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wedding Date Daddy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Shanna Handel is a bestselling author of new adult romance, paranormal romance and romantic suspense novels. Her novels have made it to the top of bestselling lists on Amazon and other marketplaces. She has made a name for herself writing about Cowboy Doms and Billionaire Bad Boys who people her novels. As a mega talented author, she made her debut with “Taken by Surprise” the debut novel of the “Taken” series of novels,which was first published in 2016. She now has more than forty titles across more than nine series. Handel writes western themed novels that go far beyond and deeper than the usual spanky trope that has become very common. She is an expert at capturing the loving and beautiful dynamic that comes from domestic discipline. This is all written from the framework of a deploy satisfying and emotionally charged romance. These hook readers from the first page right up to the last. She usually self publishes her novels on Amazon and other self publishing platforms. Her readers can keep up with her on her website where she blogs about her stories and fiction writing in general.
Shanna Handel’s “Daddy Mine” is the debut novel of the “Sweet Texas Love” series of novels. It tells of Wes, a man who is adamant that he would prefer bachelorhood if he could not get what his heart truly desired. What he wanted was the love of a strong woman that could transform herself into a little good girl when she was in his arms. He had a hard time finding her and had concluded that she did not exist and hence he spends his days working on the family ranch from dawn to dusk. When his younger brother Garrett who had abandoned the farm to go make a lucrative career in New York comes back home, he brings along his new girlfriend. Carrie has that elusive innocence that most of Garrett’s women always lacked. From the chocolate brown eyes to the golden curls, she could not be any sweeter and Wes is intrigued. He soon learns that she can be quite feisty as she demands that he let her ride his untamed horse Mabel. He threatens to carry her over his knee and her retort turns his world upside down. When she pushes him too far the inevitable happens resulting in a life altering series of events.

“Forever Daddy” by Shanna Handel picks up right where the debut left off. The novel is set in Poke Town Texas where West and Carrie are blissfully in love. They are engaged and planning their wedding in a few months. They have fused their lives together beautifully and now live on the family ranch that has been in Wes’ family for generations. They love working on the ranch but always put each other and family first and cannot wait to officially become wife and husband. However, they still have to deal with residual jealousy, trust issues and messy family drama that dampens their happiness. Things become even more complicated when Jessica, who is Wes’s former flame, moves into the ranch. Garrett, her baby daddy has dumped her while pregnant and she has nowhere to go. There is a ton of bad history between Garrett and Wes but the two love birds believe their love can withstand anything thrown at them. Will the two of them manage to get their dream wedding or will fate throw some trick and throw them into a loop?

Shanna Handel’s “Bartender Daddy” continues to follow Wes and Carrie but also introduces Jessica and Ray. Jessica is the proprietor of a hair salon while Ray has his own bar. They had been friends for years but only became lovers when she had Evan, her only son. Ray had been raised by a midwife mother and knows that watching over Evan and Jessica is the right thing to do. Over time, they had fallen in love and started planning their wedding. Slowly but surely, Ray and Jessica become the keepers of the old generation of their small town. Encouraged by her mother, Jessica usually sets aside one evening a week to have a date night with her man while her mother takes care of her son. He works hard but he is always watching out for her and always gets her something good. When he discovers that their wedding plans could be overwhelming her, he offers to help by taking some of the planning off her hands. When he asks that he spank her their relationship changes forever.

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