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Publication Order of Mountain Resort Mystery Books

Now I See You (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Everything To Lose (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killing Storm (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder in the San Juans (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in a Harsh Land (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Shannon Work is an American writer.

Shannon grew up in a Texan border town that went by the name Del Rio. She would not stay there for long. Once she got her high school degree and had officially graduated, Shannon packed her bags and moved somewhere else. The author ended up in College Station, enrolling as a student at Texas A&M University. She would graduate with her bachelor’s degree in the subject of journalism. She would also go on to pursue a master’s degree and graduated with her degree in the twin fields of land economics and real estate.

Shannon would pursue real estate and devoted much of her time and energy to her career. She spent a good majority of her working career focusing on developing real estate. One of the developments that she worked on even won her a Best in America Living Award. While putting so much of her attention to her career, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the author had a rough time getting started when it comes to writing.

The author did attempt to begin a novel, but she also had three children to raise at the time and was working on a full time basis. It should be no wonder that she tried to sit down and begin writing a book but it was unsuccessful on two different occasions. Shannon eventually realized after these two failed attempts that if she was serious about giving writing a real try, she was going to have to clear out her schedule and make some extra time to do so.

Shannon chose to take the leap and stepped away from the world of real estate so that she could finally write novels as she had always wanted. Shannon had long dreamed of sitting down and penning mysteries of her own. Now she finally had the chance and could write some books instead of just reading the works of others.

Work is happily married to her husband and as mentioned above, they share three children together. Now that the kids have all grown up, they must adapt to living without the children in the nest once more! They live in Texas and Colorado, and choose to divide their time up between their residences in Houston and Telluride. They enjoy spending time with their dogs and the pair is sure never to travel anywhere without the dogs or their laptops. She likes to hike in the mountains, ski, read, and follow basketball and football at Texas A&M and cheer on her favorite teams, the Broncos, Spurs, and Astros.

Shannon Work is the creator and the author of the Mountain Resort Mystery series. This series of fictional novels first became available to readers for the first time in 2020 with the release of the debut story, Now I See You. The exciting debut was followed up by the second novel in 2021, titled Everything to Lose. If you are a big fan of stories that fall into the suspense, thriller, or drama category, then check out the first book in this series and then follow it up with the exciting sequel!

Now I See You is the first novel in the Mountain Resort Mystery series of novels written by Shannon Work. If you have been itching to read a great new mystery book, then be sure to check this one out!

This debut story in the series will have readers turning the pages just as quickly as they can to figure out what happens in this mystery. Set in Aspen, Colorado, the entirety of one resort’s guest list may find that their beautiful vacations are ruined by murder. Can they hit the slopes without worrying that one of them is going to be next, or will they live in terror until the killer is caught?

Georgia Glass is the main character in this story, and she cannot wait to get out of the city of Denver. She’s a celebrity of sorts and works as a television anchor and reporter, doing pretty well for herself. But she’s just dying to get out of town because a fan that is way too obsessed has been hovering around and she could really use a break from it.

Georgia knows that she also has her own show coming up on investigative crime in Los Angeles, and she doesn’t want anything to go wrong. She’s also shocked when she finds out that an uncle has left her a home in Aspen– she never even thought that she had an uncle. Naturally, Georgia wants to go check the property out.

She shows up to the Victorian residence and immediately sets out to get a good look at the property and the house. Georgia is expecting everything to be slightly run down but in otherwise good condition. She could not be more shocked when she finds that the house is hiding the frozen dead body of an heiress who has been missing.

The reporter in Georgia makes her want to look into this more and help the cops solve who did it. But in getting involved, she may have arranged for herself to become his next victim. Will she be able to work quickly and avoid becoming dead meat in Aspen, or will this beautiful place end up being her final resting location? Read this exciting mystery novel to find out!

Everything to Lose is the second novel in the Mountain Resort Mystery series by Shannon Work. Pick up a copy of this sequel and find out everything that happens in this tale of greed and murder set in Vail, Colorado!

Victoria Banks didn’t kill her husband, but he’s dead in their mansion all the same. She must now clear her name to avoid jail time and so she takes on Jack Martin, a detective, to help her out.

Can the two find the killer who took out her husband? Or will they stumble onto something deeper that puts the beautiful widow and the rugged detective in danger? Read this book to find out!

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  1. C Urbina: 3 months ago

    Just finished Now I See You on my drive home from Las Vegas! Great book and I will be getting more to read!

  2. Brock: 7 months ago

    I very much like Shannon Work’s novels. She is now a favorite author of mine. Her mystery novels are very suspenseful & chilling with tons of twists & turns. I’m currently reading EVERYTHING TO LOSE, her second novel.

  3. Patricia Park: 1 year ago

    Great book, couldn’t put it down. New author for me, going to get the next one.

  4. C Childers: 2 years ago

    great reading for the first book. Now I see you. Going to get Everything to Lose next. Was looking for a new author to read. I found one! thank you

  5. J S Kimberley: 3 years ago

    Great Read, waiting for more of these mysteries


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