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Keeper of the Lost Cities The Graphic Novel Part 1: Volume 1 (With: Celina Frenn) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Let the Sky Fall (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let the Storm Break (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Let the Wind Rise (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shannon Messenger is the author of the very popular fictional adventure series ‘Keeper of The Lost Cities” and the “Sky Fall” middle grade series, books written for teenagers. Shannon Messenger graduated from USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she studied art, screenwriting and television production. Shannon Messenger soon discovered that her real passion lies in writing and not movie production. She lives in Southern California with her husband and a large number of cats. Shannon Messenger has an online profile where you can view details on her and her books at

In the Book series Keeper Of the Lost Cities the main Character is a fourteen year old girl named Sophie Elizabeth Foster. Sophie has shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes; she usually wears very dull colours in the human world to avoid any attention to be drawn to her. She goes to the Elvin world where she wears colourful clothing and stands out because all the elves have blue eyes.

Sophie was five years old when she started developing telepathic abilities after she bumped her head and the doctors found that she was severely allergic to a rare mineral called limbium.

Because of her photographic memory and many other skills she skipped most of her junior grades and went straight to high school. Sophie got accepted to Yale but her parents chose that she go to San Diego City College. On a field trip to the national history museum she meets her first friend, and elf named Fitz, who takes her to Eternalia one of the Elven lost Cities. Sophie’s best friend is called Dex; some other friends are Keefe, Biana, Marella and Jensi. In the lost City Eternalia she has two guardians Grady and Edaline. In the Lost City Sophie becomes more accustomed to her special powers and learns exactly how to use them. She goes to the Elvin School in the lost city. In her exile she finds care in the hands of an alicorn called Silveny. Sophie grows a lot within the five books; she learns to control and use her abilities and to accept herself along with all her oddities. Sophie makes many new friends along the way but always keeps her human connection. Sophie learns the positive and negative of both Elvin and Human communities. Sophie first thought that she was evil because of her abilities and because of the Black swan and the people who made her, but she soon realises with the help and guidance of her friends that she can shape her own destiny and make her own choices.

Sophie has quite a few abilities Telepathy that enables her to read thoughts and transmit thoughts to someone’s mind. Sophie has the ability of telekinesis being able to move objects with her mind, infliction, the ability to inflict positive or negative emotions and pain. Sophie can also speak different languages and mimic different accents just by hearing the language called polyglot, as well as teleport and vanish because of her alicorn genes.
Sophie starts out a shy and insecure young girl, she is cast out because she is seen as a know it all and her peers are annoyed by her good grades. Sophie finds it very hard to accept that she is an elf and constantly doubts herself and her abilities. She becomes more self-confident and also a bit hard headed later on as she learns more about herself. Sophie is very loyal towards her family and friends and she would do anything to help them.
Sophie is very depressed when she has to leave her human family for good, but her new family Grady and Edaline make her feel at home very soon and she becomes just as fond of them.

Sophie has a human family called the Fosters she is very close to her mother and gets along very well with her father, she also has a younger sister and a cat called Marty whom she loves very much.

Sophie first friend is Fitz, whose best friend is Keefe who is also a friend to Sophie as well as a love interest, but Sophie’s best friend and love interest is Dex who cares for her very deeply.

Some more of Sophie’s friend are Biana, who is a fierce and loyal friend to Sophie and then there is Edaline and Gray her adopted father and mother, Alden her guardian, Mr Forkle her creator and Tiergan who is her mentor.

In the book “The Keeper of the Lost Cities” it starts off with Sophie when she is still in middle school and discovers her abilities, she does not fit in with her peers and is not quite comfortable with her family either. She discovers first that she has telepathic abilities and can read everyone’s minds. Then Sophie meets Fitz who helps her to understand who she really is and she has to face leaving behind her human family. Sophie has many hidden secrets, why she was hidden with a human family and what her true identity is; the answers to these questions can pose many dangers.

In the book Keeper of the Lost Cities Ever blaze” Sophie gets ready to fight back her abilities are getting stronger and more determined to find her kidnappers. The deeper Sophie searches the farter the conspiracy stretches until she finally goes too far and her world is at the edge of a war. Sophie must fight the flames of rebellion before everything she loves and holds dear is destroyed completely.

In The book “The Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen” Sophie finds herself on the run with her closest friend for the Lost Cities to join the Black Swan group although they still have doubts about the shadowy group the only way to find any answers is to work with them . Their enemies are on the brink of unleashing a plague that will be the end of their entire species and Sophie and her friends are going to have to fight with everything they have.

The books by Shannon messenger are captivating, intriguing and filled with mystery and fun filed fictional adventure, perfect for any young adult or adult with a vivid imagination. The keeper of the Lost Cities are just one of her series of books, do not miss out on “Sky Fall” that is just as alluring.

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