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Shannon Morgan is an author of horror, mystery, and paranormal books best known for her 2023 novel Her Little Flowers. She used to live a nomadic life where she had different adventures and experiences, including milking a camel in the Sahara Desert, participating in a marathon, almost getting shot in Kashmir, and getting seriously sick off the coast of Madagascar. She also participated in the ten-hour backgammon game along the road in Turkey.

She later relocated to western England with her family, where she became a full-time writer. When not writing, Shannon can be found collecting macabre plants despite their poisonous nature.

This compelling ghost story unfolds in a dual timeline, captivating fans of the genre. The setting is the picturesque Lake District of England, and the narrative revolves around the ancient and haunted Thwaite Manor, evoking a modern gothic atmosphere.

In the present day, Francine Thwaite is the sole inhabitant of her ancestral manor. At age fifty-five, she is eccentric, shunning the modern world’s conveniences like television and telephones. Instead, she finds solace in her garden and has never ventured more than twenty miles from her birthplace. While she may not appear lonely, she leads a solitary existence, with only the company of the manor’s numerous ghosts. One particular spectral presence is that of a young girl named Bree.

However, when her younger sister Madeline visits after being widowed, Francine’s world is profoundly disturbed. The once-beloved Thwaite Manor now emanates a disturbing malevolence that threatens to unravel their lives.

In the summer of 1969, Thwaite Manor is the residence of George and Eleanor Thwaite and their six children. The family consists of five girls and a baby boy, and it’s a far from idyllic household. George Thwaite, the patriarch, is a profoundly abusive man, his every action fueled by corrosive hatred. He maintains an oppressive rule over the manor, instilling fear in the hearts of his entire family.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Eleanor is a devoted gardener with a profound knowledge of floral symbolism. She affectionately refers to her beloved children as ‘her little flowers’ and does her utmost to shield them from the abusive and alcoholic clutches of their father.

As the reader delves into the events 1969, Francine’s family history slowly unfurls. With its myriad secrets, Thwaite Manor begins to reveal the hidden truths. Francine embarks on a quest to uncover the veracity of Madeleine’s revelations, setting off on a journey of catharsis and self-discovery. Along the way, she confronts repressed memories of traumatic events from their childhood and unravels long-buried family secrets dating back over fifty years.

However, Francine’s search is further hindered by the presence of an evil that enters her home with evil intent. To protect herself, Madeleine, her home, and her friendly ghosts from harm, Francine must summon all her knowledge and courage.
Her Little Flowers offers a fast-paced and skillfully written narrative that revolves around the bonds of love among siblings and their unwavering commitment to each other. What sets it apart in the thriller genre is the inclusion of a middle-aged protagonist, which adds a refreshing and distinctive dimension to the overall experience.

The captivating atmosphere remains true to the gothic genre. It features an ancient, deteriorating house, mysterious family histories, and a hint of the supernatural, reminiscent of Daphne du Maurier’s ‘Rebecca’ in terms of its setting and mood.
The key elements of the plot include a centuries-old house that continues to serve as a family residence despite its state of disrepair, two distinct sisters, one of whom resides in the family home and possesses the ability to see ghosts, including a close companion from her childhood, the presence of a beloved mother, a father who disappeared when the girls were young, an abandoned former asylum located on the house’s extensive grounds, a family graveyard, and extensive references to the language of flowers and a garden filled with dangerous plants. These elements offer an overview of the book’s intriguing context.

Shannon Morgan combines the elements of Gothic literature, mystery, and family drama. She skillfully integrates past and present timelines to create an engaging narrative that keeps readers hooked.

One notable aspect of the story is the incorporation of the language of flowers, which plays a significant role in the plot. While the pacing may start unevenly, it gradually increases momentum as the story unfolds. Throughout the narrative, poignant and heart-wrenching moments tug at the reader’s emotions.

What sets this story apart is the author’s choice to conclude it on a positive and hopeful note, providing a sense of closure and optimism. The plot is well-structured, and the build-up to the final reveal is filled with suspense and surprises that add depth to the storytelling.

In the Lonely Hours is Shannon Morgan’s second novel published in 2024. In this captivating and modern ghost story, reminiscent of authors like Eve Chase, Megan Shepherd, and Lisa Jewell, a centuries-old castle on a remote island in northwest Scotland becomes the setting for a chilling and tragic history that the new inhabitants must confront.

Maundrell Castle, nestled on a small island, has been owned by the wealthy Maundrell family for generations. However, the castle’s ownership takes an unexpected turn when Edwina Nunn, a relative previously unknown to the family, inherits the castle and its vast land. What awaits Edie and her teenage daughter, Neve, is beyond their imagination, as numerous ghosts inhabit the castle.

Despite the eerie presence of these spirits, there is a haunting in the castle’s architecture and the ominous waters known as the Lake of Shadows. Neve and Edie are drawn to the ghostly apparitions, especially one frightened spirit that gazes longingly from the castle’s windows. They become intrigued by the legends surrounding the island and the mystery of the Maundrell Red—a priceless diamond that vanished decades ago.

As the story unfolds, questions arise: Is the gem indeed cursed, responsible for the family’s tragedies that always occur on Samhain, the Scottish Halloween? With Samhain approaching again, Edie and Neve embark on a journey to unravel the dark secrets that intertwine the living and the dead—a twisted tale of cruelty and concealed love. Their quest becomes a race against time, and the outcome will determine whether they become another tragic chapter in the Maundrell family’s haunting history, forever trapped in the lonely hours of the island.

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