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Shards of Excalibur Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Shards of Excalibur Books

Song of the Sword (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twist of the Blade (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lake in the Clouds (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cave Beneath the Sea (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Door Into Faerie (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Shards of Excalibur series is a noteworthy book series written by a famous American author named Edward Willett. This series’ novels consist of the elements of young adult, fiction, and fantasy. It is comprised of 5 books in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2016. All the books of this successful series tell the story of the central character named Ariane Forsythe. She is a teenage girl hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan. Ariane Forsythe comes to know that she is an heir of the Lake of Arthurian Lady’s legend. Ariane Forsythe takes the help of an unexpected sidekick named Wally Knight and goes on to discover the five pieces of the legendary sword of King Arthur, Excalibur. Also, Ariane looks to discover the pieces before Merlin in order to prevent him from using the pieces to start a war and seize the control of Earth as well as the world of his, the Faerie. Merlin lives in the present time disguised in the role of Rex Major and poses as a rich computer magnate. A number of critics have described the series as a description of fantasy that is capable of gripping both men and women. Author Willett has blended the tales of Excalibur with several humorous elements and ethereal fantasy very easily. Many other critics say that the readers will reach where the author wants them to and will cheer for Wally Knight and Ariane Forsythe all the way up the climax of the series as they see them overcoming each and every obstacle that come in their path. The overall series looks like a tightly fitted story as every detail of the stories makes absolute sense while reading. Even the characters exhibit a true and honest emotions. This has helped the series attract numerous other audiences and become successful in other parts of the world as well. This series’ story is a clever, beautiful, modern, and unique retelling of the old legend of King Arthur and his Excalibur sword. The Library journal has quoted that the series is an epic fantasy as it depicts a perfect blend of mystery, likeable and well developed characters, and suspense; along with a small amount of sarcastic humor.

The first book of the Shards of Excalibur series written by author Willett is entitled ‘Song of the Sword’. This book was released by the Coteau publication in the year 2010. The important characters described in the book include King Arthur, Merlin, Ariane Forsythe, and Wally Knight. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that everyone is aware of the legends that revolve around King Arthur, the noble and powerful wizard Merlin, and the Round Table. People begin to wonder the stories and legends are not just tales, but actual historical facts. Things begin to take a twisting turn when people start to believe that someone has rearranged the historical facts and events carefully. Ariane Forsythe seems to be living a pretty difficult life already. To add to her difficulties, she begins to hear some sort of singing. Also, her mother disappears mysteriously, which makes her adjust by living with an aunt of hers for food and shelter. Prior to this, Ariane Forsythe had tried living in foster homes, but she didn’t like living there much. Therefore, living with aunt seemed a better option for her. The ‘in’ girls at her school cause problems to Ariane, which makes her life even more difficult to live.

After some time, Ariane begins to get dreams about swords, battles, and knights. And recently, some weird things have started to happen whenever she puts her hand in the water. And to add to all this, someone invisible is singing in her ears from somewhere, which only she is able to hear and no one else. Later, Ariane goes on to meet the famous Lady of Lake on the staircase at the center of the Wascana Lake. Following this, Ariane learns that she is somehow related to the Lady. The other important thing that Ariane Forsythe comes to know is that she has been set on a deadly mission along with her newly found best friend, Wally Knight. As soon as Ariane begins the mission, she gets pitted against some otherworldly forces. Ariane Forsythe needs to figure out the meaning of all the events happening in her life and understand why they are happening to her. After that, she needs to survive all the challenges thrown at her well before some devastating tragedy comes calling her name.

Another excellent book that became a part of the series is called ‘Cave Beneath the Sea’. It was also released by the Coteau Books in 2015. The opening sequence of this novel shows that Ariane might have to pay a huge price in the form of her mother in order to get hold of the 4th shard. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that Ariane and Wally seek to recover Excalibur’s fourth shard before Rex Major, who is actually the old sorcerer Merlin disguised as Rex in the modern day. Ariane travels across the world with Wally, but her quest still does not get over. With the help of her magical powers that Ariane acquired after becoming an heir of the Lake Lady, along with the clever thinking of Wally Knight, the two have become successful in holding on to a couple of shards among a total of three that they have successfully located until now. However, Rex Major also possesses a shard and he will not stop at anything to get his hands on each and every shard piece and acquire them. Rex Major has the evil intention of using all the 5 shards to invade the Faerie’s magical realm and rule the Earth. In addition to these intentions, Rex Major has now set his eyes on a bigger prize, that is, the mother of Ariane Forsythe, who had gone missing at the series’ start. Initially, the Lady had offered her power to Ariane’s mother, but she had refused to take it and find the shards. This had resulted in her disappearance from Ariane’s life and from the existing world. The mystery related to her disappearance was very well known to Rex Major and therefore, he had kept saved this move to use at a perfect time, which has arrived now. When Wally Knight comes to know that Ariane’s mother is alive, he informs her, for which Ariane seems very grateful to him. Ariane knows that if Rex succeeds in getting his hands on her mother before she does, then she will have no other choice, but to give up everything to rescue her mother, including the 2 shards. As Ariane joins Wally in stopping Rex Major, they face a desperate danger. And they have to take the most difficult decisions so as to avoid the dangers and succeed in their missions.

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