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Shantel Tessier is a Wall Street Journal and the USA Today bestselling author that is best known for her “Undescribable” series of novels.

The author was born in Texas but now makes her home in Tulsa Oklahoma where she lives with her husband. She met her supportive and wonderful husband while they were both in high school and they now have two kids.

Shantel published “Undescribable,” her debut novel in 2013, and has since then become a somewhat prolific author. She has now written more than two dozen works and has shown no signs of slowing down any time soon.

She has said that she feels very lucky to do what she does from the comfort of her home. When she is not writing her novels she can usually be found going to the movies and concerts, drinking wine, watching college football and the NFL.

While Shantel is passionate about writing, the family will always come first. As such, she spends most evenings at home with her daughters and her husband alongside their dog and cat.

Like many authors, Shantel Tessier’s desire to write started when she was young. In fact, her grandmother still has some of the short stories she penned back when she was a child.

She loves and loved to read and could read up to a book a day and hence, books have been a constant feature in her life over the years. The more she read, the more she felt that she needed to touch readers just like she had been touched.

When she began writing “Undescribable,” it was a small idea that would become a dream. He got the inspiration for the “Undescribable” series from an idea that had been marinating in her mind for a few years.
One Christmas, while everyone was thinking of what resolutions they would make for the coming year, she already had something concrete in mind. Shantel convinced herself that she was going to become an author come what may.

She had always loved reading and she felt that there was no better tie to write her own novel. After she published her debut in 2013, there was no stopping her and she could not be happier.

As for her influences, Shantel Tessler does not have a particular book as she believes every work she read over the years has impacted her in some way.
Some of the novels she read have left her laughing, others smiling while others have had her in tears. They have made her grateful for the life she had or have made her compare her own life to what she reads.

Still, there are several authors that have influenced her writing career the most. Some of the most influential of these include J. Sterling, Colleen Hoover, Teresa Mummert, and Abbi Glines.

Shantel Tessier’s novel “Code of Silence” is the story of a woman with a feared and dangerous husband. They had been dating for a few years but now intend to formalize their union.

It is a complicated relationship as he had broken her heart a few years past when he had left town to go work with his father. After working for several months, she had finally come to accept that he was gone and was not coming back.

She starts to think that maybe she never wanted to see him again and that he could have never loved her. But in a cruel twist of fate, she has been handed over to him in what she believes is a heartless deal.

He believes he has done her a favor, even though she feels like she has been given a death sentence. He had refused to get married as he is still in love with her but it does seem that he wants more power and money.

She is destined to become a mafia wife and the only way out of such a predicament is death. However, it does seem that there is someone determined to ensure she does not marry the mafia boss and if he has his way she may just end up dead.

“Titan” by Shantel Tessier is the story of four guys who go way back. They had been trained to conquer the world from when they were kids and have all the preparation they need for the task.
Emilee has been a resident of New York for several years but was forced to head back home following the death of her father. It is this that completely changes the trajectory of her life, as she suddenly finds herself in unfamiliar territory.

Like dominoes, everything started falling down around her. Her mother happens to be down with cancer which has kept her bedridden for months. As such, at such a critical time she finds herself all alone with her troubles.

To make things even worse, she soon learns that she is not going to inherit anything that belonged to her father. Everything he owned is going to be inherited by his business partner, including the house where her mother lies sick with cancer.

She finds herself at the mercy of his father’s business partner George who has a proposition for Emilee. If she agrees to his proposal, he is ready to pay for his mother’s care.

Shantel Tessier’s novel “Grave,” tells the story of April and Grave. He had lost his mother in his teenage years, robbing him of the only woman he ever loved. This event had taken a huge toll on him as he was left to live with a heartless father.

In addition to all that, his relationship with his elder sibling began to deteriorate. These events left him feeling all alone and lost and hence he soon turned to fighting, alcohol, sex, and drugs to mask his pain.

As it turns out, what the man needed was to receive the love of a good woman who believes in him.

On the other hand, April was a college student when she lost her mother. This ultimately led to her dropping out of college and moving back home so that she can take care of her reckless and wild younger brother.

Not only that, she finds herself in charge of the Roses the flower shop that has been in the family for years. This is a lot of responsibility and she often finds herself stressed out and very busy.
But things turn interesting when a tattooed and very sexy man comes to her shop and upends her entire life.

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  1. Roberta Amore Bernstein: 1 year ago

    Hello Ms. Tessier,
    I recently found your books. I love them. They are very intense and dark but so well written. I just ordered The Sacrifice…it says its Tyson story. Is there a story I should read before it?
    Keep writing and Have a Happy and Safe Holiday.


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